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Insurance Article

Going Abroad? Opt For a Travel Insurance Policy

May 26 2015


Avail a comprehensive travel insurance policy

Avail a comprehensive travel insurance policy

Whether it is a business trip, a vacation, or an educational trip, the challenges remain the same. Availing travel insurance is convenient for safeguarding your financial losses and ensuring mental peace.

Availing travel insurance is mandatory in certain cases like visiting a Schengen country or going for an educational trip to a specific foreign university. Read the following points to know major untoward events covered under a travel insurance policy.

Trip Delay

Any sort of delays in a trip are unpleasant for a traveler. Its effects can be more if one is travelling on a business trip. Travel insurance secures your financial losses arising out of trip delays. For example, if your flight is delayed, you can receive compensation to meet your basic needs during that period.

Delays due to natural calamities, acts of terrorism, medical emergencies are covered under a travel insurance policy. Emergency lodging and boarding expenses due to a trip delay are also covered.

Loss of Belongings

Imagine landing on the moon without an astronaut's suit. This is the feeling that a traveler experiences in case of missing baggage. Loss of belongings may result in losing important documents like a passport. Travel insurance covers emergencies like this and ensures that you do not panic.

Losses arising out of loss of checked-in baggage, burglary and theft are also covered under a travel insurance policy. For loss of checked-in baggage, the compensation is based on the content's value while in case of burglary and theft, a specific compensation is paid.

Medical Emergencies

Medical emergencies are taxing no matter where they occur. Their effect increases exponentially if they take place on a foreign trip. As medical conditions demand immediate action, one needs medical assistance as soon as possible. From ambulance expenses and OPD costs to expenses related to pre and post hospitalization, travel insurance can bail you out of crisis with cashless hospitalization.

Top insurance providers have tie-ups with global network of hospitals so that medical bills are settled seamlessly between the hospital and the insurance company. One can avail travel insurance in a hassle-free manner, as no medical test is required for the same up to 85 years of age.

Personal Liability

There is a possibility that you may end up damaging someone's property or accidentally causing damage to another person. Travel insurance takes care of financial losses resulting due to personal liability as well.

Additional Cover

An additional cover provides medical concierge, automotive assistance and lifestyle services assistance to your dependents back home. You can also secure your house while you are on a foreign trip. An additional cover will safeguard you against financial losses arising out of a natural or a man made calamity to the structure and contents of your home.

Avail Travel Insurance Online

You can now avail a comprehensive travel insurance policy online. Choose your cover, fill in the basic details, make an online payment and receive your travel insurance policy instantly via email.

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