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Insurance Article

Take travel insurance from India before you go to a foreign country

July 03 2010
People love to tour the world and get acquainted with different cultures. Students pursue their education abroad hoping for a better opportunity. Many others have to travel for their business deals. Thus travelling is customary these days. However, in your excitement to go abroad, you may not take into consideration the possible risks in a foreign location. You may have a medical emergency anytime, which may ruin your vacation. However if you have to buy travel insurance from your home country, you can be prepared for any kinds of emergencies. Many foreign countries make it mandatory for visitors to buy insurance. If you have not purchased travel insurance from your home country, you may have to purchase it abroad. However, insurance abroad is very costly. You may have to spend unnecessarily which may add to your budget. Thus, it is important that you purchase insurance before you travel. You can buy travel insurance from an insurance agent or you can opt to buy it online. If you buy insurance online, you save your money as well as time.

You get numerous quotes online which helps you choose the best policy for your travelling needs. If you buy policy from an insurance agent, you may not know if you have a better deal anywhere else. You can purchase insurance online instantly with your credit card or through net banking. You get your policy hard copy shortly after applying for it. As a student abroad, you may fall ill and have to return to your home country. If you choose insurance policy that reimburses your tuition fee, you would not have to bear a significant loss. You may also have to extend your stay abroad. Thus, you must also consider if your policy can be extended online later.

When you buy insurance from your home country, you get detailed information from the websites about flight fares, permitted baggage, country specific laws and customs, list of hospitals and medical facilities. Thus, you are not left on your own in a foreign land. The following cover is usually provided by travel insurance:
  • Worldwide cashless hospitalization
  • Financial emergency 
  • Dental treatment 
  • Passport and baggage loss
  • Personal accident and personal liability
  • Trip cancellation 
  • Trip delay
  • Repatriation of remains
Some insurance policies also provide cover for pre existing illnesses and mental disorders in extreme conditions. You must also look for added cover and benefits provided so that you can get more out of your budget.

Thus securing insurance travel insurance from your home country is the best way to avoid hassles abroad.


It is mandatory to buy travel insurance when you travel abroad. You can buy travel insurance from your home country or you can also buy it abroad. However, travel insurance is costlier abroad and may add to your budget. Thus, purchasing travel insurance from your home country is beneficial.

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