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Online Insurance Information

Know Your Rights as a Policyholder

November 30 2015

Ensure you know your rights as a policyholder. This will help you to avoid any mistakes and make the best use of your policy.

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How to compare insurance products for choosing the right policy

May 05 2010

With varied options in the insurance industry for the Indian consumer, it is difficult to make a confident choice. Insurance policies have traditionally contained terms and conditions that might be difficult to comprehend for the common man.

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Growth of Online Insurance

April 30 2012

The trend of online insurance is increasing at a rapid pace because there are numerous advantages associated with online insurance. As it saves time and energy, you can invest that precious time of yours in some other activities.

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5 Tips to Get Desirable Insurance Using Comparison Websites

September 15 2015

Comparison sites help people save a lot of time and money while buying insurance.

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Rural General Insurance Sector in India

October 15 2015

Rural India often represents another world peopled by Indians that share very little with their urban countrymen.

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Tips for Easy Online Claim Process

November 15 2015

Buying online insurance is now an easy and convenient process thanks to advance technology and availability of Internet.

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Debunking 7 Myths of Online Insurance

July 21 2015

A study conducted by Google-BCG (Boston Consulting Group) reveals that, online insurance sale is predicted to grow by 20 times before the year 2020.

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Be Smart - Buy Insurance Online

April 26 2015

Insurance has become an important and a crucial aspect of life. As various insurance plans are available in the market, you can opt for them as per your need and requisition.

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What is Garage Cash?

March 21 2010

It's true that every car requires timely maintenance. But, unfortunate events never come knocking at the door. Car break down or accident can happen any time and anywhere.

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What is Driving The Shift From Offline To Online Insurance?

April 15 2015

If the above question was to be answered in one word, that word would be Technology.

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