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Insurance Article

Benefits of Electric Cars over Conventional Cars

January 03 2018
Benefits of Electric Cars

Electric cars are proving to be a viable option for gasoline cars both, in economical and ecological terms.

The awareness about using electric cars is increasing slowly and it reflects in terms of the sales figures of these vehicles. Automakers such as Tesla have revolutionised the electric car industry and changed people’s perception about electric cars being slow, boring and ugly. In this article, we will focus on the Electric Vehicle (EV) and the numerous benefits that they offer.

An Alternative for Gasoline

Using renewable sources of energy has become a priority for many public and private organisations. Individuals are not an exception. Availability of conventional energy sources is a concern for many, as it is depleting rapidly. In the wake of volatile political situations, supplies of oil could be affected. Electric vehicles give you an option to choose electricity as an alternative fuel, which helps you to save money.

Lower Maintenance

The EVs are cheaper to maintain as they have low number of moving parts. They run using electric motors and have no need for lubrication. The wear and tear of the engine parts reduces significantly compared to gasoline powered cars, and therefore the frequency of visits to the service station is reduced.


EV’s are safer compared to gasoline cars as they have heavy batteries installed in the floor of the car. This significantly lowers an EV’s centre of gravity and makes the car less likely to overturn during corners and emergency inputs of the steering wheel. The EV does not use gasoline and hence is less likely to catch fire in the event of an impact.

Incentives and Future

The government’s guidelines to incentivise the use of EVs, encourages car owners to view them as a viable alternative. The government is also weighing options to provide clarity on the rules regarding the manufacturing of batteries and subsidies provided to EV’s. Subsequently, it is also planning to set up a lithium-ion battery plant under the central government enterprise known as Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL).


The government is also thinking of setting up necessary infrastructure to enable charging points at various stations. Karnataka government’s initiative of approving a policy to promote research and development in electric mobility is one such step.

Lesser Pollution

Electrical motors propelling the EV generate less noise compared to gasoline-powered engines, and helps in reducing noise pollution. The carbon emissions are zero which makes them 100% eco-friendly.

Electric cars are safe and made from high-strength materials, but the roads are not safe. Always buy motor insurance to cover yourself and your car from any untoward incident.

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