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Check Out the Upcoming Electric Cars in 2018

January 13 2018
Electric Car

2018 could be a record year for electric cars as many car manufacturers have lined up e-cars in various segments.

As the global warming menace and extreme pollution levels hit the country hard, car manufacturers are all set to launch quite a few electric cars in various segments this year. It promises to be an exciting wait as these fossil fuel-less cars will come loaded with promising features and no less on specifications. Here are some of the electric cars that will be seen on streets soon.


Indian carmakers including Mahindra are dishing out affordable electric cars. The Mahindra KUV 100 EV is a compact SUV that is expected to run 350 km in a single charge. It makes it a great zero-emission runabout. There is not much information available on the car, but there are reports that this Mahindra will take just 11 seconds to sprint from 0-100 kph.


With an impressive list of cars to be launched this year, TATA, could just turn out to be a hotbed for electric cars in future. The Tata Tiago, with a top speed of 135 kph and driving range of 150 km is likely to share the powertrain from its sibling, the Tigor Electric.


Flagship “People’s car”, TATA NANO is set to be launched in a new electric version with a 48V and 72V motor, for the taxi fleet and passenger version respectively. It will be integrated with a super-polymer lithium battery, promising a driving range of 160 kms.


Already accessible to the Indian government, Tigor Electric could be out for general public very soon. It can deliver up to 150 kms driving range in a single charge. The electric motor doing duty under that sleek bodywork produces 30kW.


Kona will mark Hyundai’s entry into the electric vehicle foray in India. Kona promises a huge 384 km range per charge equipped with a 50 kWh battery pack. It is expected to hit the roads by the end of this year.


This little monster can create a furore in the Indian market like its precursor, the Renault Kwid. This small hatchback can provide 400 km driving range in a single charge with a 41 KwH battery.


Nissan comes up with a distinctive technology in its Note E-power car. It can derive its battery charge from a petrol engine rather than electric power socket. With a 40 kpl promise, this new technology could be a revered thing in Indian market.


Porsche’s first attempt at fully electric production could be in view this year. Highly anticipated Mission E could mark a shift in luxury sports car market. Powered with 800V battery with 440 kW power, it can provide over 500 km driving range.

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