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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance - Exclusions

May 09 2012

to the exclusions, as it is for the Coverage parameters. It is always advisable to read every single word in order to understand what all are not covered in transit insurance policy. By gaining that knowledge one can think of some alternates or can make the guidelines for oneself for avoiding any such act which may lead to those non-reserved parameters. This preparation surely helps for pleasurable and comforting travel trips. It will put some light on all those parameters, which are not covered under the travel insurance. Below is the list of some exclusions/points, which are not covered under the insurance while, travelling?


  • Civil Wars or commotions: Most of the travel insurance policies highlights this point that insurance will not be applicable and no benefits would be provide in case of civil war. It is very important for an individual to gain some information about the breeze flowing in the destination country, what’s the internal situation of the country in terms of peace and harmony. In case of any negative waves which can easily be picked-up from media, one can postpone the travel.

  • Terrorism: Terrorist attacks are not covered under the insurance policy. Though it is unpredictable for one to get an idea about it still it is advisable to undergo the history of the travelling destination. This research can give the good idea and one can prepare oneself accordingly. Else one can go for add-on policies to get oneself covered for any unfortunate events.

  • Radioactive Contamination: Damage done by radioactive contamination from any nuclear plant is not covered under Insurance. It includes damage due to nuclear wastes, nuclear fuel, and explosions in any nuclear plant or assembly. One cannot control the same but take precautions in case of any situation may arise while planning trips and tours.


  • Alcohol or drug Abuse: Travelling many a times brings a excitement and chance to enjoy and alcohol attracts both of it. Alcohol abuse is strictly out of coverage in insurance policy which says if you are getting high of alcohol/drugs which is causing any kind of impairment or leading to an accident. It is unacceptable for insurance provider to give you benefits of the mistakes intentionally done by one.


  • Professional Sports and Others: Participation in professional sports is generally not covered under insurance. However there are many a companies who are providing the coverage for sports which extra premium or add-on policies. So if your nerves pushing you to undergo speed driving, go-carting, skiing, cliff jumping or some other winter and adventures sports do keep in mind that you need to spend extra bugs same.


  • Suicide: Any suicide attempt or act of willfully injuring oneself is not covered under travel insurance policy.


Above mentioned points outlines the main parameters which are not covered under the travel insurance policy, list continues. Next time when you are up for any trip/plan go through the points thoroughly as it’s rightly said that “Precaution is better that cure.”

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