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Insurance Article

All about Indian travellers insurance

May 20 2013
the edge. However, Taking risks unnecessarily when it is possible to avoid them is sheer imprudence. Travelling to a foreign country without proper travellers insurance can cost you life! In case, you fall sick in an alien land and must pay for your own medical expenses, no one can save you from going bankrupt. Hence, taking risk in this respect is actually planning for a suicide. Why do that in the first place?

Getting tour insurance plan is a pre-requisite to go out on a tour. It covers a huge range of emergencies you may face online. You will be covered for all types of losses incurred while travelling. You can find out about the cover facilities via visiting the official website of a renowned insurance company. The information is provided online to help customers decide on the best plan at affordable rates. Going online also means that you would get an opportunity to use travel insurance quotes. These quotes are specifically designed with a purpose to offer adept info on various facilities offered by a company under the category of travel insurance. You may even compare these quotes to get the best possible plan that suits your specific requirements and budget plan.

With a travellers insurance plan in hand, you can rest assured about a huge number of natural catastrophes and manmade eventualities and circumstances have been taken care of by the company. The best part is that these plans are widely available at an affordable price.


In India, a typical travel insurance plan offers cover for the following:
Medical emergency

  • Cashless facilities
  • Accident
  • Baggage claim
  • Loss of passport
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Direct Settlement for in-hospital health expenses abroad
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Assistance for loss of passport

Now the question is where to apply for the best traveller insurance at affordable price.

The task is easier than you have imagined. There are many reputed insurance companies that offer you the best travel insurance. They also offer travel insurance quotes facilities to their customers. You can avail these facilities online. This saves you a lot of time and money.

The Travel Insurance Form

There are two ways to get the form for travel insurance plan. First, you can get the form via visiting the insurance form personally. In case, you are not in a mood to travel from one office the other, the online facility will be of great help. You can get the form online on official website of insurance company.

The Cost of Travel Insurance

Of course, this should be your major concern as you need to manage the expenses regularly. Failing to pay premium on time may keep you from enjoying the claim benefits. The travel insurance cost in India depends on a number of factors. Some of the most common ones include duration of your travel, destination of travel, the cover features required, activities planned and a lot more. For instance, if you are moving out of the country for a longer period of time, then you must be ready to pay more. If you are planning to visit countries that are vulnerable to terrorist attacks, war or natural disasters, then the premium costs charged by the company will be more. To avail affordable plan, you need to use travel insurance quote. These are easily available online these days and specifically dedicated to help customers choose the best yet most affordable insurance plan.

The Time Taken

The entire procedure of buying traveller insurance will take about two hours. The time period will include all basic requirements such as filling the form, understanding the facilities offered, choosing the best plan and finally getting the right insurance plan. Usually an insurance agent will ask you to present some document to grant you travel insurance plan. These include the following listed below:

1 Passport

2 An estimate of stay duration

3 Copy of pan card


Claim Process Documentation

The formalities you should go through when making a claim will depend on the type of claim you are looking forward to make.

For Medical Expenses Claim

1 Duly completed claim form signed by you and the doctor in charge

2 Original documents of medical report prepared by the doctor

3 Cards for admission and discharge

4 Prescriptions

5 Original bills/vouchers/reports and payment receipts. These documents should state in detail, the treatment performed

6 Copy of reports for X-ray, pathological and investigation

7 Copy of passport

8 Copy of visa with entry and exit stamp

9 When making a claim for transportation expenses due to health reasons, you should present a medical statement from the health care practitioner indicating the exact cause of illness and the reason behind transportation requirement.


Baggage Loss

1 Duly signed claim form with your signature

2 Copy of passport

3 Copy of visa with entry and exit stamp

4 Copies of boarding pass

5 Copies of baggage tags and ticket

6 Property Irregularity Report (PIR - written proof from the carrier) from the Airline authorities stating the period of loss

7 A letter and details of compensation received from airlines. You should also present details for compensation 8 offered by other authorities for baggage loss

8 Ownership proof for items in the baggage that cost over $100 or its Indian Rupee equivalent


Financial Emergency Assistance

  • A written statement stating details of the incident of loss. This may include type of loss, the exact reasons etc.
  • The circumstances and the place
  • Copy of report to the police authorities having jurisdiction at the place of loss within
  • Your passport number
  • 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident. This should combine the details of the loss reported
  • Copy of passport and visa with entry stamp

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