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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It

July 24 2015
Travel Insurance Plan

If you find yourself nodding in affirmative, then the next few minutes seek your undivided attention. Statistics reveal that people who travel abroad face a higher risk of meeting with accidents, losing valuables, or worse still, being robbed.

For taking such critical eventualities or bothersome situations in your stride you need to invest in travel insurance plans designed to provide compensation against losses arising out of travel glitches or medical emergencies during your stay abroad.

From life threatening circumstances to simple diagnostic tests and misplaced passport to disaster management, an ideal travel insurance plan covers it all; pertinence says that a travel insurance plan should form an irreplaceable part of your financial-travel-checklist.

Here are some questions that you need to consider before heading out on a journey:

What happens if I don't take travel insurance?

Well, for starters, travel insurance is not mandatory. You will probably have a great and uneventful trip even without one. However, by not purchasing travel insurance, you expose yourself and your family (or co-travelers) to a horde of unforeseen risks besides missing out on:

Why Travel Insurance
  • Access to exhaustive medical care in a foreign country
  • Financial relief under emergency-like situations
  • Provision for a safe journey to your home country under critical scenarios

A trip might not go as smoothly as planned. That is why choosing to meet an uncertain future by opting for a financial cover is a smart thing to do.

What will a travel plan cover?

A travel insurance plan will cover your financial well-being while you are abroad. Amongst other things, the insurance provider will have strategic tie-ups with hospitals in the host country, giving you access to trusted medical facilities offering cashless and outpatient treatment. The expenses covered under a travel insurance plan are:

  • Cashless hospitalization for sickness and accidental injuries
  • Cost of medical treatment abroad
  • Compensation for reissue of passport and loss of baggage
  • Compensation for cancelled flights, delayed, and missed flights
  • Reimbursement on events leading to personal liability

What are the other perks that travel insurance plans offer?

Eligibility: Travel insurance plans are available for immigrant residents as well as citizens until 85 years of age.

Add-ons: You may opt for add-ons that cover medical and logistical expenses of dependants in India like concierge assistance, home delivery of essentials, car maintenance, etc.

Phone Assistance: Insurers provide a list of toll-free helpline numbers where the insured can receive prompt assistance and answers to medical queries.

Refund: One can opt for pro-rata basis refund facility to cancel an online policy in case you decide to head home early.

What is the cost of a travel insurance plan?

The premium for a travel insurance plan is based on the country you plan to visit, the length of your stay and the extent of the coverage you need. You can also opt for a plan that is tailor-made to address specific requirements.

Read the policy carefully and drop the add-ons you will not need. This can help reduce the premium payable.

How can I opt for travel insurance?

Travel Insurance plans are easily available; you can purchase one online, even without a health checkup.

"A stitch in time saves nine", the age-old proverb aptly sums the essence of a travel insurance plan. Keep the spirit of wanderlust alive. Opt for an insurance plan to enjoy hassle-free travel.

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