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Insurance Article

Things you must never carry in your hand Luggage While Flying

April 15 2012


Essential Tips for Cabin Bags

-In general, the dimensions of the cabin luggage must not exceed 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

- The maximum weight for carry-on luggage is between 6 kg to 10 kg depending on the airline.

-Hand baggage over the size or weight limit, might need to be checked in

Airport authorities and airlines are very strict about the nature of luggage they allow you to carry inside the cabin. In fact, depending on your takeoff and destination points, regulations may vary from confiscation to facing a jail term for possession of certain items.

While most of us know that inflammable items, explosives and dangerous chemicals are not even allowed inside an airport, there are certain other items you should avoid carrying even in your checked-in luggage or your handbag. Here are a few things you should know about before you pack your bags:

1. Sharp Objects

Knives, scissors, Swiss-army knives, nail-cutters, nail-filers, etc. are a big NO while flying. Even if you manage to get past the authorities at your boarding point, the final decision rests with the authorities at your port of destination.

Nail polish and other liquids should be avoided

2. Perfumes, Nail polish and other Liquids

It is good to smell good but the airport authorities might not share your taste for fragrances, because perfumes fall under the inflammable product category.

While some airlines allow you to carry nail polish, you can certainly not use it onboard. If you need items like hand sanitizers, medicines, face wash, you must carry them in labeled 100 ml bottles and place them in re-sealable plastic bags at all times.

3. Baby Food and Care Items

Although food items are generally prohibited on flights, some items like formula milk, processed baby food, liquid-filled baby teethers and soothers, breast milk, fruit juices, etc. are allowed by most airlines. These however, need to be declared before passing through the security screening.

Did you know?

In September 2013, a man was jailed in Dubai for possession of poppy seeds. Although poppy seeds are a commonly used food item in India, they are listed in the banned items list for the UAE due to their morphine content.

- Singapore banned the import and sale of chewing gum, since the year 1992, in order to keep public places free from gum littering. Punishment includes penalties and fines by the government authorities.

4. Foodstuff, Seeds, Roots, etc.

While many flights allow you to carry outside food, be sensitive towards your co-passengers and avoid odorous items like fish.

Many countries do not allow organic substances like roots, seeds, plants, herbs or even wooden artifacts from across the border.

A word of caution

While carrying your credit/ debit cards, make sure you do not carry the PIN (Personal Identification Number) in the same purse.

Moreover, if you are planning to carry a smart phone or a tablet, ensure that it is password protected. That way, in case of a theft, your personal and financial information remains safe.

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