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Insurance Article

Why Indian Automakers Should Pay Attention to the Beijing Auto Show

May 17 2012

The drape has now fallen on an exceedingly popular 2012 Beijing Auto Show. This was joined by senior administrators from most of the world's leading auto manufacturers.

International auto manufacturers made it crystal clear during the auto show that they are listening to Chinese customers and are manufacturing cars for the Chinese market. For instance, Aston Martin and Jeep are 2 of various marques that decided to go for the most understandable and dull pictorial tactic to court Chinese customers via organizing a Dragon emblem on their newest model contributions, anticipating to get into Chinese empathy for the most influential symbol in the Chinese zodiac.

While utilizing the Dragon emblem might be measured pleasing, auto dealers need to be vigilant. Chinese customers are gradually becoming more international and urbane in their palates, and leveraging the well-regarded dragon could be measured as pandering by some. In a nutshell, the key is to 'go local' with advertising acquaintance, minus going local.

In India, knowing what appeals to consumers is equally significant. For New Generation Indian Consumers (NGICs) "those born between 1975 and 1990 and first generation members to be exposed to a new world of philosophies and like their Chinese colleagues" are more cultured and experienced than their precursors. And they are also quite judicious concerning their vehicles. As stated by J.D. Power research, it has been proved that one of the top aims cited for declining a model is that customer didn't approve of the exterior design. In actual fact, one out of every four customers mentions it as a reason for denial, which specifies that there is much scope for improvement in accepting these clienteles.

Other car manufacturers at the Beijing show have already decided to go the hands-on course with good old investigation and surveillance.

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