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Insurance Article

Debunking Common Travel Woes

October 28 2016
Debunking Common Travel Woes

Missed your wallet or got ill abroad? – We got you covered

Traveling is a little dream everyone possessed when neighbourhood aunties spoke of saving up for a world tour. Swishing past airport junctures, fighting air pockets and adjusting to vibes can either hit you as a task or as a chance to discover. If your choices are wise, you will indeed benefit from the latter.

There are always certain travel hacks to keep in mind. Here we sum up the common travel woes that you can combat by employing just a little bit of foresight and tact.

The Wallet Freak Out

For a shopaholic, travelling could mean a wild shopping adventure ideally expected out of any travel journey but that is not the case here. What we are talking about is the mini heart fail that as you realise you lost your wallet and are away from home.

To avoid such situations:

  • Keep your cash and cards stored in different places whilst traveling
  • Take additional bags or wallets and carry only as much cash as you need
  • Keep decoy wallets with fake credit card and a few currency notes to avoid any violence while you are being mugged
  • Note down your bank’s emergency contact number and keep it aside
  • In case you lose your wallet, call your credit card company and have the cards cancelled. Report the theft to the local authority and in case you are stranded abroad, reach out to the embassy for help.

Missed your seat

It takes away your peace as you reach the check in counter only to find the flight is leaving. Such a situation can cost you a great deal and take away a great share of your wallet. Busy travellers must:

  • Keep an alarm call on your phones, preferably on multiple devices or check-in online prior to the flight.
  • Leave before time to avoid unexpected rush and delays.
  • Travel light to avoid worrying over multiple bags.
  • Call the airport authorities to check-in, if you are running late. They might adjust you in the next flight, saving you from a lot of hassle.

Lost documents/luggage in foreign land

Often travellers face the brunt of having lost their precious belongings most commonly their passports and luggage causing great havoc. Protect yourself from unnecessary formalities in such cases by:

  • Attach a ribbon or any source of identification on your luggage. Have a picture of it with you, preferably stored in your email.
  • Keep a copy of your passport and other documents in a separate space.
  • Do not roam around with your passport and credit/debit card on you all the time. Store it away in the hotel safe, if possible.
  • Make sure you have everything with you before you leave the counter of any shop.
  • Carry your hotel’s contact details when travelling abroad.

Medical expenses

Falling sick in a new place is quite common but the expenditures are equally flamboyant. In case of a medical emergency, people have often gone bankrupt or recurred losses due to no back up. Avoid the avoidable:

  • Research about the destination beforehand. You may want to avoid notorious street food that is known to give travellers a belly ache.
  • Stay vaccinated against common ailments.

Senior citizens might need to consider buying travel insurance with a medical cover. Most medical insurance policies give back at least half of your expenses which helps safeguard you in lieu of a medical emergency.

A health insurance while traveling is beneficial during distress caused by uncertain mishaps. Make sure you book travel insurance online before paying for your scheduled itinerary. Overseas travel insurance exempts you from great losses in case of interruptions such as flight delays, flight cancellation, baggage loss, medical expenses and much more. Having travel insurance for seniors can be a lifesaver. Which is why, the overseas travel insurance offered by ICICI Lombard is the ultimate cure for all your travel problems.

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