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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

Complete Ban on Tinted Glasses

May 08 2012

Finally, the announcements have been made by the Supreme Court. The use of tinted glass in cars is completely banned in cars from May 06, 2012. In fact, any type of black films of any percentage of tints in cars are now banned by the Supreme Court except for the ones that are already available filmed from auto factory outlets or manufacturers.

At the present, the car owners with tinted glasses require removing the film by today itself. This is regardless of whether it is within permissible limits of 70 per cent transparency in the front and rear windows or the 50 per cent transparency sheets installed on car's side windows. In fact, all kinds of films require being peeled off due to the complete and strict ban applicable from May 4 2012.

Fundamentally, in line with the Central Motor Vehicle Rules set in the year 1989, glasses of windscreen along with rear windows of cars in India were allowed to enjoy a visual light transmission of about 70 per cent. For side windows, the permissible tint was up to 50 per cent. However, with the recent law passed by Supreme Court has left car owners bewildered. The declaration made by Supreme Court now imposes ban on all types of tinted glass except the ones that are manufactured or produced by the company with built-in tint or all dark films regardless of perceptibility level.

As per a statement made by the apex court, it has been clarified that Indian law prohibits the usage of tinted glasses or black films of any amount of visual light transmission (VLT) or any other material on safety glasses, windscreens (both front and rear) and side glasses of all cars and other four-wheelers across the nation.

Furthermore, traffic police will be on the lookout for removing black films as the Supreme Court orders have been issued. According to the information, about fifty teams of traffic police officers will be posted around the city to get hold of vehicles with tinted glasses.

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