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Insurance Article

Buy travel insurance first before you go abroad

October 07 2014

While an individual can do little to stop nature's fury, he can protect himself against the consequences. For instance, a travel insurance policy can't stop a hurricane, but it can compensate you if you miss a connecting flight due to inclement weather.


Every year, roughly 14 million Indians travel abroad. According to a survey by ICICI Lombard GeneralInsurance, less than half of them buy travel insurance

In some countries, it's mandatory for you to buy travel insurance. You won't be allowed to enter the US or some West European countries if you don't have travel insurance. This is because the cost of medical care in these countries can be prohibitive.

In the US, the average charge for a hospital room is Rs 2.57 lakh per day.


Yet, as the ICICI Lombard survey shows, many don't buy travel insurance during foreign trips. Sanjay Datta,chief of underwriting and claims, ICICI Lombard General Insurance says, "Many travellers believe that since they already have a health insurance policy, it will cover their medical needs even when overseas. But an ordinary health policy may not cover foreign travel."

What's covered
Travel insurance typically covers baggage loss, medical expenses, emergency evacuation and loss of passport.

Some policies even cover dental treatment but the premium for such plans is very high.Policies also cover travel inconveniences (flight delays, cancellation, trip curtailments, and missed connections).

So, you don't need to worry about cost of rebooking or delays and cancellation.
Though policies can be bought online with a click of the mouse, study the features in detail before you buy one.

Travel policies have lots of exclusions. For instance, a normal policy does not cover medical expenses due to an accident during adventure sports.

For that, one has to take an additional cover, which comes at a hefty premium.

How much does travel insurance cost?


Why people don't buy insurance?


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