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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

Beware! Your Taste Buds can put you in Danger!

May 15 2012

According to a claim made by an NGO based in Delhi, Centre for Science and Environment, most big food brands are guilty of misbranding and misinformation. The claim emphasised that this is done in a very large scale. The NGO has said that most brands claim that they zero trans-fats. However, the tests displayed something else. Shockingly, the foods endorsed by these brands contained large doses of transfats.

According to a recent report, it has been proved that the most popular junk foods consist of very high levels of salts, trans-fats, and sugar that could inevitably lead to many severe health problems and diseases such as diabetes and obesity. The report has already revealed the names of sixteen major food brands. These include shocking revelation such as MacDonald's foods, Maggi, Top Ramen noodles, Haldiram's Aloo Bhujia and KFC's fried chicken.

Detailed tests were conducted on potato chips, soft drinks, aloo bhujia, burgers, noodles, fried chicken and French fries. This proved that just one serving of any of these can fully upturn one's daily diet chart!

As per a report by the CSE, manufacturers of the above stated products kept their consumers in dark until now. They did not let their consumers know about the actual contents available in the products. The CSE gave an example via stating that NIN benchmark for maximum salt intake for an individual is about 6 gram and the WHO stipulates it at 5 gram. Now in a normal 80-gram packet of Maggi noodles gobbled up by people regularly consist of more than over 3.5 gram of salt. This is enough to take care of more than 60 per cent of an average individual’s daily salt intake.

The CSE also mentioned that the real threat came from the trans-fats revealed by the companies. The WHO says that about one per cent must come from the trans fats in a balance diet which is about 2.1 gram per day for an adult female, 2.6 gram for males and 2.3 gram for children.

The CSE discovered that Haldi Ram claiming to have no trans-fats contains 2.5 gram per 100 gram, Top Ramen Super Noodles (Masala) consists of 0.7 gram of it per 100 gram and PepsiCo's Lays (Snack Smart) claiming healthy chips gives 3.7 grams of trans fats for every 100 grams!


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