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6 alternate Tourist Destinations in Popular Cities

November 20 2015

London, Paris, New York - these names often brings to our eyes a picturesque setting comprising of architectural grandeur and modern civilization. Responding to people's interest, the booming tourism industry has facilitated easy access to these dream destinations. However, their ever-so-fascinating charm is now depleting due to overcrowding and exploitation, which means your perfect holiday might not be so perfect.

Before stuffing out your itinerary with popular landmarks and destinations, consider the following lesser-known, yet equally alluring attractions in the popular cities.

The road less travelled...

1. Bangkok, Thailand

With an array of activities and attractions to choose from, Bangkok is considered one of the most stimulating cities. From religious sites like temple of golden Buddha and Wat Pho temple, to the latest tourist attractions like Rama IX Park and Central Plaza WestGate shopping mall,it offers a versatile assortment of tourist attractions.

However, this polarized city has a gloomy side due to exploitation of tourists, littered beaches, endless queues, fraudulent taxi riders, and extensive traffic jams. Enjoy a jovial vacation by switching to other enigmatic islands in Thailand, like Koh Lao Liang and Koh Phayam. Unlock the doors to the mystical wonders of nature with these less-explored places.

2. Barcelona, Spain

An assemblage of architectural remnants, Barcelona is a visual delight for its visitors, be it the flamboyant architectural style of La Sagrada Familia Church or the mesmerizing streets of Las Ramblas. The city never fails to captivate the senses.

Along with its enchanting features, the city has to face drawbacks like pick-pocketing and eve teasing, which tarnish its glory. Admirers can instead opt for Huesca which falls in Aragon, to experience the charisma and get enthralled with its outstanding architectural treasures and natural attractions.

3. Paris, France

The city with the iconic Eiffel tower will never fail to mesmerize you with its charisma. Its enchanting landscapes, rich heritage, timeless architecture and authentic cuisines make it one of the most outstanding cities around the globe.

However,be prepared to face troublesome situations like purse snatching and high-priced hotels. Voyagers who love to explore new places can try visiting Nice and Marseilles that offer remarkable feats of art and architecture.

4. Rome, Italy

There is a reason why Rome is called as an eternal city. The astonishing sites like the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel are inspiring. However, one should be extra careful about con artists, crowded public transports and exorbitant taxi fares. You can instead pay a visit to the beautiful green-hearted city Umbria, which is a hamlet bearing Italy's authentic architecture and lifestyle.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Featuring breath taking views, Prague is a one-stop destination to experience an enthralling vacation. One does not need to be an expert in art in order to appreciate the city's magnificent art, music and culture.

Meanwhile one has to be aware of some unpleasant incidents, like fraud money exchangers, fake taxi fares and bill padding. You can instead switch to lesser crowded place like Znojmo and discover the untold. Explore this historic town havinga renaissance-era look and medieval architectural wonders.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

The capital of three great empires, Istanbul has a lot more to offer beyond its wonderful buildings and artifacts. The city offers many reasons to its visitors to marvel at, such as the grand bazaar, delicious Turkish delicacies, amazing ferry rides and a lot more.

Women safety, dishonest taxi drivers and crowded streets are some of its drawbacks. You can avoid these hassles by opting out for Butterfly Valley, a place with incredibly beautiful sights and vivid experiences.

Last but not the least, make sure to have a travel insurance policy so that your travel is worry free in case an emergency arrives.

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