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Insurance Article

Types of Flyers

June 05 2016
Luxury at its best

A brief observation of the traits of various flyers

According to the Association of Private Airport Operators, Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport recorded traffic of 48.2 million passengers in the year 2015-2016. This is much higher than its usual capacity of 34 million passengers per year.

These figures might paint a mental picture of long queues, busy lobbies and lounges and the hustle and bustle of the staff. However, amongst the hustle and bustle, the variety of travellers with their peculiar characteristics can be the truly interesting part.

Shortlisted below are a few commonly found types of flyers. You might find yourself among them.

  • The Business Class Traveller
  • The elites of the society dressed in high-end fashion labels are the easiest to spot as business class travellers. You can catch fleeting glimpses of their fast check-in, luxurious airport lounges, extra-large legroom and many such perks that highlight their prime status.

  • The Nervous Flyer
  • This category can be easily identified as those flyers who can get disturbed by the minutest of delays. They keep worrying over small issues from the availability of free water in the lounge area to the condition of the airplane. In addition, they will always have a long explanation to justify their fears.

  • Mr. Punctual
  • These super-organised flyers only select those airlines that have a reputation of being on time. They plan their journey thoroughly and are hands-on with every aspect of travelling. From packing an extra meal to staying updated on the flight status, they know their way around.

  • The Cheap Flyer
  • They are always on the lookout for dirt-cheap deals and they don’t mind extra layover time or multiple stopovers. Browsing through airline flash sales, travel app discounts and cashback offers are their favourite pastimes. They are disappointed by the rates of on-board meals and are annoyed by the price tags in the shops at the lounge area.

  • The Luxury Seekers
  • Unlike business class travellers, the flyers of this category travel in premium economy and yet seek luxury wherever possible. They don’t waste time in waiting areas; instead, they book a spa treatment or a few hours in the first-class lounge to enjoy the luxe ambience.

  • The Happy Family
  • This category comprises the typical Indian family. The whining kid, crying infant, complaining elders, uninterested teenagers and distressed adults can put the entire lounge area into depression. They discuss their problems, gossip and generally behave as they would at home.

  • The Uber-cool Flyer
  • These are the solo flyers or happening groups who travel for fun. Their way of dressing, fuss-free waiting in lines and the upbeat ambience around them are few of their characteristics. However, their casual attitude could affect their trips itineraries and travel plans.

So, the next time you are stranded at an airport for long hours, do look around and see if you can classify other flyers into these categories.

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