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Travelling Light - 5 Best Ways to Save Luggage Space V2

November 20 2014
You plan the dates, make provisions for the tickets, carry that new SLR camera you just bought, plan your outfits and, oh no - Packing!

At times, it can be off-putting to think even for a second about the luggage you have to carry. However, if you pack wisely, the trip ahead is sure going to be an event of a lifetime.

Vaccum Compress Packaging Hand Bag Large Trolley bag
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Here are five handy tips to make you a light, smart and trendy traveller!

1. Invest in a 9"x12"x14"

Stuffing all your items in a duffel bag is so passe. They get bulky and weigh heavily on the shoulders, often turning your vacation into a nightmarish torture. Go for a large trolley bag that comes with zippers and strap locks.

Travelling by plane? Check their guidelines to see what items would be allowed through Check-in, so you can avoid carrying unnecessary items.

Roll Never Fold

2. Roll, Never Fold

You want to carry all the latest trends in your bag but the zipper won't close? Roll it, do not fold it! Rolled clothes occupy less space and are more likely to stay wrinkle-free. Remember to pack light clothing. Polyester and rayon blend pants, chinos and a pair of denims would suffice. Throw in a few tops and shirts, especially neutral ones, because they go on everything. Dark colours would also be ideal, as they help hide stains.

3. Packing Cubes and Shoe Sleeves

Packing cubes provide optimum space-saving and are a great option for packing toiletries and cosmetics. They are zipped cases that come in small sizes, so you can pick one as per your requirements. Shoe sleeves also prove to be good options, as they enable you to pack a pair or two with good traction and tread.

4. Vacuum Compress Packaging

Another sure-fire way of saving space is vacuum packaging. Vacuum bags let you pack anything and everything- from towels to blankets, while occupying minimum space. You can safely pack your clothing, squeeze out all the air from it and roll them up in your suitcase or place them flat, as you wish. Your clothes will always remain moisture and odour free until you reach your vacation destination.

5. Pack Them in Layers

Get the knack of packing in layers. Keep bigger, rolled items at the bottom and the smaller, folded items on top. Pack the clothes that you plan to wear on reaching your destination, right at the top. Also, pack your belongings systematically - club similar items in one layer - so screening at the airport becomes much easier and frisk-free.

Travelling can either be fun or stressful, depending on how you pack your belongings. Now that you've got the idea, have the time of your life, wear your favourite outfits, be shutter-happy and make memories!

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