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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

FDA Declares Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Pill

May 10 2012

The drug "Truvada" definitely seems to a safe and an extremely effective way to protect healthy individuals against HIV infection. This has been declared by a U.S. Food and Drug Administration review on various clinical trial results.

The affirmative discoveries were posted recently on the official website of agency in advance of an FDA advisory panel meeting that was scheduled soon. The panel in this will discuss whether to recommend approval of Truvada for individuals who are quite vulnerable to contract HIV through sexual intercourse. The Associated Press reported this in an elaborate way.

The Truvada is a daily pill that would become the first drug highly approved solution to protect all high-risk patients from varied types of infections associated with HIV virus causing AIDS.

As per a 3-year study conducted on the effectiveness of Truvada, it has been proved that daily doses of Truvada might reduce the HIV infection risk in healthy gay and bisexual men. The risk will be reduced by about 44 per cent, especially when used along with condoms and appropriate counselling. As per another study conducted, it has been found that the drug cut down on HIV infection by almost 75 per cent in heterosexual couples. These were the cases where one of the partners had HIV and the other did not.

Despite positive doscoveries, the FDA scientists emphasized that Truvada should be taken regularly on a daily basis to make it really effective. At a recent advisory panel meeting, separate votes were casted on the topic whether or not the drug should be approved for the following:

  • Gay and bisexual men
  • Men or women in relationships with HIV-positive partners
  • Others at risk for HIV infection through sexual activity.

The FDA archetypally follows the recommendation coming from its expert panels. Today, Truvada has won a reputation as a drug and been approved for managing HIV. In fact, some of the doctors are also at present prescribing the drug to protect healthy individuals against HIV infection.

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