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What happens in Las Vegas?

January 02 2015
most of the Hollywood movies. One of the most happening destinations on planet Earth, Las Vegas is rightfully known as - The Entertainment Capital of the World. Famous for its AAA Five Diamond rated hotels, mind boggling casinos, exquisite fine dining and a riveting nightlife, the city comes to life with a dazzling array of glittering lights.

Located in the basin of Mojave Desert in America, Las Vegas packs a truck load of adventures for its tourists. If you are headed for this city, here's a list of a handful unique and not-to-be-missed experiences:

• Stay at a luxurious mega-resort

Mega Resort

Experience grandeur at its best! Step into any mega-resort at Las Vegas. Bellagio, The Venetian and The MGM Grand Las Vegas are well-known names in the five-star category. These hotels come with in-house casinos and various recreational activities.

The choreographed fountains of hotel Bellagio are an instant crowd puller. This public display, complete with music and colorful lights, is timed at intervals of half hour each.

Did You Know?
The Stratosphere Hotel Tower (1100 feet) is the fifth tallest building in USA.

• Explore the Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

The Red Rock Canyon is situated about 24 kms to the west of Las Vegas. This 195,000-acre site was formed due to geological changes in the earth's crust. Activities like hiking, rock climbing and biking are major tourist attractions of this natural conservation area.

Did You Know?
The formation of Red Rock Canyon started over 250 million years ago.

• Gamble at a casino (do set a budget first!)

Gamble at a casino

Las Vegas is known as the second largest gambling capital of the world, first being Macau in China. With over 42 stations in the Las Vegas Strip alone, casinos provide most of the city's revenue. The Bellagio has one of the finest casinos in the area. Visitors could find majority of all casinos open for business 24x7.

An integral part of the city's wild lifestyle, gambling includes table games, poker, bingo, sports betting, etc.

Did You Know?
In 1910 gambling was illegal. A law passed in 1931 at Las Vegas legalized gambling.

• Get carried away at Adventuredome


Adventuredome is America's largest five-acre indoor theme park in Circus Circus hotel. The dome is entirely made of pink tinted glass. Various attractions include amusement rides, games and live shows. The buzzing atmosphere is crazy enough to overshadow the wild Vegas nightlife scene. Some of the famous rides include the Canyon Blaster, Sling Shot and El Loco.

Did You Know?
The Canyon Blaster is the world's largest double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster.

• Shop till you drop

Shop till you drop

Freemont Street Experience (FSE) is a unique pedestrian mall for shoppers. Its LED display canopy with light and sound shows is a visual delight for all. FSE hosts the annual New Year Eve's party and includes a variety of regular shops and kiosks that sell souvenirs, jewelry, t-shirts, hats, etc. The FSE also has unique 'zipline' for those who like to have an aerial view of the mall.

Did You Know?
The FSE canopy is made of 12 million LED lights and 220 speakers of 5,50,000 watts.

• Swim with the sharks

Swim with the shark

The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is a public aquarium that includes rare aquatic beings like golden crocodiles, piranhas, jellyfish and moray eels. Swim along 15 species of the world's most dangerous predators - sharks. For protection, you will be covered completely in a chainmail anti-shark bodysuit.

Did You Know?
Each shark is fed up to thrice a week so that they don't hunt other fish in the aquarium.

• Muse at exceptional artifacts

Mob Museum

Despite the major focus being on entertainment, Las Vegas has its share of historical artifacts too. The famous 'Mob Museum' displays the history of famed criminals and their organized crime impact on the whole of America.

Other museums include the Discovery Children's Museum (featuring exhibits in arts and sciences), National Atomic Testing Museum (exhibiting atomic bomb parts) and The Neon Museum (featuring neon signs from old casinos).

Did You Know?
The Nevada Test Site, 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas was a testing site for nuclear devices.

The adventure doesn't end here. From romantic wedding chapels to the incredible Hoover damn, the itinerary can be quite exhaustive. No matter how well-read you feel you are, be prepared to be amazed at the Las Vegas holiday experience.

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