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ICICI Lombard Expert Blog

The Dengue Danger is Lurking around in Delhi!

May 07 2012

According to a survey conducted by the Health Department in Delhi, many societies and shanties in Delhi have been attacked by dengue vector mosquitoes. A huge number of random breeding spots of these mosquitoes were found in the colonies in and around Delhi. An alarming number of 21 dengue cases were confirmed recently.

Dr. A.K. Walia, the Health Minister shared his concern with civilians. He admitted that discovery of breeding spots in large number during summer is definitely a matter of serious concern. He also added that these breeding spots might lead to spread of the disease at super fats rate.

Dr. Walia has also demanded support from the companies and Railway authorities in this regard. He asked them to provide their support is checking breeding grounds for dengue via spraying powerful anti-larval spray especially across railway lines.

Special attempts are made towards cleaning water bodies in the entire city. The Irrigation and Flood Control Department is given the responsibility of regular cleaning of water bodies. All hospitals in Delhi have been given strict notices to store adequate number of platelets necessary for treatment of dengue patients.

The major problem has arisen due to the dangerous combination of rising temperatures with recurrent showers. The weather conditions in Delhi have been unpredictable for some time and it has caused premature breeding of the life threatening parasite. In case, the weather conditions continue to play topsy-turvy, the city might suffer an outbreak of dengue in the coming month.

Special precautions need to be taken by the citizens to keep mosquitoes away. The water tanks should be cleaned regularly, stagnant water must be disposes of and surrounding areas should be kept clean.

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