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  • Seychelles Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in Seychelles

    High Comission of India
    Address: Le Chantier, PO Box 488, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles
    Contact Number: +248 4 610 301

    Visa Process for Indian visitors to Seychelles

    Seychelles is a visa-free country and there are no visa requirements for anyone wishing to travel to this country. However, one should not

    • be a prohibited immigrant
    • hold a valid permit which entitles that holder to reside in Seychelles
    • hold a valid return or onward ticket for duration of the visit
    • should have confirmed accommodation
    • should have sufficient funds for duration of the stay (minimum of US0 or equivalent per day)

    An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa, the Seychelles is home to pristine white beaches, and turquoise waters set up against a backdrop of lush, rolling hills. The beaches, though, aren’t among the only tourist places in Seychelles. This paradisiacal place also houses luxury resorts, opportunities for ecotourism and wildlife spotting, and a host of other aquatic delights, including water sports.

    Beaches: The many serene beaches constitute some of the most famous places in Seychelles.
    From Anse Source d'Argent, the best-known beach in the Seychelles, to Anse Lazio with its picturesque, postcard scenery, and from the pristine Grand Anse to the stunning granite scenery of Anse Marron, there is no dearth of spectacular locations and tourist places in Seychelles.

    Islands: Most islands in Seychelles are nature reserves and even the more popular islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue have large swathes of protected land. While Mahe, the largest island, has rich rainforests, the sublime Praslin has calm, turquoise seas, and La Dique is characterized by its picture-postcard beaches.

    Resorts: The swish hotels, posh restaurants, infinity pools, royal spas on white-sand beaches, and gorgeous sunsets, make Seychelles a glamorous getaway for many travellers, especially couples. With dreamlike setting and a chance at living the high life at one of these luxurious resorts, it is easy to understand why many opt to spend their holiday in Seychelles to get away from the world.

    Wildlife, Ecotourism and Aquatic Sports: 'The Galàpagos of the Indian Ocean' are ideal for spotting sea turtles nesting, or watching giant Aldabra tortoises roam freely. Diving and snorkelling are the most popular things to do in Seychelles, among coral reefs, a variety of environments, warm and clear water, and whale sharks.

    The Bustling Capital City of Victoria: In addition to the many markets of this city, the Little Ben, a replica of London’s Big Ben, and the botanical gardens are some of the famous places to visit in Seychelles.

    How to reach Seychelles from India

    The national carrier of Seychelles, Air Seychelles, operates non-stop scheduled flights from various parts of the world, including Mumbai, Johannesburg, Mauritius and Beijing, and flies into Mahe International Airport. Other prominent airlines also operate flights from their respective hubs across UAE and Europe.

    Best time to visit

    While Seychelles is accessible for most time of the year, it is best to visit the archipelago during the summer and spring seasons.

    April and May: Seychelles experiences warm and mild weather this time if the year. Rainfall is slightly less prevalent. Hotel rates at this time are lower as the tourist season kicks-off only later. This is also a good time to witness the National Fishing Tournament.

    June to September: This is the main tourist season as the winds usher in a cool, dry weather. Expect to pay high-season prices for hotels if not booked in advance. The Seychelles Sea Turtle Festival in August is one event that gathers most interest among travellers, particularly wildlife enthusiasts, flocking to this region.

    October and November: These two months invite rainfall to Seychelles, along with less crowd, cheap airfare and hotel prices.

    December to March: Humidity increases and rainfall becomes even more prevalent. However, this being the season for winter holidays makes airfare and hotels relatively expensive.

    What to pack?

    The weather in Seychelles is relatively warm throughout the year, so it’s best to pack for Seychelles, warm-weather clothes.

    • If you’re planning to stay at a luxury resort, pack dressier attires, including collared shirts and trousers for men, and dresses for women
    • The tropical climate promises sudden downpours at times, so pack an umbrella or raincoat to be safe
    • Carry a mix of cash and credit cards, as most hotels and restaurants prefer to be paid in anything other than the Seychelles rupee
  • Saudi-Arabia Travel Guide: Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in Saudi Arabia

    Embassy of India
    Address: B-1, Diplomatic Quarter,
    PO Box 94387, Riyadh 11693,
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Working Hours
    9.00 AM to 5.30 PM (Sunday to Thursday)
    Tel. Nos.: 011-4884144/ 4884691 Fax No.: 011-4884750

    Visa Process for Indians

    • Original Passport (valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of submission of visa application)
    • Copy of Passport
    • Two recent Passport size photographs
    • Duly completed Online Application Form
    • Proof of confirmation of hotel accommodation
    • Airlines tickets
    • A letter from Employers or Sponsors or a Bank Statement of the applicant (last one month). In case of minors, document(s) from either parent may be submitted

    About Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia, which is officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an Arab country situated in Western Asia. The country covers the majority of the Arab Peninsula. The freedom of religion is restricted by the laws of the country, and most of the citizens here are Muslims. Even though only Muslims are valued in the country, the locals are still very friendly and helpful towards tourists. The vast stretches of deserts, rich history, stunning forts, mosques and temples spread all across the country will overwhelm you. Other than that, the unique festivals and Islamic cultures, traditions, and etiquettes will also leave you fascinated.

    Top Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

    • Riyadh – Riyadh is the most straight-laced of the three main cities of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is mainly a business destination as most forms of entertainment are banned here, this destination has just a few sights of interest accompanied with an extremely brutal climate. Majority of people here adhere to the dress code which consists of abaya for women and thawb for men. However, you might come across many Saudis in westernised clothing as well.
    • Jeddah – Jeddah has been a trading and port city for centuries, and this is reflected in its inhabitants who are of a cosmopolitan mix. Currently, it is considered a major commercial centre in Saudi Arabia, consisting of many government offices. Furthermore, Jeddah is also known in the kingdom for its popular shopping districts, cafes and restaurants. It is also home to the Jeddah Corniche, which is has the king Fahad’s fountain, the highest fountain in the world with a huge bunch of beaches, resorts, and hotels clustered around it.
    • Khobar – The latest of the Dammam-Dhahran-Khobar trio, Khobar is usually considered the most enjoyable of the bunch, owing to its seaside position as well as beachside Corniche. Apart from that, Khobar is also the most organised and consists of the best pedestrian-friendly walkways. Here women also have fewer restrictions compared to other eastern cities in terms of wearing hijab.

    How to Reach Saudi Arabia

    The major international airports in Saudi Arabia are located in Riyadh, Jeddah, Medinah, and Dammam. Many airlines offer regular and non-stop flights from Saudi Arabia to all the major countries in the world. Some of the prominent airlines of the country are Flynas, Mid East Jet, Saudia and SaudiGulf. The only way to travel from India to Saudi Arabia is through flights. Some of the regular flights travel between the major Indian cities to the major cities of Saudi Arabia. Popular airlines running on this route are Emirates, Jet Airways, Saudia, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, and Air India.

    Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia is an enormously dry country where rainfall is minimal. During summers, the country experiences scorching heat and humid temperatures, making it extremely uncomfortable to explore the place. However, from November onwards, Saudi Arabia’s weather is amazingly welcoming, with quite chilly nights. It is certainly the best month to explore the place during the daytime. The temperature from April to October ranges between 40 to 45 degrees Celsius and goes up to 49 degrees Celsius during some seasons. The weather throughout the summer months remains extremely hot and humid, and this is certainly not the best time to visit Saudi Arabia.

  • Riyadh Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian embassy in Riyadh

    B-1, Diplomatic Quarter
    P.O.Box No. 94387
    Riyadh- 11693, Saudi Arabia

    Visa process for Indian visitors in Riyadh

    • Original passport (valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of submission of visa application)
    • Copy of passport
    • Two recent passport size photographs
    • Duly completed online application form
    • Proof of confirmation of hotel accommodation
    • Airlines tickets
    • A letter from employers or sponsors or a bank statement of the applicant (last one month). In case of minors, document(s) from either parent may be submitted

    About Riyadh

    Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s capital and a major business and financial hub. It is located on a desert plateau in the centre of Saudi Arabia and is largely famed as a business destination.

    Riyadh is derived from the Arabic word ‘rawdah’ meaning gardens or meadows. The location, in fact, boasts of natural fertility. It naturally has a dry climate. However, a good underground water supply fills much of the gap, making Riyadh the most populated Saudi city and a naturally fertile area in the Saudi Kingdom.

    It is a spectacular visit for many other reasons too. The city’s great transformation from a sleeping and nomadic society into a contemporary and plush urban setting display is an example of achievements and success. The view of Riyadh from the sky, the city illumination during the nights or the meadows, the desert, the flower garden make it an attractive tourist playground. The typical tourist life in Riyadh is centred around its over 4000 mosques and the bustling shopping centres called souks (marketplaces).

    Places to visit in Riyadh

    There are popular business places to visit in Riyadh, and one such prominent destination is the 302-metre tall Kingdom Centre. This centre has a sky bridge connecting two towers.

    • Masmak Fortress is the heart of old Riyadh and holds a historical significance. There is a museum inside which gives an insight into the battle story and includes some photos from the past. The second portion of the Masmak is now dedicated to Saudi’s excellence in agriculture. Adjacent to the fortress is "Jabrah" or "Mikal".
    • The next on the list of famous places in Riyadh is Murabba Palace. It is situated next to the National Museum. It is one of the oldest mud-brick palaces which was built by King Abdul Aziz post his capturing of the Masmak. It is an open sight visit for the public, and there are interesting things to explore here like the first Rolls Royce, or the complete two-storey structure itself, making it one of the prime things to do in Riyadh.
    • The National Museum is a must visit in Riyadh. First opened in 1999, this place is fully-equipped with all modern technology and is very accessible too. People here speak English. There is a whole lot of action waiting inside for you, such as the virtual tours of Madain Salih, or watching the recreated shoot of Prophet Mohammed's battle of Medina.
    • As-Sufaat (Deira Square) is one of the best places to visit in Riyadh. It is a location close to the Great Mosque and the mutawwa headquarters and is popularly called the Chop-Chop Square. It is the place where convicts are punished by beheading with the sword.
    • Kingdom Centre is the most stunning of all given its expansive architectural settings. It is the second tallest structure in Saudi at the height of 305 m. There is a three-storey shopping mall, and then, there is a sky bridge connecting the two peaks. The city panorama from the sky bridge can be enjoyed at the height of 300 m.
    • A very famous spot of Riyadh is the Wadi. It is an 80-km dessert stretch and is primarily occupied by private estates and farms covered with high walls. Towards the south, there are picnic and barbecue spots surrounded by the Wadi’s cliff-like walls.
    • On the outskirts of Riyadh is Wadi Hanifa. It is the ancestral home of the Royal Saudi family, occupied in 1818.

    How to reach Riyadh

    King Khaled Airport welcomes flights from all over the world. If you are travelling from India, you can get a connecting or direct flight from major cities like Delhi and reach Riyadh. There is a local train station almost in the middle of Riyadh which connects the city to Dammam.

    There is a Central Bus Terminal in the Aziziyah district which can be only accessed by a taxi. There are buses plying on the Riyadh-Dammam route, and it takes about 4.5 hours to reach Dammam from Riyadh. A bus journey to Jeddah from Riyadh or Mecca to Riyadh is tediously long; it will take you about 10-12 hour to reach Riyadh or vice-versa.

    The same journey by road is taken through the Highway 40. The highways are usually jammed here because of heavy lorries and petrol tankers plying on the road.

    Travelling in Riyadh

    Cars are the best means to tour in Riyadh since it has underdeveloped public transport. You need to know the landmark locations to reach anywhere in the city. Street signs are marked in Arabic and English both. However, there are few important exceptions with streets showing signs in Arabic only.

    Always carry your passport while touring in the city. There are many city-check points, and one needs to show a valid ID proof instantly.

    There are white taxis operating in Riyadh. The driver usually knows the important places. There are minibuses but are usually used by the local labourers. It is ideal to drive your own car here.

    Best time to visit

    Riyadh is located in the centre of the Saudi nation and thus, subject to extreme climates. Summers are scorching with temperatures exceeding 45°C, and the winters are harsh with temperatures plummeting to 0°C. The rest of the time, the climate is dry.

    Even though summers are hot, it is not humid. In the evenings, it gets more tolerable, and one can experience cool breeze on the outskirts of Riyadh during the summer time.

    The best time to visit Riyadh is from October to March.

    There is an Italian Cuisine Week which takes place in November. There is Comic-Con Arabia; an event initiated to highlight the multi-genre pop culture of the town. There is a trade event related to the health and beauty sector in Saudi Arabia held in November every year.

  • Phuket Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian embassy near Phuket

    Embassy of India
    42nd Floor (75/32-33, 20th Floor for Consular, Passport and Visa Services)
    Ocean Tower 2, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey, Wattana
    Bangkok – 10110
    Contact number: (662) 2580300-6

    Visa process for Indian visitors to Phuket

    The following documents are required to get a visa to Bangkok, Thailand

    • Original passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Thailand
    • Confirmed air tickets with E-ticket number
    • Proof of funds to cover the stay (10,000 Baht per individual in case of Visa on Arrival)
    • Confirmed hotel bookings

    About Phuket

    Phuket is a mountain island and a world-famous beach destination. The beaches here are popular for clear waters, white sands, swaying palm trees and a slew of high-end seaside resorts ready to host the visitors year-round. The spas and diners in restaurants are the important things to try in Phuket. There are old shophouses, bustling markets and a lot of beach activities to entertain the tourists. Some of the best tourist attractions in Phuket are:

    • The most famous place in Phuket is the Old Town. There are few excellent restaurants here, and the ambience is different because of the special display of its colonial and Chinese architecture-style. It makes the Old Town one of the prime city points of interest. It is a shopper’s paradise too with funky shops adorning the area.
    • Another thing to do in Phuket is to board a thrilling speedboat ride and visit the tropical paradises. The tourist places in Phuket include the Phi Phi Islands or a scenic excursion around the Phang Nga Bay.
    • The beach town has a variety of beaches, and some of the popular visits are Kata, Kamala and Karon. Towards the North, the beach visits get ideal for spending time in solace and is much frequented by couples on a trip to Phuket.
    • A special mention for the special place to visit in Phuket. It is the prime resort town of Patong, full of nightlife action with many nightclubs, bars and discos sprawling in the area. Visit the Patong's Bangla Road.
    • The giant Buddha statue display at the top of the Nakkerd Hills with a lovely lookout of the vast hilly terrain makes it an ideal visit. This Phuket stop is appropriately titled as the Big Buddha Phuket.
    • For tourists looking for some religious time, there is the Wat Chalong temple. It is exquisitely decorated with tiny glittering glasses. It is even more interesting to dig into the past of this ancient temple and understand how the people still fascinate the place as Phuket Island’s spiritual centre.
    • Hit the music floor show with Simon Cabaret, the biggest transvestite cabaret show in Phuket.
    • Take out time for FantaSea's extravaganza for engaging in a fun way in Phuket. This Las Vegas style show is an open public bonanza and perfect in its execution with Trapeze artists, elephants, and pyrotechnics show.

    How to reach Phuket from India

    Phuket International Airport is the main airport serving the Phuket Province of Thailand. It is on northern Phuket Island, which is around 32 kilometres from the centre of Phuket City. From Bangkok and Pattaya, there are many flights to Phuket every day. Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as Bangkok International Airport, is one of two international airports serving Bangkok, Thailand. The quickest way to reach Bangkok from India is to take a flight from any of the major cities of India. The duration of the shortest flight is about 4 hours 15 minutes.

    How to reach (All Locations)

    There are no public transport facilities available here, so the only travel medium is a rental car or a taxi. To reach one point to the other, ride on a TukTuk, which is a bike from the front and has attached seats in the back to carry its passengers around the Phuket city. To reach nearby islands, opt for boats or ferry rides.

    Best time to visit

    The peak tourist season is from December to March when there is some cold breeze, and it is less humid. The temperature varies from 24ºC to 32ºC. April and May are the hottest months and the temperature at this time is around 27ºC to 36ºC. The rainy months are June, July, August and again, September to October.

    Visitors have an option to visit in the rainy months and enjoy the beautiful beach life with proper rain gear in tow. Another reason to visit Phuket is the Muay Thai show. It is an electrifying Thai boxing match, and it is a delight to watch the martial arts experts fight each other in the stadium. A special arrangement is done for the tourists in the Patong Beach Area where the sports can be seen ‘live’ in the Soi Sai Namyen in-built stadium. These fights are held in different tourist areas of Phuket at different times of the year.

    In October, the Phuket vegetarian festival is held to honour the Chinese community's faith in abstinence from meat bringing good health and peace of mind. There is a Phuket Old Town Festival, following the Chinese New Year, which is held on the roads, turning the city into a walking street public affair. There are celebrations all over with cultural parades, Phuket Baba Light Show, folk dance, free boat rides and much more. There is the Songkran Festival tradition which can be enjoyed spectacularly by the tourist as people continue to throw water buckets or shoot water guns at each other. It happens in the month of April.

  • Pattaya Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian embassy near Pattaya

    Embassy of India
    42nd Floor (75/32-33, 20th Floor for Consular, Passport and Visa Services)
    Ocean Tower 2, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey, Wattana
    Bangkok – 10110
    Contact number: (662) 2580300-6

    Visa Process for Indian visitors to Bangkok

    The following documents are required to get a visa to Bangkok, Thailand

    • Original passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Thailand
    • Confirmed air tickets with E-ticket Number
    • Proof of funds to cover the stay (10,000 Baht per individual in case of Visa on Arrival)
    • Confirmed hotel bookings

    About Pattaya

    Pattaya is a beach city running along the eastern coast of Thailand. Today the place is abuzz with tourists, who visit here to enjoy a stay in resort hotels, condos and wish to indulge in some fun activities. Close to the hillside is Wat Phra Yai Temple, a place revered and cherished by the tourist because of its special display of an 18m-tall golden Buddha statue.

    Here are some of The best tourist places in Pattaya

    • To host the corporate big-wigs in style, there is designer golf course spread across the city, overlooking the Pattaya Bay. Indulging in Golf here is clearly one of the best things to do in Pattaya surrounding the bay.
    • Places to visit in Pattaya include a necessary trip to Mini Siam Pattaya and Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines. Mini Siam Pattaya is a destination with a miniature focus. The place has its first Thai heritage miniature replica and many miniature replica models of the wonders of the world. There is the London Bridge replica, Pyramid, Emerald Buddha Temple and Statue of Liberty, and many others.
    • A very popular Pattaya’s city point of interest is Koh Samet, also known as the Paradise Island. It is considered to be a holistic part of the city tour as the journey begins from Pattaya itself. The visitors are required to take a ferry from Ban Phe to reach Koh Samet. The complete trip is a visual treat with the sparkling sand display, the crystal blue water and a pristine beachfront providing an awe-inspiring sight.
    • Pattaya also has various museums and peaceful religious destinations. They are major crowd-pullers for the city through the year. Another famous temple is the Sanctuary of Truth which houses the heritage and history of Pattaya on a magnificent display.
    • The Art in Paradise centre is a must visit amongst the tourist destinations in Pattaya. It is super-cool to be here, as the centre displays 3D paintings. For more fun, add Ripley’s Believe It or Not in your must-visit list and get ready to board a spiced-up activity list, which includes the red trains, ghost trains, waxwork, haunted tours and aquariums.
    • Also, it is interesting to observe how the vendors sail and make a viable marketplace of Thai boats. For more shopping, there is a bustling walking street and many classy malls like the Royal Garden Plaza, Mike Shopping Mall, Central Festival Mall and the Outlet Mall. Thepprasit Night Market and Pattaya Night Bazaar are also some of the popular shopping tourist attractions.
    • Pattaya also hosts the first cartoon network themed amusement and water park in the world.
    • Another famous tourist destination is Underwater World Pattaya, a modern ocean aquarium, fitted with a pedestrian tunnel to help people enjoy the marine life view underneath, up-close.

    How to reach Pattaya from India

    Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as Bangkok International Airport, is one of two major international airports serving Bangkok. The quickest way to reach Pattaya from India is to take a flight from any of the major cities of India to Bangkok. The duration of the shortest flight is about 4 hours 15 minutes. To reach Pattaya from Bangkok, tourists have to cover a distance of about 147 km by road. Hire cars or use the reliable rail network.

    How to reach (All Location)

    The best way to tour Pattaya is to board the Beach Bus plying on the circular line in the city. It will take you to the top sight-seeing attractions like Pattaya Beach Road, Pattaya Floating Market and Dolphin Roundabout. To reach anywhere and everywhere in Pattaya, use the Songthaews, which are two-bench pick-up trucks and cover all the tourist spots in their multiple journeys. Cherish a fun experience with TukTuks. These are mini-vans shining in red or yellows and must be used for simply fun since they don’t carry a fixed price tag. For private excursions, in and around Pattaya, rent a car. There are English-speaking drivers from reputed car rental companies. Better still, opt for a self-drive and let the suspense of the unwinding roads open at its own pace. Tourists even have an option to ride a motorcycle.

  • Nigeria Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian embassy in Nigeria

    364, Cadastral Zone,
    Central business district (CBD),
    Off Constitution avenue, FCT, Abuja

    Visa process for Indians

    • Original passports with six months validity from the date of arrival in Nigeria along with old passports, if any
    • Visa application forms
    • Two recent photographs of the size of 50mm X 50mm with a light background
    • Original Yellow fever vaccination
    • Polio Vaccination certificate
    • Cover letter mentioning the details of the traveler, type of travel, and details of the visit
    • Income tax returns or Form 16 for last 3 years
    • Original and updated personal bank statements for last 6 months

    An invitation letter from a person who has invited the traveler to the country. The individual who will send the sponsorship letter needs to provide his/her contact details as well as passport copy if the person is Nigerian. If the person is a foreigner, then he/she needs to give his passport copy along with their address and work permit card copy.

    About Nigeria

    Situated on the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is the largest oil producer in Africa. The country is also blessed with plenty of places to visit that are slowly gaining the attention of tourists all over the world.

    Top places to visit in Nigeria

    Be it the natural attractions, adventurous parks or historical monuments, Nigeria is home to a number of tourist spots. Some of the best places to visit in Nigeria are as follows:

    • Yankari national park: Located in Bauchi state, it is spread in an area of about 2,244 square kilometres. The park is enriched with natural water springs and various species of plants and animals.
    • Ibeno beach: Adoring the shores of Ibeno, this is the longest sand beach in West Africa. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty, you can also indulge in fun water sports and have a wonderful time.
    • Lekki conservation centre: One of the best nature reserves in the country, Lekki Conservation Centre offers a perfect escape from the monotonous life of the city. Some of the best things to do here is to take a walk on Canopy Walkway and play a game of chess on the huge chessboard.
    • Zuma rock: Known as ‘the Gateway to Abuja from Suleja’, Zuma Rock is one of the best places to visit in Nigeria. People not only admire this gigantic monolithic Inselberg with a human face, but also climb it to enjoy the panoramic views of Abuja.
    • Kajuru castle: Built in the late twentieth century, this is a luxury villa situated in Kaduna state. The villa has various amenities including a swimming pool and is best suited for families.
    • New Afrika shrine: Located in Lagos, it is an open-air entertainment centre which hosts an annual Felabration music festival. Apart from musical performances, the place also showcases photo galleries of Fela which makes it one of the best tourist locations in Nigeria.

    Other must-visit places in Nigeria include Kano City Walls, Osun Sacred Grove, Eleko Beach, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Nike Art Gallery, Aso Rock among others.

    How to reach

    There are several international airports located in cities like Abuja, Lagos, Kano, Port Harcourt and Enugu. People travelling from India can take flights from cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore to reach Nigeria. Some of the major airlines operating between India and Nigeria are Kenya Airways, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa and Egyptair. Buses and taxis are available from the airport to the other parts of the country.

    Best time to visit

    Nigeria’s climate varies from area to area and is usually dry and wet. Spring and winter season are considered best for travel as the weather is quite pleasant, and one can visit the places without feeling uncomfortable due to the usual hot weather. However, this is also the peak season; therefore, the hotel tariffs are considerably high. If you are planning a budget trip, you can visit the country during fall season, i.e., September to November when the hotels are affordably priced.

  • Monaco Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian embassy near Monaco

    Embassy of India
    13-15 rue Alfred Dehodencq
    75016 - Paris, France

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to Monaco

    As there is no embassy in Monaco, tourists are required to apply for Schengen Visa. To apply for this, the tourists need to submit the following documents:

    • A passport which is valid for at least 3 months after the date of the requested visa
    • Visa application forms
    • Maximum three photographs
    • Covering letter mentioning the details of the traveller, type of travel, and details of the visit
    • Confirmed hotel reservation for the complete stay
    • Confirmed air tickets
    • Day-to-day itinerary
    • Travel Insurance
    • Income tax returns or Form 16 for last 3 years
    • Original and updated personal bank statements for last 6 months

    For more details, one can contact the nearest Monaco embassy.

    About Monaco

    Famed as the second smallest independent state in the world, Monaco is a haven for tourists who wish to spend their days amidst wonderful climate and enchanting beauty. Not only this, but the country is also the home of annual Formula One Grand Prix. Lying on the Mediterranean coast, this country offers stunning views that can make one forget all the worries and immerse into a leisurely stroll. Be it the beaches, museums, high-end buildings or glamorous casinos, Monaco has everything that one can expect on a luxurious vacation.

    Places to visit in Monaco.

    There are many tourist places in Monaco that have been attracting the travellers from across the world. Some of those famous places in Monaco are listed below:

    • Palais Princier: Located in old Monaco-Ville, this palace offers a stunning view of Monte-Carlo. Tourists can also attend the famous changing of the guard ceremony performed by the "Carabiniers at 11:55 am
    • Oceanographic Museum: A world-famous museum, it has an incredible collection of numerous sea creatures and even the models of Prince Albert’s laboratory ships. Moreover, the oceanographic museum has a huge aquarium that houses more than 4,000 species of fish and 200 families of invertebrates making it a must-visit place
    • Grand Casino: Though it might be an extremely wealthy affair to gamble at the Grand Casino, there is no harm in visiting the casino to get the royal feel. Be it the gaming room, the décor or the ambience; it will never fail one’s expectations.
    • Monaco Cathedral: Built in 1875, it is one of the best places to visit in Monaco. The majestic interior and the famous altarpiece by the Niçois painter Louis Bréa is one of the major attractions of Monaco Cathedral.
    • Jardin Exotique (Exotic Gardens): A home of thousands of rare plants and beautiful trees, Jardin Exotique offers a memorable walking tour to the tourists. There is also a cave where guided tours are available

    Apart from these, one can also visit Church of the Sacred Heart, Monaco-Ville and Marlborough Fine Arts Gallery.

    How to reach Monaco

    The nearest airport to Monaco is Côte d'Azur Airport in Nice which is around 40 km away from Monaco. People travelling from India can take flights to Nice from cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Some of the major airlines operating between India and Nice are Aeroflot, Emirates and Air France. Taxis and buses are available from the airport to the city.

    Travelling in Monaco.

    • Walking is the best way to explore the places to visit in Monaco. However, there are some places where you can reach via public escalators and small pedestrian-only ferry
    • There is one urban bus service that can be used to travel to the famous places in Monaco
    • Travellers can rent a motor scooter in Nice or a bicycle from the Auto-Moto-Garage and take a short trip to Monaco
    • Many hotels provide taxi services so that can be a good option to travel across Monaco

    Best time to visit Monaco

    Though Monaco is a great destination for a year-round trip, April and October are the best months to take a trip to Monaco. Tourists can also plan their trip as per the dates of Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix to experience the thrill of the world’s most glamorous motorsport event. To ensure a good accommodation during this time, tourists are advised to book the hotels in advance and plan the journey accordingly.

  • Maldives Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in the Maldives

    Indian High Commission
    H. Athireege Aage, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé 20125, Maldives
    Contact Number: +960 332-3015

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to the Maldives

    The following documents are required to get a visa to the Maldives

    • Original passport with 6 months validity from the date of travel.
    • Appropriately signed and completed Form
    • 1 latest passport sized colored photograph (35mm in width and 44 mm in length)
    • Confirmed hotel reservation
    • Photo copies of important documents such as bank statements

    About the Maldives

    The Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country by both land area and population. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India. The Maldives is one of the world's most geographically dispersed countries, as well as the smallest Asian country by both land area and population. Male is the capital and most populated city of Maldives; it is traditionally called the "King's Island" for its central location. The Maldives is blessed with incredible beauty and splendour of nature. With 1200 islands and 26 atolls, this island country holds a great enticement for tourists across the globe for its exotic islands, clear blue seas, magnificent beaches, and a variety of water sports. Though not exhaustive, the following are the major places to visit in the Maldives:

    • Male: It is the largest city, and the major attractions are- The Grand Friday Mosque, Scuba diving and snorkelling, Male Fish Market, Male’s National Museum, Tsunami Monument, Dive Club Maldives, and Underwater Scooters.
    • Sun Island: Also, famous as the Sun Island, Nalaguraidhoo Island in South Ari Atoll has stunning beaches, beautiful tropical flowers, and lavish greenery that pulls a great number of tourists wanting to bask in the lap of nature.
    • Banana Reef: Located in North Male Atoll, Banana Reef is globally renowned for being one of the best diving sites in the world and famous places in the Maldives.
    • Alimatha Island: Alimatha Island is in Vaavu Atoll. With its azure, crystal clear waters — apt for diving, snorkelling and boating, the island is a perfect spot for a family vacation and honeymoon.
    • Artificial Beach: The carnival beach: Situated in North Male Atoll, this beach is the favourite haunt of the swimming enthusiasts and among the top tourist places in the Maldives. The Artificial Beach is an open area and has certain restrictions on clothing as per the local law.
    • Utheemu Ganduvaru: Located in the Northern part of the Maldives, Utheemu is a small island and one of the historically significant tourist places in the Maldives.
    • Biyadhoo Island: Another popular island among the best places to visit in the Maldives, is the Biyadhoo Island, stationed in South Male Atoll it is called “the Scuba-diving Island”.
    • Veligandu Island Beach: Located in North Ari Atoll, Veligandu Island is a reasonably small island with astonishing greenery.

    How to Reach Maldives from India

    Male International Airport (MLE) is the primary airport, which connects the Maldives to all major countries in South-East Asia including India, China and Sri Lanka. It is connected well to the major hubs in India including Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi.

    Best Time to Visit

    The ideal weather is between November and April. The high season falls between December and March. The monsoon prevails from May to October, peaking around June.

    What to Pack?

    If you are planning to visit the Maldives, please carry sunscreen lotions, beachwear and sunglasses. When packing for your Maldives holiday, fill your suitcase with loose dresses that you can throw on over your bikini or beach wear. Women can carry kaftans. Also, do not forget to pack essential medicines and oral hydration packs.

  • Las-Vegas Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in Las Vegas

    Consulate General of India, San Francisco,
    Consular Section
    540 Arguello Boulevard,
    San Francisco, CA 94118

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to Las Vegas

    The following documents are required to get a USA visa:

    • An Indian citizen must have a valid passport with a minimum of 2 blank pages for stamping. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your period of stay in the United States of America.
    • Complete visitor visa application form DS-160 online.
    • An application for fee payment.
    • An appointment for the visa interview.

    Some additional documents which might be required during the interview include:

    • The purpose of your trip.
    • Your tour details including the hotel bookings and flight bookings.
    • Documents supporting your capability to pay all the costs during the journey or evidence that another individual will cover some or the entire cost for you on the trip.

    About Las Vegas

    Located in Nevada, the city is famous for its vibrant nightlife. Its resorts, themed hotels, 24-hour casinos, and pubs make it worth exploring! Though the city is famous for its entertainment; there are lots more to explore in Las Vegas. Read on to know more!

    How To Reach Las Vegas From India

    Indian tourists planning their visit to the city can avail fights from cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru among others. Many airlines including Air India, United Airlines and Lufthansa have various direct and connecting flights between India and Las Vegas. Once you reach the airport, hire a private taxi to reach your hotel. For travelling within the city, there are monorail and bus services available.

    Places to visit in Las Vegas

    Here are few popular places to visit in Las Vegas and also the best things to do in Las Vegas.

    The Strip

    The Strip is the entertainment hub of Las Vegas. Stretched across the 2.5-mile-long central section of Las Vegas, it is filled with luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants and resorts. The glittering beauty of the Strip at night is breathtaking. So, do explore this happening place at night.

    How to reach?

    You can use public transport to reach the Strip as it is well-connected with the rest of the city. The RTC bus system offers service along the Strip as well as to the surrounding areas of Las Vegas.

    Fremont Street

    A pedestrian-only area, the sights at Fremont Street will definitely amaze you. The street is known for its music, lights and visual shows. While exploring the Fremont Street, you will come across many street performers and special entertainment performances. The Fremont Street is in downtown Las Vegas and considered as one of the most culturally rich tourist places in Las Vegas.

    How to reach?

    You can take a taxi to reach Fremont street area.

    The Venetian Hotel

    While exploring Las Vegas, do not miss to take a trip to The Venetian Hotel. One of the most exciting places in Las Vegas, it offers a variety of entertainment to its visitors. From themed shopping arcade to the Venetian Gondola Rides, everything makes it a perfect place to explore. Well, there is a lot more to surprise you, and personable gondolier is definitely the best one among them!

    How to reach

    You can either take a bus or taxi to reach the area.

    Paris Hotel

    The Paris Hotel is one of the most popular resorts and tourist places in Las Vegas. A wonderful replica of Eiffel Tower, the hotel has recreated the Paris Opera House. At the top of the ‘Eiffel Tower’, there is a restaurant where one can enjoy the beautiful view of the Strip and dancing fountains of Bellagio.

    How to reach?

    Well connected with public transport, you can reach the hotel by using public transport or booking a taxi.

    The Mirage

    If you witness an erupting volcano while walking through the Strip, then get ready to be welcomed by the Mirage Hotel. Don’t get overwhelmed with the exterior, as the interior section holds more surprises for you. The Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat are best to explore. From white tigers to trained dolphins, it has everything that can make you go ‘wow’.

    How to reach?

    The place is well connected to the rest of the city. So, you can either take a cab or a bus to reach.

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

    Las Vegas is not all about pubs, casinos and theme hotels; there are other things to do as well. If you are interested in rock climbing or witnessing a wildlife history, then Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area in Nevada is the place for you. Be it the colourful rock formations on hiking trails or a 13-mile scenic drive; everything will definitely impress you.

    How to reach?

    The best way to reach the Red Rock Canyon is to hire a private car or use public transit.

    Luxor Las Vegas

    Your Las Vegas tour is incomplete without visiting this Egypt-themed casino resort Luxor. Located on the south end of the Strip, this 30-story pyramid is adorned with the 315,000-watt light beam. The traditional interior and furnishing along with the latest amenities make it a perfect place to unwind on your trip. So, spend a night in Pyramid rooms and treasure the moments for a lifetime.

    How to reach?

    It is 2 miles away from McCarran International Airport. You can easily reach the resort in a private car or public transport.

    Best time to Visit

    The best time to visit the Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. However, if you want to save your bucks, try to visit Las Vegas in Autumn.

  • Croatia Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

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    Travel Guide To Croatia

    Indian Embassy in Croatia
    Embassy of India
    Bijenik ul. 152, 10000
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Bijenik ul. 152, 10000
    Tel: +385 1 4873 239

    Visa Process for Indians

    The island-speckled coastline of Croatia is indisputably its main attraction. The pristine waters set against dazzling white pebbly beaches sparkle with jewel-like intensity. you can enter Croatia and stay for 90 days, within 180 days after visa issuance. You will need to carry your passport at the time of entering the country.

    Your passport should have been issued less than ten years ago and have an expiry date at least three months after your intended departure from Croatia. Along with your passport, you can also carry the following documents to establish proof of identity:

    • Voter ID issued by the Indian Government
    • Emergency certificate issued by the Indian Embassy in Croatia

    About Croatia

    The island-speckled coastline of Croatia is indisputably its main attraction. The pristine waters set against dazzling white pebbly beaches sparkle with jewel-like intensity.  You can easily find full stretches of beaches in varying shades of sapphire and emerald.

    Then there are beaches with long sandy and shingly stretches – perfect for lazing around and devouring your favourite novels. You can even indulge in several water-based activities such as snorkelling, kayaking, diving, windsurfing and sailing.

    Top Places to Visit in Croatia

    There are several popular places that you can visit in Croatia, and every one of them has a unique vibe.


    The old town of Dubrovnik and its beauty never fails to overwhelm tourists, whether first-time visitors or seasoned ones. The city’s limestone streets and ornate buildings overlooking the shimmering Adriatic Sea are enough to woo you away.

    Hvar Island

    Have Island’s hub; the Hvar Town is a significant tourist attraction in the country. The Town features 13th-century walls surrounding the baroque ornamented Gothic palaces and marble streets. Tourists on the island love to explore the sights on the curvy stone streets.


    At Istria, the Adriatic meets continental Croatia. This heart-shaped, 3600-sq-km peninsula region features a bucolic interior of fertile plains and rolling hills, offering a delectable food culture.

    How to Reach Croatia

    The easiest way to reach Croatia from India is by air. There are several prominent airports in the country, including the Zagreb Airport, Dubrovnik Airport, Split Airport, and Pula Airport. From India, there are several direct flights to Croatia, from reputable airlines including Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Air India, Air France, British Airways, Etihad, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways. While there are no direct flights between the two countries, you can opt for a one-stop or two-stop trip.

    Best Time to Visit

    Most tourists head off to Croatia in between July and August. However, the best time to visit Croatia is between June and September when there is lesser number of tourists, the weather is sunny and warm, and prices are more affordable. Not to mention the sea waters surrounding the country, which are surprisingly more tepid in September than July.

  • Corsica Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

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    Indian Embassy Near Corsica

    Address: 13-15 Rue Alfred Dehodencq, 75016 Paris, France
    Contact Number: +33 1 40 50 70 70

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to Corsica

    • Original passports with six months validity from date of arrival in Corsica along with the old passports
    • The passport should have two blank pages for stamping purpose
    • Visa application forms
    • A cover letter mentioning the details of the traveller, type of travel, and details of the visit
    • Confirmed hotel reservation for the complete stay
    • Confirmed air tickets
    • Day-to-day itinerary
    • Travel Insurance
    • Income tax returns or Form 16 for last three years
    • Original and updated personal bank statements for last six months

    Time Required: 15 Working Days

    About Corsica

    Corsica is an island positioned in the Mediterranean Sea and is one of the 18 districts of France. It is sited west of the Italian Peninsula and southeast of the French mainland, with the nearest land mass being the Italian island of Sardinia to the immediate south. A single chain of mountains makes up two-thirds of the island.

    Places to Visit in Corsica

    Calanques de Piana

    Trail the coastal road south-west of Porto to Piana to see an almost dreamlike world of weather-carved pink granite, an other-worldly landscape of bizarrely shaped red figures, often tumbling dramatically into the turquoise sea beneath. Some of the theatrical rocks plunge towards the sea underneath; others stand poised high above at altitudes up to 300 metres, all are captivating and stunning, with the sea serving as the perfect backdrop.

    Cap Corse

    Prodding like a giant finger from Corsica’s north-eastern corner, the Cap Corse peninsula is a sight to behold and world apart. It is easily seen in a day-trip from Bastia, but travellers can spend their whole holiday exploring its different sides.The east coast, with its systematic green hills, charming little ports and gorgeous beaches, has a dreamy feel, while the west, across the rocky central spine, is much more theatrical.

    Lavezzi Archipelago

    The Lavezzi Islands are a collection of small islands and reefs lying 6 miles (10km) south-east of Bonifacio. The granite rocks, light-coloured sand and a series of small creeks with intense blue colour are as gorgeous as the finest tropical destinations. Snorkelers will have no reluctance in diving into the crystal-clear waters and explore their superb corals and sea beds that are home to hundreds of fishes.

    Musée Fesch

    In the heart of Ajaccio lies Palais Fesch, and in that construction is the Musée Fesch exhibiting the painting collection amassed by Cardinal Joseph Fesch (1763-1839), Napoleon's maternal uncle and archbishop of Lyons, the primate of the Gauls, a great art lover and an important patron. Fesch desired to found an Institute of Arts and Sciences in his native town, and to that end, he bequeathed Ajaccio a thousand paintings from his astonishing collection, which at his demise numbered more than 17,000, of which 16,000 were paintings. Of this extraordinary private collection devoted mostly to Italian painting – one of the largest ever to exist – all that remnants today are the paintings on show in this museum. The Cardinal also sold some of the works, and his solitary inheritor Joseph Bonaparte did the same, with the result that the collection no longer contains some of the Giottos, Mantegnas, Raphaels or Rembrandts that it once did.

    How to Reach Corsica

    Tourism in Corsica has witnessed a sudden boom in the past few years. Corsica witnesses a lot of tourist activity and is connected to all major airports. The island has four airports - Calvi, Bastia, Figari and Ajaccio. Top airlines offering connectivity to this beautiful island include Jet Airways, Air France, Alitalia, TAP - Air Portugal and more.

    Travelling in Corsica

    Though the best way to cover all of Corsica is by walking, car rental is another popular option to visit the famous tourist places in Corsica. There is no unified bus system in the island, but many private companies with various schedules offer their services to the tourists. Mini-vans run across the island and are efficient. These vans travel along the main routes, however, they do not travel to the interior. Riding a scooter around Corsica is another exciting option, as it offers an up-close-and-personal involvement with the area, especially the coastal roads and lovely beaches.

  • Cambodia Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

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    Indian Embassy in Cambodia

    Embassy of India
    No.50, Street No. 214, Samdech Pan Ave.,
    Sangkat Boeung Raing, Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh
    Contact No: (+855-23) 210912 / 210913

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to Cambodia

    The following documents are required to get a Cambodian visa:

    • Original Passport which is valid for 6 months after leaving Cambodia
    • Confirmed air ticket
    • Confirmed hotel reservation

    Visa Processing Time - 3 to 5 Working days

    About Cambodia

    Officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, this country is situated in the southern portion of the Indo-China Peninsula. The Angkor Wat historical park in Siem Reap province, the beaches in Sihanoukville and the capital city Phnom Penh are the main tourist attractions in Cambodia. The country offers tropical beaches, colonial buildings and abundance of natural attractions. The divergent facets of the kingdom provoke both the serious and casual travellers, who are always fascinated and sometimes perplexed by its mysteries.

    The best tourist spots to visit in Cambodia

    • Preah Vihear: Preah Vihear is a Khmer temple situated at the top of a 525-meter (1,722 ft) cliff in the Dangrek Mountains, on the border between Thailand and Cambodia.
    • Sihanoukville: Also known as Kampong Som, Sihanoukville is a port city and beach resort located on the Gulf of Thailand.The main attraction consists of the white-sand beaches and several tropical islands.
    • Tonle Sap: Tonle Sap is the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia and one of the greatest points of interest in the country. From November to May, the Tonle Sap drains into the Mekong River at Phnom Penh. However, when the year’s heavy rains begin in June, the flow of the Tonle Sap changes directions, and an expansive lake is formed.
    • Silver Pagoda: Located within the Royal Palace compound in Phnom Penh, the Silver Pagoda houses many national treasures such as jewelled Buddha statues made of gold. Most notable is a small 17th-century baccarat crystal Buddha (the Emerald Buddha of Cambodia) and a life-sized gold Maitreya Buddha decorated with 9584 diamonds.
    • Kratie: It is a tiny town situated on the banks of the Mekong River and is dominated by a central marketplace, surrounded by old French colonial buildings. Plenty of backpackers gather here during the peak season. Rare Irrawaddy dolphins can also be found here.
    • Koh Ker: Koh Ker was the capital of the Khmer empire from the year 928 to 944 AD. Spectacular buildings and sculptures can be seen here. Prasat Thom is a 30 meter (98 ft) tall temple pyramid rising high above the surrounding jungle, and a giant Garuda (mythical half-man, half-bird creature) guards the top.
    • Banteay Srei: Officially part of the Angkor complex, Banteay Srei, is built mostly of red sandstone, it lies 25 km north-east of the main group of temples, and it is often considered a separate Cambodian attraction.
    • Bayon Temple:It is one of the most famous places in Cambodia. The Bayon Temple has over 200 massive stone faces looking in all directions. The curious smiling faces are astounding imageries of Angkor.
    • Angkor Wat:Angkor Wat or the "City Temple", built in the 12th century, is the most magnificent and largest of all Angkor temples. The temple’s balance, composition and beauty make it one of the most beautiful monuments in the world.

    How to Reach Cambodia from India

    Tourists can travel to this place by booking flights with international airlines that fly to the Phnom Penh International Airport or the Siem Reap International Airport. Travellers from India can reach Cambodia by boarding flights, available from major Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Some of the other Indian cities that are connected to Cambodia by regular flights are Ahmedabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum. Major airlines that operate from India to Cambodia include Bangkok Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Air Asia and Silk Air.

    Best time to Visit

    November - March is the best time to visit Cambodia. If you prefer to avoid the crowd and want to visit when prices are lower, the best time to visit Cambodia will be from May to early October. Cambodia is warm throughout the year with temperatures rarely dipping below 20°C.

  • Bangkok Travel Guide: Best Places & Time to Visit, Delicacies

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in Bangkok

    Embassy of India
    42nd Floor (75/32-33, 20th Floor for Consular, Passport and Visa Services)
    Ocean Tower 2, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey, Wattana
    Bangkok – 10110
    Contact No.: (662) 2580300-6

    Visa Process for Indian Visitors to Bangkok

    The following documents are required to get a visa to Bangkok, Thailand

    • Original passport valid for 6 months from the date of arrival in Thailand
    • Confirmed air tickets with E-ticket Number
    • Proof of funds to cover the stay (10,000 Baht per individual in case of Visa on Arrival)
    • Confirmed hotel bookings

    Bangkok – The capital city of Thailand it is a place full of vibrancy. It is very popular for its ornate shrines, rich temple display and phenomenal street life. It is very popular for its ornate shrines, rich temple display and phenomenal street life. Bangkok offers tourists a mixture of traditional culture and the de rigueur of the modern life. From various shopping destinations to mouth-watering cuisines this city offers the trip of a lifetime.

    Here are Some of the Best Tourist Places in Bangkok

    • Wat Pho, popularly called the Reclining Buddha Temple, is the largest and the oldest temple in Bangkok. The complex of the temple houses the largest image collection of Buddha, including its main attraction the large reclining Buddha statue.
    • Next to the temple complex is the Grand Palace located on Rattanakosin Island. It is one of the most famous places in Bangkok. The grand complex was once the official residence of the King from the late 17th century.
    • Emerald Buddha is one of the city’s historic temple and is also close to the Grand Palace complex. Its prime attraction is the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew) from the 14th century.
    • Another famous temple is the - Wat Arun, which is also known as the ‘temple of Dawn’. It is located on the Chao Phraya River.
    • Shopping is one of the most preferred things to do in Bangkok. And, the destination for it is the Central World. This 8-floor complex is a shopper’s paradise and has plenty of options to entertain its visitors.
    • Bangkok’s mass transit, or the MRT, is excellent and is rated as one of the famous tourist places in Bangkok. It has been running since December 1999 and is today considered equivalent of a city landmark. Enjoy the pleasurable ride at least once.
    • A trip to Bangkok is incomplete without a visit to the city’s biggest aquarium- SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. It is a fun-filled family destination. There is an underwater ocean tunnel; glass-floor shark wall, and various fish and marine creatures to observe, watch and enjoy the marine life with the kids in-tow.
    • Chinatown is Bangkok’s busiest and the most vibrant district. Many interesting activities take place here including dragon parades, street dances and the sky lighting firecrackers.

    How to Reach Bangkok from India

    Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as the Bangkok International Airport, is one of two international airports in Bangkok. The quickest way to reach Bangkok from India is to take a flight from any of the major cities of India. The duration of the shortest flight is about 4 hours 15 minutes.

    How to Travel (All Location)

    To travel in Bangkok, one needs to board the BTS ‘SkyTrain’ and use the MRT attached to the subways and the metro. The public transport system of the city is par excellence. Certain tourist destinations like the Royal Palace may require shuffling at SkyTrain stations, depending upon where you are boarding from. Take the SkyTrain to the boat terminal near the Saphan Taksin station and then get on the Chao Phraya Express Boat to reach the Grand Palace. Use the SkyTrain Sukhumvit Line and de-board at exit 9. Walk the sky bridge to Gaysorn Plaza and just across the road to the CentralWorld. De-board at Siam Station for SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. The best way to reach Chinatown is by boat (Chao Phraya River Express).

    Best time to Visit

    Bangkok has a tropical climate making it a popular year-round destination. In the summers the temperature remains high, but due to the Thai New Year (Songkran), you can see a flock of tourists around. There are sudden occurrences of rain that provide relief from the summer heat. Tourists can enjoy boat cruises, mall shopping and a good old poolside relaxation after the rains. May to October is regarded as Bangkok’s low season so that tourists can fetch good deals and exciting offers on various products and hotels. If interested in shopping mid-June to mid-August is the best time to visit Bangkok as the markets offer the ‘Amazing Grand Sale’ during this period. November to March is the peak season for tourist visit in Bangkok.

  • Addu City Travel Guide

    by User Not Found | Jan 11, 2022

    Indian Embassy in Addu City

    Embassy of India

    Address: Athireege Aage, Ameeru Ahmed Magu, Henveiru, Male - 20125

    Working Hours:9.00 AM to 11 PM (Sunday to Thursday)

    Contact No.: (00960) 3323015, 3323016

    Visa Process for Indians

    Indian citizens do not require a Visa to travel to the Maldives. Indian citizens are only required to carry their passports, voter ID card, accommodation proof, and sufficient foreign exchange to travel to the Maldives.

    About Addu City

    Addu City is the second most densely populated islands in the Maldives, also making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Maldives. Since this place has a long chain of history, it makes it essential for any exploratory tourist to pay this stunning destination a quick visit and savour the wonder for themselves.

    Top Places to Visit in Addu City

    • Gan island - The first place which the travellers reach when visiting the city is Gan island. Home to the International Airport of the Atoll, this particular island is an amazing destination which depicts the island’s long history. The history primarily involves it previously being home to British naval, a cinema which was in operation in the past as well as airbase plus clothing factories. Ruins from the British era and other important monuments are some of the places to explore. Apart from the airport, the other places to visit here include Equator Village resort, monuments made in memory as well as a mosque.
    • The Bonda Badi -This British memorial is one of the most tangible places to visit in Addu City. The Bonda Badi is one place which reflects a lot about how the scenario in Addu was back in 1965 before it gained complete independence. Until 26th June 1965, Maldives was completely under the empowerment of the British government, and apparently, the ‘Bonda Badi’ is the spirit of all there is left of the era.
    • British Base Area – This place is the memorial area where the British has their military base. This is a must visit place for people who like to visit spots which have historical significance.
    • Link Road – The Link Road is the longest road which exists in the entire Maldives. And just indulging in a long walk by the link road itself is spectacular. This road has a unique charm to it which you would not experience elsewhere in the Maldives.
    • Koattey – Being a treat to the eyes of a tourist, a part of the Koattey area is protected by the government to conserve the live species as well as natural beauty found on the site. Some of the significant sites found here include a big freshwater lake, a surf break, and a gravesite. A tale about the freshwater pond in Koattey is one of the major things that makes it appealing to visitors. Apparently, it was believed that fairies used to visit this stunning lake to take a bath in it.
    • Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo - These two islands which are separated from the rest have some remarkable historical ruins to explore. A historical gravesite and a well from the early days are few of the attractions to see in these islands. Apart from that, there also are plenty of spots to explore on bikes.
    • Ranin Hanaa Fennganda –Considered as one of the most prehistoric assets of the island, Ranin Hanaa Fennganda is a must visit place in the Maldives. Although it is not considered safe to go near this area, a close sight surely can be very enthralling for thrill-seekers. One of the significant things is that this lake does not consist of salt water. Many individuals also believe that this was where the early queens of the island bathed, and some paranormal things were sighted here.

    How to Reach Addu City

    Flights from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Cochin reach the Male airport. Some of the most popular carriers are Air India, Spicejet, and Jet Airways. Apart from the flights reaching the Male airport, International flights to India are also operational from Hanimaadhoo International Airport which is situated in Haa Dhaalu Atoll, Hanimaadhoo island.

    Best Time to Visit Addu City

    Home to some of the best sun-kissed beaches, Maldives is a tropical island that experiences a dry spell, 'Iruvai', between the months of December and April. On the other hand, it experiences a wet spell, known as ‘Hulhangu’, from the months between May and November. There is a very small change in the temperature between the two seasons. The dry season is characterized by clear skies, calm sea, bright sun, as well as only sporadic rainfall at times. This makes Addu City an ideal destination for snorkelling, sun bathing, and scuba diving. This time is also comparatively more expensive because it’s the peak season. For surfing enthusiasts, the ideal time to visit the Maldives is during the monsoon when there exists torrential rainfall and when the seas are rough. The place also experiences occasional bright days there. Budget tourists planning a trip to Addu City can visit during this time since resorts offer attractive offers and packages.

    Things to Pack

    Packing the essentials products like clothes and footwears usually depends on what the weather conditions are like in Addu City. Here is a list of some of the travel essentials one must never forget to pack:

    • Sunscreen
    • Earplugs
    • First Aid Kit
    • Important documents such as travel insurance policy


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