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Insurance Article

Must Have Insurance Policies

May 08 2012

Whatever situation you find yourself in there is always something that holds you back and saves you when in need. In the same way,when an unforseen event demands you to suddenly shell out a lot of money, the insurance policy is the savior. Flight cancellation,hospitalization, puppy purchase, new car, branded high end gadgets, home etc... are assets in today's time and hence they have to be insured in order to avoid falling a prey to untimely huge crisis. Basically, from a small pin to a house etc.. many things can be insurable. Please do not go by the exaggeration, but simply putting, there are numerous things we come across and purchase that are precious and can be insured, but the tricky aspect here is what should you exactly insure?

No matter how hard your time goes, but it is a must to have certain forms of insurance:

If you possess a car- Car Insurance If you have a home loan- Building Insurance/ contents For wellbeing and no financial worries- Health Insurance For a safe and secured trip abroad- Travel Insurance

The list of insurance policies are many, but the above are some basic insurances which every other insurer should have:

First up, You would surely not want to think of a car accident or physical damage to the car. Hence a car insurance is the best choice which can save your pocket and your car against all damages.

Contents insurance is a must for every individual. The need for once happens in times of claim, when you and the contents of the house are a victim of fire, flood or theft. Obviously the bad state of the house without insurance can make your heart burn and increase the stress of re-building the house again, but with content insurance you do not have to pay more than you need.

An individual who loves traveling or frequently travels for business meets, conferences, fun trips etc.. cannot guage his future. So, if you are a frequent traveler you may not know whether when you will come across any problem such as flight cancellations, delays, loss of baggage or passport etc. Hence, to avoid such problems, travel insurance is the best choice.


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