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Insurance Article

Helmets are compulsory for women riding 2 wheelers in Delhi

May 23 2012

Now women riders in Delhi need to be extra careful about their safety or else, they will be detained by traffic authorities. The helmet is now officially declared as mandatory for all women riding two-wheelers in the national capital. This crucial info has been offered by Dr Tushar A Chaudhary, the Minister of State of Road Transport and Highways in Rajya Sabha.

As stated by the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, every single person driving or riding a two-wheeler compulsorily wear a helmet. However, the rule exempts Sikhs from the rule as they wear turbans. This directive came soon after a provision in the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules, wherein the helmet was optional for women. However, this rule was challenged as women riders were equally at risk while riding two wheeler on road.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has now asked the state government to make requisite changes to make the rule absolutely compulsory within a time span of just 2 months. Furthermore, the act does not exempt women passenger seating riders on two wheelers from wearing helmet. This is an important decision and has been taken specifically in order to provide ample protection to women riders. There are numerous things that require being taken into consideration for women while riding two wheeler vehicles on road. These considerations are crucial to ensure maximum security for passengers.

Wearing helmets for women is as important as for men. Special instructions have been given to women riders of the capital city on this. The government is also planning punishments and fines against those who violate the law. So women in Delhi should now gear up and include a good quality helmet on their shopping list. The quality of helmet will ensure maximum security on road.Along with practising safe two wheeler riding, women riders should also purchase 2 wheeler insurance.


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