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Travel Insurance Information

Best Places to visit in Vietnam

June 01 2016

Vietnam, officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,...

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What if I Lose my Passport and Essential Documents while Abroad

May 17 2016

Losing your passport in a foreign land can be stressful. Here are tips to deal with the situation.

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Ensure a Secured Journey with Travel Insurance

May 03 2016

A perfect vacation with family can be fun and also invigorating for your mind...

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6 Reasons Why Your Travel Insurance Claim Could Get Rejected

March 20 2016

Travelling abroad with Travel Insurance? Read on to avoid claim rejection due to the common exclusions of your policy document.

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Checklist for buying Travel Insurance

January 21 2016

Congratulations! Your travel plans are finalised...

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ICICI Travel Study: Only 40% Indians avail Travel Insurance

December 18 2015

ICICI Millennial Travel Study 2015 found out that...

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Travel Insurance to become mandatory for tourists in Phuket

December 09 2015

With a significant growth in tourism every year,..

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6 alternate Tourist Destinations in Popular Cities

November 20 2015

For a hassle-free holiday,include these lesser-known destinations...

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Insurers expect a rise in demand for travel insurance post Paris attacks

November 18 2015

The recent Paris terror attacks have resulted in...

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How to Choose a Travel Insurance

October 24 2015

Choosing a travel insurance policy is one of the critical aspects of planning a trip...

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