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Insurance Article

How to go about Travel Insurance claim in the right direction

July 03 2010
family or just a business trip where you step out for serving your commercial interests. When you are undertaking a trip there are different risks associated with them. It can revolve around a few problems like a missed flight, loss of luggage or just a sickness. Having a Travel Insurance helps you in this regard and guarantees your security.

However, as a consumer you should know how to make a Travel Insurance Claim correctly.
  • Read the Documentation:
    When you buy Travel Insurance make sure you should read the document carefully and clarify all your doubts. It is important to know what kind of coverage it supports. When you make the claim, it is better to be aware of the coverage and exclusions of the policy.
  • Have the Paperwork Ready:
    While filing a Travel Insurance Claim you should have all your paperwork ready. Suppose your luggage or passport is stolen during the trip, you should make a police complaint. If you miss your flight, it is better to keep a copy of the ticket and a written application to the airlines. This documentation will make it easy for you to get your money reimbursed.
  • Ensure Timely Registration of your Claim:
    It is very essential that you file your Travel Insurance Claim as soon as possible. Do not be too late in filing it after you return from your trip.
  • Fill the Claim Form Diligently:
    It is important to fill up the Claim Form with complete attention from your end. Do not miss anything and attach the necessary documents to support your claim. You should also maintain a copy of what you are sending.

Your investment on Travel Insurance is important and if you follow the above-mentioned procedure while making your Travel Insurance Claim, it will lead to a pleasant claim settlement experience.


You should always know how to file your Travel Insurance Claim correctly. Keeping in mind a few points will help you enjoy the benefits of your travel insurance policy. Since the process of filing a claim is important it is advisable to pay close attention to the policy wordings when you purchase one.

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