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Insurance Article

Four Advantages of Electric Cars

September 28 2017

Go green to save the planet and your wallet

Buying a new car takes a lot of research and time. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before you lock down one and purchase it. With manufacturers having introduced Electric Vehicles or EVs that are energy efficient and run on chargeable electric motors, purchasing a conventional or electric car also becomes a factor before car purchase.

According to the Economic Times, in the year 2016, the number of electric or hybrid vehicles sold in the country were 1.1% of the total vehicle sales. Even though, India is new to the concept of electric cars, the government is focused on promoting it and is working to ensure an all-electric car fleet by 2030.

When you compare a diesel- or petrol-run car to an electric car, there are a number of great benefits to electric cars.

Substantial Cost Savings

Be it the cost of the vehicle, maintenance of parts or the energy cost per kilometre, the total cost of owning an electric car is lesser than that of a conventional car. It is considerably cheaper to run and you can also track the total savings at regular intervals.

Easy Maintenance

Considering that an electric vehicle has fewer moving parts than a conventional car, it involves lesser wear and tear and therefore, requires considerably less servicing.

The brakes do not wear off easily and so you would not need to replace the pads that often. However, since the batteries get exhausted after multiple cycles of charging and discharging, they are needed to be replaced after regular periods.


One of the biggest advantages of an electric car is its eco-friendly build. The interiors and bodywork of some electric cars are partly made of bio-based and recycled materials like water bottles, plastic bags and old car parts.

Since it runs on renewable energy, electric cars do their bit in saving the planet. With reduced noise pollution and zero gas emission, it serves better for the environment and your health.

Improved Safety

An electric car undergoes stringent safety and precautionary tests. Its safety system is designed in a way that if a collision occurs, the electricity will instantly cut-off from the battery, along with that the air bags inflate to keep the driver and the fellow passengers safe.

Further, it has been tested to ensure that there is no chemical spillage from the batteries and that the chassis is isolated from the high-voltage system to prevent electric shocks. The low centre of gravity brought about by the placement of battery in the floor, inhibits the car from rolling over, offering a smoother ride.

Many car owners today face the common issue of spending a substantial amount of money on gasoline. By switching to electric cars, not only does one save money but also the environment.

Even though electric cars are cheaper and safer, getting behind the wheel of a green car still calls for motor insurance, just like any other vehicle on the road. At present, you may have to go to a specialist provider for your electric car insurance, but as the popularity of the eco-car increases, it will lead to more mainstream providers offering cover.

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