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5 Must-have apps for an International Traveler

March 30 2013
has evolved from maps to apps. Apps have transformed the way we travel. From packing your bags to zeroing in on exotic locations, there are apps that can help you make the most out of your trip. Listed below are 5 must-have apps for every international traveler.

1. Travel List

Fortunate parents just forget their baby's diapers; unfortunate ones, forget their baby! Every trip starts with packing your belongings. Hence, it is apt to start this list with an app that will help you ensure you have packed what you wanted.

The travel list app costs $1.99 and features category-specific presets like personal care, wardrobe and many more to help you manage your packing efficiently. You can also add reminders to charge your camera, check the hotel closet before leaving, etc. This app allows you to sync your schedule with the calendar so that you can pack according to the destination. Use this app for better scheduling and perfect packing.

Travel List

2. XE Currency

Managing finances on a foreign trip can be as confusing as solving an algebraic equation using a geometric theorem. For all those who are allergic to calculations, XE Currency App is a godsend. With this app, you can access live exchange rates and make tricky currency calculations in a jiffy. With the ability to convert 180+ currencies, this app is ideal for travelers on the move. It is available as a free version as well as an economically priced $2 Pro version.

XE Currency

3. Google Translate

Interacting with people in their local language can be fun, only if you are a hundred percent sure of what you are talking. The word ‘Gift', for instance, cheers up everyone all over world, except in Germany, where it means poison!

Google Translate

4. Trip Advisor

Traveling is all about visiting unexplored destinations, relishing exotic cuisines, relaxing in luxurious hotels, clicking photos and discovering yourself. Even if one of the above-mentioned activities is not up to the mark, it can have a disastrous effect on the entire tour.

The free Trip Advisor App presents you with a detailed list of hotels, restaurants, places of interest and photos. You can refer to various user reviews posted by fellow tourists and gauge the popularity of a local place or an activity before zeroing in on them.

Trip Advisor

5. Travel Safe

Don't venture out on a trip without two things: a travel insurance policy and the Travel Safe App. This award winning application is designed to help you in an emergency by placing all emergency service contacts like police, medical, fire, etc. at the click of a button. You can even add personal contacts to connect with them instantly in critical circumstances.

The app promptly identifies your location and sends quick SOS signals. One can also key in custom messages and save them so that they can be sent easily in an emergency. The Travel Safe app costs just $1.

Travel Safe

Make sure that you download these apps in your smartphone right away to ensure a glitch-free holiday. Wish you an Appy Journey!

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