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Insurance Article

The London Diary

December 19 2014

The London Diary

epitomize the English character. London has been alluring tourists from all over the world because of its ability to stay contemporary without compromising on its legacy.

From its weather to the people living in the city, London has a lot of diversity. The best time to visit London is during the English Summer that lasts from June to August.

The Royal Life Beckons

The Royal Life Beckons

From boutique hotels to affordable accommodation, London offers an abode for every budget. Get a slice of the royal life by staying at a plush hotel in the heart of the city.

You can spend a night at a luxury hotel to experience London's regal hospitality and then shift to a cozy, humble abode for the rest of your trip.

Medieval Era in a Modern World

Medieval Era In A Modern World

Whether you are intrigued by history, fascinated by mythical architecture or marveled by the modern world, London is a treasure trove for someone who has an eye for detail. From the historic Buckingham Palace to the modern London Eye, a sojourn in London is a treat for the explorer in you.

Chinatown and Little Venice add to the metropolitan air of the city. A visit to the epic ST. Paul's Cathedral and the magnanimous Big Ben is of course a must. All the stars descend at Madam Tussaud's wax museum; do not forget to click photos with your favorite celebs there. If you are a sports enthusiast, do not miss the opportunity to witness a match at the home of Cricket, Lords.

London's Times Square - Bollywood's favorite haunt is a must-visit. Numerous movie scenes and songs have been shot in and around that place. Perhaps, if you are lucky, you could catch some of your favorite stars in action! In fact, you can also spot other places around the city that remind you of scenes from your favorite Bollywood or Hollywood movies.

Moving Around the Capital

Moving Around The Capital

Getting around on foot is the best way to travel in a city to know its essence. Who knows, you may bump into Sherlock Holmes at Baker Street! You can use the Tube or busses to get to a far-off destination. The tourist attractions are not far from the city and a travel-friendly Oyster Card may come in handy. This smartcard eases your commute. Avoid travelling during peak hours as London may seem medieval but its traffic is most certainly not.

Wine and Dine

Wine And Dine

Foodies rejoice! London offer's you world's best cuisines served with Britain's hospitality. Restaurants in London will entice you not only by their delicacies but also with their ornate interiors and exemplary service. Point your finger anywhere on the globe and classic dishes from that region will be available to satiate your appetite.

All roads from elite eateries, modest restaurants, food trucks and street stalls lead to London's nightlife venues. After a day filled with astonishing travel stories, it is time to sing 'He's a jolly good fellow' at a pub. London's Central area houses posh clubs while there are vibrant underground venues as well. You can choose to visit theatre pubs or nightclubs or maybe both!

Travel Blues

Unlike India where seasons are separated by months, London may witness two or more seasons in a day! Medication that is easily available over the counter in India may not be available that easily in London. Britain has a strict policy regarding medicines. Make sure to carry your meds in a labeled container with a valid prescription. Incorporating health insurance in your travel insurance package is highly suggested. You can avail travel insurance online as well. London's calling…bon voyage.

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