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  • Over Speed Challan in Delhi: Payment by E-Challan, Check Offence

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    You are already aware of the increasing number of deaths occurring as a result of road accidents in India. The capital of the country, Delhi, is also catching up with these rising figures.

    Road Accidents in Delhi

    The statistics released by the Delhi Traffic Police reveals that road accident deaths in Delhi has increased in 2018 compared to 2017.

    2018 1584
    2017 1690

    In 2018, the deaths by road accident increased by 6.69% in comparison to 2017.

    Road Accidents in Delhi in 2016

    6724 5842 1375

    Road Accidents Due to Over Speeding in Delhi in 2016

    1696 1615 318

    These figures, although quite scary, speak for itself. It is quite clear that the increasing occurrence of road accidents in Delhi is really alarming. The deaths and injuries caused as a result of traffic violations due to over speeding in Delhi is also on the higher end.

    Insurance of Vehicle Is Vital

    Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the injured and the heir of an individual, dead by road accident, can claim compensation from the owner of the vehicle. Therefore, driving without insurance is a risky proposition.

    To protect oneself from such an eventuality, it is mandatory for the vehicle owner to take out a third party insurance policy, to cover up for any future financial liabilities as a result of such eventualities.

    Other than that, driving without insurance in India is an offence under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If caught by the authorities, you will be levied with a hefty fine.

  • Delhi Traffic Police Challan List

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    Need To Lay Traffic Rules

    India is a developing nation which is emerging at a really fast pace. Industries, Multinational companies, etc. have started to spread their branches all over the nation. Delhi, being the capital of India has become the epicentre of all these growths. This has led to a surge in the population density of the city and also the traffic. Means of transport like Metro rails and train routes have been set up all over the city, still, it is not enough to cater to the needs of 1.9 crore population. Now to deal with such a humongous amount of traffic on the road, every rider needs to abide by some traffic rules and regulations for a smooth transit. Following this set of predefined traffic rules in Delhi, one could avoid the occurrence of major accidents, hence, making the roads safer for both riders and the pedestrians. On traffic rules and traffic violations, the individual will be issued a Delhi RTO challan.

    Traffic Rules, Delhi

    Listed below are some of the major traffic rules Delhi laid by the Ministry of road transport of India. A fine amount will be levied on traffic rules and traffic violations according to traffic rules Delhi.

    • Drive on the left side of the road at all times and let the other vehicles to pass on the lanes to your right.
    • While overtaking a vehicle, always stay on its right side.
    • Do not increase your speed when other vehicles are trying to overtake.
    • Always let the Emergency vehicles go first.
    • Do not stop your vehicle at the Zebra Crossing.
    • Indicators should be used while taking a left turn, a right turn, a U-turn or while parking.
    • Make sure you stop your vehicle when you see a stop line
    • Make sure you possess a valid driver’s license and registration certificate of the vehicle.
    • Driving under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited and is a punishable offence.
    • Use of mobile phone while driving is prohibited.
    • Seat belts need to be worn at all times inside the vehicle.
    • Parking in non demarcated zones is prohibited.
    • Drag racing is prohibited.
    • Lane discipline needs to be followed at all times.
    • Helmets need to be worn by both the rider and pillion rider while riding 2 wheelers.
    • Vehicles should always be driven under the speed limit.

    What Is Traffic Challan?

    A challan is a legal document issued on traffic rules and traffic violations. Delhi Traffic police have the power to issue a Delhi RTO challan to whoever breaks the traffic rules Delhi. On issuance of Delhi RTO challan under your name, you are bound to pay the fine amount mentioned on Delhi RTO challan as per the guidelines set by traffic rules Delhi. Delhi traffic police can now issue a Delhi RTO challan as an electronically generated receipt on rules and traffic violations as per traffic rules Delhi.

    Delhi traffic e-challan helps in maintaining transparency in the system and leaves no scope for kickbacks on traffic rules and traffic violations. On rules and traffic violations by any individual, he or she will have an option to pay Delhi traffic e-challan issued by Delhi RTO challan through online or offline mode.

    Delhi traffic e-challans can be generated using a swiping machine on rules and traffic violations as per guidelines set by traffic rules Delhi. Motor vehicles department of Delhi has deployed an MTP CCTV challan system with the help of CCTV cameras to monitor rules and traffic violations. On traffic rules and traffic violations by any individual, Delhi traffic police can capture the CCTV footage and register it in their records. Personal details could be found out from the individual’s registered vehicle nameplate on rules and traffic violations and a message is sent informing him about the offence he committed and fine that he is bound to pay.

  • Addu City Travel Guide: Delicacies, Best Places & Time to Visit

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    The traffic signs give an indication about the road ahead. The driver should have good knowledge of the traffic signs for safe driving.

    The traffic signs ensure reduction of road disruptions. Nearly all crossroads carry major road signs, which convey important information to the driver about road condition ahead.

    Indian roads have one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. The knowledge of traffic signs ensures safe driving. This understanding of the road signs also cuts down on road accidents considerably.

    Knowledge of Traffic Signs Essential

    Traffic signs give an indication about road conditions and acts as guide for drivers to follow at major intersections, roundabouts or junctions, to make sure that road traffic functions properly. Traffic signs can also be interpreted as road safety signs, which are an integral part while driving on Indian roads.

    To obtain a driving license in India, she or he has to pass a theoretical test which is nothing but a test of the knowledge of the traffic signs.

    Importance of Traffic Signs

    A driver on the Indian roads must seriously know and understand the traffic signs well, alongwith the benefits, that this knowledge it provides.

    • It informs the driver about the correct lane to drive in
    • It ensures discipline on the roads
    • It provides information of the road condition ahead with suitable instructions
    • All information about curves and crossroads ahead
    • Information about the presence of schools and hospitals nearby with speed limits to be maintained while passing such establishments
    • It also points out the entry and exit points
    • It declares the parking areas

    These road safety signs and following them to the letter will ensure smooth flow of traffic and prevent unforeseen accidents.

    Prevailing Condition in India About Traffic Rules

    Inadequate knowledge of the traffic rules and signs on the Indian roads by the driver of a vehicle is the root cause of all traffic related problems.

    In most of the cases the test of traffic signs which a learner undertakes is not sufficient for the purposes of road safety in India. Even after passing such a test, it is found that, the knowledge of the traffics signs in a driver is very low. No doubt that there are so many road accidents in India.

    Implementation of Traffic Laws Must Be Strict

    This waywardness found in the drivers on the Indian roads has to be strictly controlled to curb road accidents.

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has suitably amended the Motor Vehicles Act with steeper fines and stringent deterrent laws to curb road accidents in India.

    This law has to be suitably implemented by the appropriate authorities and with vigilance.

    Some Mandatory Traffic Signs

    There are various types of signs indicating various circumstances on the roads. The mandatory traffic signs try to ensure smooth traffic flow on the roads, the most common being the traffic light signal.

    The traffic light signal regulates the traffic movement on the roads so that, the vehicles can carry out a smooth and safe drive.

    The traffic regulatory authorities design the vehicle movement on the roads of the cities. This design is often carried out by traffic signs such as “STOP”. “NO ENTRY”, “ONE WAY”, "RIGHT TURN PROHIBITED”, “SPEED LIMIT”, ‘NO OVERTAKING”, etc. These signs are to regulate traffic, reduce traffic jams and ensure seamless flow of vehicles in the cities.

    The driver should also know and understand that, breaching the information of these mandatory traffic signs is punishable with steep fines or even the impounding of their driving license.

    Some Cautionary Traffic Signs

    These are cautionary traffic signs cautioning the driver of a probable danger ahead. These traffic signs warn the driver to be more careful on the road ahead. For example, “PEDESTRIAN CROSSING”, “NARROW ROAD AHEAD”, “HAIR PIN BEND”, “ROUND ABOUT”, ‘CROSSING AHEAD” etc. These are road safety signs to help prevent road accidents which may result in injury or death.

  • RTO Registration: How to Register a Vehicle Online & Offline

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022


    Registering your vehicle with the RTO is mandatory. Once registered with the RTO, your vehicle details become a part of huge database. Any time you face certain issues with your vehicle, the RTO office provides a wide range of services.

    When should one register with the RTO?

    Anyone buying a car should immediately register with the RTO. One can get a temporary registration immediately after buying a car. A permanent registration can be taken within a month after buying a vehicle. Also buy car insurance as it protects you from the claim arising out of the accidents involving third parties.

    What is a temporary RTO number?

    The RTO officer gives a new vehicle a temporary RTO number. It looks the same as a permanent number but has the alphabets “TR” or the word “TEMP” written in bold.

    How to get the temporary RTO number?

    There are two ways to get a temporary number:

    • The dealership which issues the car also provides you the temporary RTO number. This is usually obtained within a few hours after the purchase of a vehicle.
    • You will need to fill the RTO form. Along with that you need to attach the following documents.

    - Copy of Address Proof
    - Copy of insurance certificate
    - Copy of sales certificate Form 21
    - Pollution under control certificate.
    - Temporary registration form C.R.Tem.
    - Copy of roadworthiness certificate (22 and 22A)

    • There is another way to get a temporary RTO number. It is through the online method. You can use vahan portal ( to register the RTO number.

    Information services registration services temporary registration etc.

    How to get the permanent RTO number?

    • The owner has to fill and submit the application form or Form 20 to the registering authority
    • In case, the owner of the vehicle has obtained a temporary registration number of the vehicle, the permanent registration number must be obtained before the temporary registration number expires (usually one month).
    • If the procedure of permanent registration of the vehicle requires hypothecation, then the owner has to produce the necessary documents
    • Next step involves the owner selecting the permanent registration number for the motor vehicle.
    • The owner has to decide the usage of HSRP/smart card that is required.
    • Next, the owner of the vehicle that is to be registered has to pay the fees applicable as per Rule 81 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule, 1989. The fees levied by the registering authority will depend on the type and series of permanent registration number selected and the usage of HSRP/smart card by the owner.

    How to get the permanent RTO number via the online method?

    • You can use vahan portal to register the RTO number.

    Information services registration servicespermanent registration etc.

    Other services provided by Vahan: There are multiple other uses of Vahan portal as well. It can be used to get a renewal permit, fitness certificate, transfer of ownership of vehicles, etc.

  • Delhi Traffic Rules And Violations

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    Traffic Rules. Something that all of us are expected to follow unconditionally because following them saves our lives. Traffic Rules Violations. Something all of us do, despite knowing that we are risking our own lives by doing so. The national capital, Delhi, has more than 7.35 million cars. However, traffic rules or rather following traffic rules has never been Delhi’s strong suit. Between 16th to 31st August 2019, 3,48,272 challans were issued in Delhi. Prior to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, traffic violations in Delhi were soaring. The Delhi RTO had to do something about it.

    In India, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents. That’s about 400 fatalities a day and far higher than developed auto markets like the US, which in 2016 logged about 40,000.

    Road rage starts from things like illegal or improper lane changing, excessive speeding or driving on the wrong side of the road. The government is attempting to curb the road rage on Indian roads, caused by everything from speeding two-wheelers to cars not equipped with airbags. Make sure you have two wheeler insurance as it protects you with uncertain events.

    On September 1, the government implemented the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, having 63 clauses to manage some of the most common traffic violations in the country.

    Every citizen should know about these new changes in the traffic rules and regulations regardless of whether they are driving or not. Despite constant efforts by Delhi Regional Transport Office (Delhi RTO) and Delhi traffic Police, there have been numerous traffic rule violations in the national capital. These might just be cases of ill informed citizens, who are unaware of the RTO rules in Delhi.

    Here is a list of offences and revised penalties

    1.General penalty

    • First offence fine: up to Rs.500
    • Second offence fine: up to Rs. 1,500

    2.Driving without a licence.

    In case you are found driving any vehicle without a proper license card you will now have to pay a challan of Rs 5,000.

    3.Driving without a helmet:

    Driving a two-wheeler without a helmet puts the passengers at major risk and will fetch you a fine of Rs 1,000 and suspend the driver's license for 3 months.

    4.Driving without a seat belt :

    Whether you are sitting in front or driving or even sitting at the rear seat, you will have to give a challan Rs.1,000 to the Delhi traffic Police if found without the seat belt strapped on. Additionally, a 2 Hour Counselling Session will also be required to be taken from the designated Traffic Police Official on the Importance of a Seat Belt while travelling in a motor vehicle.

    5.Violation of air pollution standards(emitting excessive black smoke on the roads):

    With the rising levels of pollution in the capital and people becoming more and more prone to lung diseases and having breathing problems, it is imperative that everyone gets their cars checked for pollution. Delhi RTO is trying to ensure that this happens. As per the traffic rules in Delhi :

    Driving without getting your car checked for pollution will cost you Rs. 10,000 and driving without a PUC(pollution certificate) copy will fetch you a fine of Rs 1,000.

    6.Jumping red lights

    Jumping red lights is one of the most common traffic violations. Apparently, this is the one traffic rule in Delhi or elsewhere which people have trouble adhering to, even though all it requires you to do is to be patient.

    Accidents caused by drivers who ran red lights killed 939 people in 2017, the most recent year crash data was recorded, a 28% increase since 2012, according to the AAA.

    The fine for jumping a red light is Rs.1,000.

  • Red Light Jump Challan In Delhi

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    If you are getting late, the easy solution seems to be to simply jump a red light. At least this is what the motorists in Delhi seem to be thinking. After all everyone is doing it and the red light cross fine in Delhi is only Rs 100. There was no real downside to breaking the red light signal in Delhi – the red light cross fine in Delhi least of all. The deterrent of a red light jump challan in Delhi was non-existent.

    NOT ANYMORE. Delhi has been noting a spike in incidents of red light skipping which has put many motorists in danger. The heart breaking incident of three Indian Air Force personnel, who lost their lives due to another driver jumping a signal and ramming into their vehicle, has finally shocked the Delhi RTO enough to look into the signal break fine.

    The Delhi RTO has made two drastic changes. One, the red light jumping is to be treated as dangerous driving and Two, the corresponding red light cross fine in Delhi has been raised to Rs.1000/-.

    This drastic change in treatment by the Delhi RTO is because of the realization that jumping a red light is far from being a harmless little mistake and causes real loss of lives. They have also realized that an increase in the signal jump fine or the signal break fine is the only real way of tackling this issue.

  • How to Apply for a Duplicate RC Book

    by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2022

    A registration certificate carries the same significance as that of a driving license. A registration certificate proves that you have registered your vehicle with the RTO. Once an RC (registration certificate) gets lost, you will have to quickly get a duplicate RC.

    Getting a duplicate RC (registration certificate) Book follows the same steps as getting a duplicate driving license. Following a few steps will help you get your duplicate RC Book within no time.

    What are the steps to follow to get a duplicate Registration Certificate Book?

    There are two main ways to get a duplicate RC Book: one way is the offline method and the other way is the online method.

    How to get a duplicate Registration Certificate Book via the offline method?

    There are a few major steps to be followed.

    • File an FIR with the local police station: This should be the first step once you have lost your RC Book. File a complaint with the local police. Mention everything about the vehicle: the make and model, owner details, chassis number, engine number, and registration number. Take 5 or 6 copies of the FIR and take it with you to the local RTO office.
    • Visit a local RTO centre and get an RC extract. First let us understand what is an RC extract. A citizen can get vehicle owner's information (RC-Extract) about registered transport vehicles, as well as, driving license through any of the RTO centres spread across the state.
    • File an application for a duplicate RC. You can do this along with application of form 26. What is form 26?
    • You need to get your vehicle financier to attest that you have purchased the vehicle on loan.
    • Choose the type of vehicle you are applying for: two-wheeler or 4-wheeler
    • Apply for an bike insurance if you don’t have one. Your application for a duplicate RC can depend heavily on the insurance you have. So, also make sure it isn’t expiring or has already expired.

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