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Insurance Article

Key features of modern Travel insurance

May 15 2012

unless you are pretty aware of every little aspect and concern which directly or indirectly relates to it. Travel insurance is one of the important aspects which always have to be taken into the consideration when you want to travel to another country either alone or along with your family. You have to be pretty sure about the travel insurance policy and how it will affect when traveling to distant lands. You just cannot have a travel or holiday insurance which is expensive and all the more does not fulfill your needs.

Good holiday insurance is always the one which is packed with good number of features. Here are few important features which you should look into detail when opting travel insurance for your holiday.

The Holiday Insurance Policy Should Provide Coverage for Medical Expenses – Any eventuality can happen out there in the foreign land and there are quite a number of chances that most of these eventualities are health or medical oriented. A medical eventuality would ultimately leave you or your family stranded in a completely new place and at the end you are just incapable of doing anything. Some of the common ailments or diseases which you are likely to suffer include swine flu epidemic etc. Hospitalization costs in a foreign country are quite expensive one. Therefore, your holiday insurance plan should provide you with in-patient and out-patient hospitalization. The policy should also provide complete hospitalization allowance.

The Holiday Insurance Policy Should Provide Coverage against Personal Accident – If you are in a foreign country, there is very likelihood that you meet with the accident. Now this accident can either be lethal, or it can even be minor accident, but medical care becomes quite necessary under both of the situations. . In the event of an accident, your Travel Plan policy should provide reimbursement for death or permanent disability. The policy should also take into consideration to offer compensation for death or permanent disability which may occur as the result of accident on any flight, ship or any kind of transportation.

The Holiday Insurance Policy Should Provide Coverage against Personal Possession Contingencies


  • One of the most natural complaints lodged by a traveler in a foreign country is the loss of passport or baggage. His can in fact happen to any traveler who is traveling to another country. The holiday insurance policy should provide coverage against loss of passport or baggage by and all the more it should provide adequate reimbursement for the cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport.


The Holiday Insurance Policy Should Provide Coverage for Time Based Contingencies – In the situations where there is very high density of air travel, possibilities of flight delays may seem to be a natural consequence. The travel policy which you buy should provide the coverage and is ready to reimburse your traveling expenses in case the flight or train delays.

With all the features integrated into your holiday insurance policy, it would become easy to travel to foreign country.

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