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Insurance Article

A comprehensive look at Travel Insurance guides in India

July 03 2010

for any kinds of medical or financial emergencies during your journey. It covers risks like personal accident, loss of baggage, and third party liability. You can find a lot of relevant information on internet and insurance company websites that guide you on how to choose insurance policies that suit your travelling needs. The best way to plan your journey is to go through the travel insurance guide that is available on insurance company websites. Travel insurance guide tells you why you need travel insurance. You may travel for business, pleasure or study. You may not want to ruin your vacation or your precious time abroad in some unexpected calamity. Accidents or a medical emergency can take place anytime. If you are not insured you may have to spend from your pocket which will cost you dearly. At the same time travel insurance ensures that you are not left on your own in times of emergencies. You can avail cashless hospitalisation cover while availing of medical treatments abroad. A Travel insurance guide informs you on how you can buy travel insurance, how you can pay the premiums and how claims are settled.

You can buy a travel policy online from the insurance company or from a travel agent. Buying a policy online is cheaper than getting it personally. You do not need to pay commission to agents and you also save your time and energy. If you get it from one insurance agent, you may not know if there is a better policy available with another agent. However, you can go through various policies that are available online before you make a choice. Some insurance companies also have the facility of paying your premium in equated monthly instalments. You can claim expenses that are covered, from the insurance company by producing bills and receipts of your expenses. You can also be informed with a Travel insurance guide as to how your premium is determined. The cost of travel insurance policy is dependent on the duration of your journey, your age, the destination you have planned to visit and the benefits of your policy. The premium is charged on a per day basis. Thus you can avail a policy that covers your entire trip. A travel insurance guide also explains different kinds of insurance available for different needs. You can avail travel insurance for students, for individual travel and for domestic travel insurance. Many countries and universities make it compulsory for their visitors to have travel insurance. If you purchase travel insurance before leaving, you do not have to buy it abroad, where it will cost you more.

Travel insurance guide is very useful as it gives you tips on choosing the right policy for your journey.


Travel insurance guide helps you make the right decision so that you enjoy your travel abroad without any problems. Travel insurance guide tells you how to buy insurance policy online and what to look for in insurance before you purchase it.

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