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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

Aamir and Rajasthan CM Pledge to Fight Female Foeticide

May 11 2012

Female foeticide is a serious issue and a crime in India. However, it is still shocking that the crime is occurring among the so-called ​"urbane class". People in cities are eager to get a son and female foeticide is top choice for avoiding female child births. Famous Bollywood star Aamir Khan has been successful in creating a nationwide storm over this crucial issue in his first television episode show 'Satyamev Jayate'. The actor has reportedly met Rajasthan Chief Minister, Mr. Ashok Gehlot recently to have a discussion on this issue. The issue is a grave in the state.

In a shocking report on the show, two candid journalists from Rajasthan, Meena Sharma and Shripal Shaktawat exposed a sting operation carried out by them way back in the year 2004. The sting operation had covered around 140 doctors involved in sex determination tests and abortions of the girl child. This sting operation was exclusively carried out in the state of Rajasthan.

The Bollywood star has asked the Rajasthan CM to take strict action against people involved in the crime. His efforts have borne fruit and the chief minister has now given his word that he will seriously take up the issue. He has also promised to set a fast track court with the state chief justice.

Aamir recently addressed a press conference and confirmed that he has requested the honourable Chief Minister to take action against those shown in his programme through sting operation. At a press conference, Gehlot confirmed the media that Aamir's show has created a strict environment against female foeticide. He also congratulated Aamir for finding time out of his busy Bollywood career and schedule to take up such a serious issue. As a part of appreciation, he promised to work against the issue and said that the government requires adept help from the state police.


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