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Breast Cancer Patients Living with Ailment, Unaware!

May 11 2012

It is quite shocking and unfortunate but true that in India, about 4 out of 5 breast cancer patients are already at present an advanced stage when they visit hospital for help as per the report offered by medical experts from different hospitals. Among the major factors triggering the disease in the entire country, specifically among city based women, are fast-paced lives and late reproductive activity. The conclusion was proved by the medical expert's reports researching on causes of increasing number of cancer cases in Indian cities.

The modern age women don't have time for fitness and depend on preservatives and junk items in the name of food. Depression and excessive work pressure with less time to spend with family has also increased intake of tobacco products and alcohol consumption among city women. Other factors like late marriage are also perfect formula for breast cancer.

According to Mr. P.K. Julka, senior oncologist from the department of radiation oncology at the All India Institute, the cancer registries data reveals that urban women are at about double the risk of breast cancer as compared to those living in rural areas. "Breast cancer incidents are more in urban areas", said the senior oncologist.

A Delhi Cancer Registry data has also revealed that the number of cancer cases in various rural areas is about 14.5 per 100,000 and on the contrary, in urban areas, it is 26.9 per 100,000. With breast cancer increasing at alarming rates among urban women in India, a serious study on various reasons behind this problem became necessary and most of the reports proved that lifestyle changes including delayed reproductive activity, prolonged reproductive period as the basic culprits playing hormonal havoc and making women more vulnerable to cancer. Lack of phsyical work is also being cited as one of the key factors in this respect.

According to Mr. Julka, the psycho-social taboo related to breast cancer is also known to be the major cause why most women don't even turn up for consultation and treatments in early stages.

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