ICICI Lombard international travel insurance lets you plan your ideal holiday without any worries about unforeseen events. Offering a wide range of benefits to suit every individual's need, it provides for your trip’s safety as well as care for your loved ones back home.

Considering the currency exchange rate and differences in standard of living between India and other foreign nations, unexpected medical expenses abroad can prove to be a nightmare and even burn a hole in your pocket. However, ICICI Lombard extends support during these worries with benefits such as worldwide cashless hospitalisation, personal liability cover, and compensation for total loss of checked-in baggage.

Travel insurance is mandatory visa requirement if you are travelling to Finland. ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance is Schengen-approved.

The snow-covered forests coupled with spectacular Northern Lights make Finland one of those magical storybook places that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. The perfect mix of its impossibly picturesque natural beauty and the cutting-edge design of its modern architecture transform a trip to Finland into a magical experience.

Enjoy your travel to the deep northern beauty of Finland with the safety net ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance offers.

Benefits of Travel Insurance in Finland

No Medical Tests Required for Availing the Policy

No Medical Tests Required up to 85 Years of Age


Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide


Political Risk and Catastrophe Evacuation


Value Added Services for Dependents in India


Daily Allowance in Case of Hospitalisation


Coverage for Personal Accident


Coverage for Dental Treatment

Things to Do in Finland

Finland Building

Finland offers a gamut of interesting places and enchanting destinations that can make your heart rush. Whether you are travelling solo or with your loved ones, make sure not to miss:

  • The Northern Lights

    Finland offers one of the best views of the Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights. The wilderness and windswept beauty of Lapland adds to the mythical charm of this powerfully unique natural phenomenon.

  • The Lively Culture

    Finland is known for its Savonlinna Opera Festival, which is hosted in the covered courtyard of Olavinlinna Castle usually around the months of June to August. The excitement buzzing through the town during the time of this festival, not to mention the sumptuous post-show feasts, is enough reason to visit this far north!

    Most of its towns and cities boast of modern architecture and lifestyle complete with cosy pubs, roadside cafés and sophisticated lounges. If shopping happens to be on your travel agenda, then make sure to visit the innovative design shops in Helsinki to get your hands on unique artefacts.

    Lazy days spent at waterside cottages, visiting the bountiful farmer's market, art exhibitions, lake cruises – there is no dearth of fun experiences here.

  • The Soul-stirring Wilderness

    Each season lends a special beauty to the landscapes of Finland. Winter blankets the snow-covered frozen lakes, pine trees, and rustic homes in a pristine hush. It truly becomes a winter wonderland complete with snowmobiles, a team of sled-carrying dogs and reindeers!

    Summer brings its own magic as the country bursts into life and folks step out as a community to celebrate the bounty of nature. Participate in the festivals, exhibitions and events to enjoy merriment and exhilaration.

    In the end though, it doesn't matter which season you choose to visit Finland, there is just something about its wilderness that invokes a profound calming effect. Try out hiking, ice fishing, skiing, camping or even nature trails to complete the experience.

Embassy Information

Being aware of the location of your home embassy can prove to be a big help in different situations, like loss of identification, medical emergencies or any other kind of crises.

The details for the Embassy of India are given below:

Embassy Address Contact Details Working Hours Website
The Embassy of India Kulosaarentie 32, 00570 Helsinki, Finland 358 (0)9 228 99 10 Monday–Friday (8:30 AM–5:00 PM) Email:

List of International Airports in Finland

Airport Location
Tampere Pirkkala Airport Tampere
Oulu Airport Oulu
Joensuu Airport Joensuu
Kruunupyy Airport Kokkola/Pietarsaari
Helsinki vantaa Airport Vantaa
Kuopio Airport Kuopio
Kittila Airport Kittila
Turku Airport Turku
Turku Airport Turku
Kuusamo Airport Kuusamo
Kuusamo Airport Kuusamo
Ivalo Airport Ivalo
Mariehamn Airport Mariehamn
Rovaniemi Airport Rovaniemi
Pori Airport Pori
Vaasa Airport Vaasa

Schengen Visa Procedure

To apply for Schengen Visa or Finland Visa:

  • Submit your application to the embassy or consulate of the Schengen state you intend to visit.
  • If you intend to visit more than one Schengen state, you should submit your application to the embassy or consulate of the Schengen state that will be your main destination. For example, if Finland is your main destination, submit your application to a Finnish embassy or consulate.
  • If you intend to spend an equal length of time in several Schengen states, you should submit your application to the embassy or consulate of the Schengen state that you will arrive in first.
  • A Schengen visa application must generally be submitted at least 15 working days before the intended visit. You will need the following documents:
    1. Passport or other travel document, issued within the last ten years
    2. Completed and signed Schengen visa application form
    3. Photographs
    4. Travel health insurance coverage within Finland, and the entire Schengen area
    5. Cover letter stating the purpose of visit to Finland and itinerary
    6. Flight Itinerary with dates and flight numbers specifying entry and exit from Finland
    7. Hotel booking for the whole duration of the intended stay in Finland
    8. Proof of civil status (marriage certificate, birth/ death certificate of children or spouse)
    9. Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay
  • Pay visa fee if you submit the application at an embassy or consulate, or a service fee if you submit your application at the offices of an external service provider.
  • Your application will be processed in the embassy or consulate and you can be contacted for an interview, if necessary.
  • Even after you are issued the visa, make sure that you carry copies of the documents you submitted when you applied for the visa. This will help make the border control procedure easier and avoid delays.

Embassy information for Finland is listed below:

Embassy Address Contact Details Working Hours Website/Email
Embassy of Finland E-3, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021 011 4149 7500 Monday–Friday (10:00 AM–4:00PM)

List of Well-known Indian Restaurants in Finland

While you may like to experiment the Finnish cuisine, vegetarians can find it hard to get variety in Finland, where most dishes include meat or fish. Here are some popular Indian restaurants where you are bound to get a flavour of India.

Restaurant Cuisines Budget*
Everest, Helsinki Indian ` 1,006 – 1,945
Nanda Devi, Tampere Indian ` 671 – 2,012
Delhi Darbar, Turku Indian ` 1,006 – 1,342
Indian Cuisine, Oulu Indian ` 1,073 – 2,616
Indiana Curry, Lappeenranta Indian ` 268 – 1,811
Ravintola Basecamp, Helsinki Indian, Nepalese ` 604 – 1,878
Source: TripAdvisor
*Rates are merely indicative and are subject to change based on change in conversion rates.

Customer Reviews


Gaurav Bedi

Visited Finland a few weeks back with my wife. But as soon as we reached the hotel, I discovered that the pouch containing all our travel money was lost! We would be in a complete fix but due to ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance, we got the benefit of Emergency Cash Advance. We are really thankful for ICICI Lombard’s prompt and friendly service.


Bhagyashree Joshi

I have been frequently travelling to Schengen countries over the years but this was my first visit to Austria. On my last day, I had a train to catch and having reached the station late, I ran, slipped and dislocated my shoulder. I felt helpless and panicky. Once I calmed down, I informed ICICI Lombard about my condition and they promptly helped me out; would highly recommend ICICI Lombard to friends.


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