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Insurance Article

Uttar Pradesh Faces Chickenpox Scare

May 28 2012

Uttar Pradesh​'s Gorakhpur city is currently facing an escalation in the number of Chickenpox cases, which the patients owe to the lamentable state of the area. With the spread of waste and negligence on the part of the authorities, the rate at which the virus has been spreading is quite alarming.

One of the patients who talked to us says, "I was earlier suffering from fever, which gradually progressed to the appearance of the pustules. I have been suffering from these for the past ten days, without much relief or any cure. The doctors who came in for the check- up blamed the untreated filth in the area as the primary source for the virus."

Another patient Mohommad Tanveer told us, "Due to the filth surrounding the colony all our family members are suffering from Chickenpox. The sewage water has become the breeding ground for mosquitoes, and since no one comes to clean the colony, the number of people suffering from the disease is on a continuous incline".

Although Chickenpox in its more benign stages is a cause of irritable misery with symptoms including itching, blister-like rashes, fever, headache, fatigue etc.- some people do develop potentially serious complications which can also be life threatening. These complications include severe skin infections, vomiting that lead to dehydration, pneumonia and inflammation of the brain known as encephalitis.

The citizens of Gorakhpur are petitioning the city​'s municipal bodies to take action and conduct a city wide cleansing program to prevent further spreading of the virus and also the potential hazard of the rise of a Chickenpox epidemic.

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