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Insurance Article

Essential items to be included in your travel checklist

October 01 2014
people generally (read always) face arises much later - when your train or bus or flight just starts leaving. There is probably something with must-pack things and the time of departure - because that's when all the items you forget to pack seem to materialize before your eyes (they probably know you can't go back and get them).

While nothing can be done to the seemingly evil nature of the must-pack items, there's an easy solution to this a handy universal travel list (isn't it obvious?)that can be…

Important travel-related documents - These would include Passport (and Visa), Driver's License or any personal ID card, Airline or Train tickets, Reservation copies (if not mentioned on the ticket), Hotel Reservation documents, a typed or handwritten list of important contacts (including the airlines, hotel, tour operator etc.), Health and Travel Insurance documents, photocopies of Passport and IDs.

Toiletries and other essentials - Toothpaste, toothbrush, Soap, deodorant, Skin cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair cream. Most good hotels provide these essentials to customers. So, if you are staying in a good hotel, you can avoid carrying these. But if you are not sure about the kind of hotel you might stay in or if you might be staying outside the hotel for a night or two, it is always better to carry these. Other items include shaving kit, comb/brush, tissues and insect (mosquito/tick) repellent cream/lotion.

Apart from the clothes that you will wear during the daytime, do not forget to pack nightwear, soft slippers, pairs of socks, sunglasses, hat, rain jacket.

Mobile phone and charger. How many times have you reached your destination only to find your charger missing? Also a USB cable is an important accessory. Extra memory cards, if you are an avid photographer.

Prescription medicines, eye drops, motion-sickness tablets, band aids, aspirin, medicines for cold and cough, multivitamins, sunscreen lotion and hand sanitizer

Utilities like a foldable umbrella, water bottle, a flashlight, travel pillow and pocket knife make up the rear of the list.Finally, cash and credit card. It's always advisable to carry part of your cash in your wallet and some part of it in the luggage. In case that the luggage is stolen or misplaced, there's always cash on your person. But if you lose your wallet, there’s always cash in the luggage.

Pen, a notepad, a book (if you love reading), maps and GPS (cannot always rely on your smartphone!), bandana and/or handkerchiefs.

Travel Checklist ICICI Lombard

Always travel light. Try not to stuff your bags with non-essential things. Enjoy the trip and not be bothered by having to lug your bags everywhere you go. Bon voyage!

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