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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

New technique by BHU on Cardiac Patients

May 16 2012

The department of cardiology, Banaras Hindu University, has recently inaugurated the Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty. This has given way to constrict heart valves and irregular heart beat sans surgery. The method of utilizing balloon valvuloplasty as well as radio frequency ablation has finally rules out the requirement for surgery, providing instant relief to a large number of heart patients.

The minutiae of the modus operandi were discussed by Dr Dharmendra Jain, assistant professor in the department of cardiology, Banaras Hindu University. Jain discussed this in a detailed workshop on 'Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty and Electrophysiology' on Saturday. Viveka Kumar, the Senior interventional cardiologist from capital of India New Delhi also elucidated the procedures of the system with practical demos.

The introduction is a boon to cardiac patients can now go for an alternative to surgeries to set things right. The technique was first introduced in Texas in the year 1991. The discovery was made for the treatment of symptomatic mitral valve stenosis. An alternative to balloon valvuloplasty has developed as an alternative to surgery. The initial clinical trial was with balloon mitral valvuloplasty in about 45 patients including 37 women and 8 men; age range, 34 to 79 years. These individuals were treated from December 1986 through March 1991.

About 39 of the 45 patients which amount to about 87 percent underwent the complete procedure. They had at least 1 balloon inflation and did not require emergency surgery after the procedure. Pre- and post-procedural catheterization indicated that these patients had a substantial development in mean mitral valve area, from 1.0 ± 0.3 cm2 to 1.9 ± 0.8 cm2.

A clinically successful balloon mitral valvuloplasty was defined as a straightforward technique compliant to either a concluding mitral valve area > 1.5 cm2 or a 40 percent increase in mitral valve area, and an instant post-valvuloplasty mitral regurgitation grade 

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