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Insurance Article

Five Handy Tips for Home Interior Care

June 22 2010

A guide for easy home care

To ensure your delight lasts long, adopt these easy measures to care for your precious interiors.

Protect Fine Furniture

Based on the quality, your furniture can last from a few years to a lifetime. Do your bit by regular cleaning and dusting it, to enhance its longevity.

Avoid exposing furniture to continuous direct sunlight. Wipe or blot spills on sofas, chair cushions and carpets immediately, to avoid spreading. Use a tablecloth, coasters or mats to prevent scratches on tables.

Keep some spares and rotate the accessories on your furniture at intervals. You could also rotate the position of your pieces from time to time. This makes it easier to dust the spaces behind and under the furniture. However, lift the chairs and sofas while doing this, instead of dragging them on the floor.

Handle with care

Large appliances are an investment; treat them with care for best returns. Appliances such as a refrigerator and microwave are likely to have fingerprints or stains on them, due to regular use. A few minutes and a wet soft cloth can do the trick to remove these. For tough stains, use detergent solution or diluted vinegar. Never use metal scrubbers, since they are abrasive.

In case you are away from home during most part of the day, keep expensive gadgets such as tablets or laptops under lock and key.

Clean and service your appliances regularly. To ensure durability, follow instructions in the product manual and adhere to the prescribed safety guidelines.

These efforts will save you from additional costs for repairs and replacements. Remember, preventive maintenance is always better than a 100 mends!

Safeguard your Treasure Box

Apart from the monetary value, each piece of precious jewellery you possess has a memory attached to it. Take adequate care to keep your valuables and memories intact and shining.

Clean your pieces after use, with warm water and a soft cloth, to remove traces of makeup or sweat. Fix loose diamonds or precious stones at a jeweler’s and get it polished if required.

For safety, it is best to keep your valuables in bank lockers. However, if you store them at home, remember to keep them locked away.

Check Mate

Most ‘accidents’ at home occur as a result of ignoring the warning signals. Such incidents could damage your precious home interiors and appliances. A little attention and timely action can help avert damages from leaking pipelines or electrical short circuits, which can cause fires.

It is important to check pipelines and electric wires every 6 to 12 months, especially in old houses. In the kitchen, remember to check the cooking gas valve and the connecting rubber tube for leaks. Based on safety standards, it is suggested that you replace the tubing at least every two years. Never place hot vessels close to the gas pipe.

Insure your Valuables

While all the above measures facilitate longevity and durability of your interiors, the serpent of disaster may raise its hood in an unexpected form, to strike your home. Insure your valuables to protect yourself against the financial losses from such incidents. Contents insurance covers your appliances, furniture, valuables under lock and key, etc. for losses from natural or man-made disasters, fires or burglary.

Secure all those possessions that make your home, what it is, rather than cry over the proverbial spilt milk later.

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