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Travel Insurance Information

Compare Travel Insurance to get the best coverage for your money

June 22 2016

Read about why you should compare travel insurance online before opting for one. Learn about all the factors that make for the perfect travel insurance plan.

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Flight Delays and Cancellations: A Personal Account

June 15 2016

Get a closer look at the causes and statistics of flight delays and cancellations from the personal perspective of a business traveller.

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Cheap Travel Insurance is better than no Travel Insurance coverage

June 14 2016

A cheap travel insurance that meets your travel needs and provides adequate cover is a smart choice than having no travel insurance.

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Best Places to visit in Vietnam

June 01 2016

Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,...

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6 Things To Do If You Have Lost Passport & Documents Abroad

May 17 2016

Lost your passport & credit card overseas? Don’t panic! Just follow these steps for re-issuance of emergency passport online and to recover any losses.

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6 Reasons Why Your Travel Insurance Claim Could Get Rejected

March 20 2016

Travel Insurance claim got rejected? Read on to avoid claim rejections due to common exclusions in your travel insurance policy document.

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Plan a trip with International Travel Insurance

August 28 2015

International travel is fun. However, not only does it cost a lot, but also needs careful planning...

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Schengen Visa And Travel Insurance

July 22 2015

A visa is an official document issued by a country authorizing a particular foreign national to...

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5 Reasons Why Senior Citizens Should Opt For Travel Insurance

July 06 2015

Looking for travel health insurance for senior citizens? Find 5 compelling reasons why senior citizens should opt for travel insurance while travelling abroad.

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Mesmerizing Mexico

May 29 2015

The top must-visit places of the land of color and contrasts...

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