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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

Doctors Consider Air Pollution as a Prime Reason for Eye Infection

October 19 2015
Doctors Consider Air Pollution as a Prime Reason for Eye Infection

Recent studies indicate that the rise in eye infections in cities is a direct result of air pollution. 30,000 people were detected with cornea infection caused by the increased particulates in the air last year in Delhi. Doctors state that the problem is serious because if allergies and conjunctivitis are left untreated, they can damage the cornea and impair vision.

According to doctors, the tear film of the eyes is made more acidic by pollutants like nitric oxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide existing in high levels in the air.

Samir Sud, an eye expert said, "One should not rub eyes directly even if fine particulates enter, rather wash eyes with water. After that they should apply a cool compress to help reduce inflammation."

Direct contact with an allergen leads to the allergic reaction in the eye. Once it happens, chances are that it would occur repeatedly. It is suggested to visit an eye expert if the problem is causing considerable inconvenience. The doctor might recommend antihistamines or anti-inflammatory eye drops. In certain cases the doctor might even suggest steroid eye drops for relief.


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