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Insurance Article

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

September 08 2008
number of mature holidaymakers, mostly retirees, are heading overseas on foreign travel trips. Seeing other wonders of the world is exciting in itself, but that also involves making important considerations related to the trip. One such consideration is Travel Insurance for senior citizens.

Healthier lifestyles and medical advancement may urge you to think that you are the least to be affected by any sort of risk factors. Think again! You had saved your hard-earned money to enjoy the second lease of life to the fullest. Hence, buying a travel insurance policy is a wise idea. However, most travel insurance companies hesitate to offer insurance and marginalize senior citizens for the simple reason that senior citizens are more likely to make claims that are relatively expensive. Besides, they are charged higher premiums.

ICICI Lombard General Insurance offers a comprehensive travel insurance policy specifically meant for elderly travelers between 71 to 85 years. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan from ICICI Lombard covers unexpected and unplanned medical expenses due to illnesses or accidents, including outpatient & inpatient medical expenses, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic test. Unlike other travel insurance policies, ours is a Pay Per Day plan wherein you pay for the exact number of days traveled (and not the usual slab rate) i.e. if you travel for 24 days you’ll pay only for 24 days and not 25 days as in the slab system.

What sets us apart from other travel insurance providers in the market is that we also cover people traveling. Besides, you can avail Senior Citizen Plan instantly with no medical check up with a claim benefit of $15,000 per illness or injury.

Furthermore, to ensure quality health care, ICICI Lombard has now tied-up with United Health Group, the best, and the most diverse health care company in the US which serves more than 70 millions Americans. More than 86% of all acute care hospitals and huge number of physician and OPD facilities are in their network. What's more, you can also avail the policy 24X7 from our website with our Buy Online facility which gives you instant digitally signed policy. It’s straight-forward and hassle-free.

So the next time you plan a foreign trip abroad buy Overseas Travel Insurance Senior Citizen Plan from ICICI Lombard and make your old age jaunt a fulfilling and memorable experience.


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