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Travel Insurance

Customer Reviews

R.K. Verma

  |   12 Oct 2017

The advisor was an excellent person with deep knowledge of the subject. Helped and resolved all my issues. I am glad talking with her. Wish great success in her life.

Ajit Amoria

  |   12 Oct 2017

What started as a simple query on your website, turned into an actual policy purchase because of the expertise shown by your policy advisor. He helped me understand all policy details and also guided me through the online purchase process to complete the transaction. Thanks and best wishes for your future.

Anuja Bhide

  |   11 Oct 2017

It gives me great pleasure interacting with the policy advisor. He was friendly and had all the information ready without having to refer to his notes again and again by putting me on hold. I was delighted with the service. Wishing him all the best.

Ashish Gaurav

  |   10 Oct 2017

This is a note of appreciation for the policy advisor who assisted me with complete and detailed information for a Travel Insurance for France...he was good in knowledge, very polite and supportive ..we had around 40 minutes conversation and his assistance was much appreciated...To be very honest I am writing this review in person and not under any influence, because of his kind nature I have taken the policy from ICICI Lombard. Cheers Buddy keep the good work..God Bless.

Poonam Mathur

  |   10 Oct 2017

I took overseas medical insurance from ICICI Lombard for my mom and dad. The policy was advised and processed by a policy advisor and I am very satisfied and glad with her help and effort for giving me a good policy and the full procedure was carried out very professionally, politely and efficiently.

Krishnaa Prakash

  |   09 Oct 2017

I am more than happy to let you know that I was very impressed with the way your advisor talked and assisted me through the whole thing. He was very patient and sounded really pleasant too. He answered every query I had about the insurance and assisted me in every way possible.

Swati Cowshish

  |   09 Oct 2017

Spoke with a very pleasant and friendly policy advisor regarding travel insurance. He explained all the details and also helped me understand the online application process. Bought policy online while on the call itself. Thanks for your help.

Nisha Cahudhary

  |   08 Oct 2017

Really had a friendly experience with customer service advisor. He has been very patient and helpful and the whole online purchase process went so smooth and quickly. Thank you so much.

H. Satish

  |   07 Oct 2017

I would like to express my experience in interacting with a policy advisor. She is quite knowledgeable, has good manners, patient, courteous. It was a pleasure to interact with her. Thank you ICICI Lombard for setting such great examples of service and support.

Devraj Singh Tomer

  |   06 Oct 2017

Policy advisor had strong knowledge of various features and aspects of the policy. He explained properly and online assistance was good that helped me getting the required policy with ease.

Nabajyoti Borah

  |   05 Oct 2017

I faced a couple of issues during purchase of online travel policy so called up the support team. Got connected with probably one of your best people who not only explained me why I was facing the issues but also guided me through the entire process. Thanks and keep it up.

Karthik Kannan

  |   04 Oct 2017

The advisor had good communication skills and clear understanding of products and prompt customer handling. A big thanks to him for helping me purchase my travel insurance policy.

Uttam Mohan Sirur

  |   03 Oct 2017

I found your telephone helpline employee extremely helpful and polite during the process of booking my travel insurance. My best wishes to him.

Amar Gomase

  |   02 Oct 2017

Very nice service provided by your employee. He provided all the information I needed to make up my mind about buying the policy. I really appreciate his service. Thanks and all the best.

Prapulla Chandra

  |   02 Oct 2017

This feedback is especially for the customer service advisor who was been continuously working on my travel policy extension and following up with me religiously. Her knowledge about various aspects of the policy is just amazing. Thanks for the help and keep up the good work.

Anil Menon

  |   01 Oct 2017

I booked travel insurance for my parents through the customer service center and got in touch with a policy advisor. He was amazing, provided me with all the necessary information and also got back to me when I couldn't get hold of him the second time we talked. I would like to thank him for all his help and wish him the best in his career.

Sanjay Arora

  |   30 Sep 2017

The customer support executive was of great help putting this policy. He gave all the necessary information even after buying the same. I give him 10/10

Athar Alam

  |   29 Sep 2017

I got my travel insurance online in very convenient way with the help of policy advisor. It’s always pleasure to take insurance through ICICI Lombard. I will recommend all my relatives and friends to go through you only.

Cijo Joy

  |   28 Sep 2017

The advisor was extremely helpful. She went extra mile of staying back even after her shift and helping me with the travel insurance. Very much appreciate that. Good customer service and was very happy with the service provided by her. Will surely recommend the product to others as well. Please pass this information to her and her team. Good job folks and keep it up. Thanks

Shirish Limaye

  |   27 Sep 2017

The helpline executive was extremely friendly, polite, and explained all the policy details very well. I appreciate her patience and help. Thank you.

Naveen N.

  |   26 Sep 2017

The advisor provided an excellent service in getting my travel insurance. Thanks a ton to him for great service. Hope to see same level of support and expertise in the future too. Best wishes to you and ICICI Lombard.

Nusrat Sayeed

  |   26 Sep 2017

The advisor was good and a skilled person as well as had communication skill. Which enabled her to explain the policy such that customer would understand better. Thanks for helping me buy the policy online using the website.


  |   25 Sep 2017

Hello! Hope this reviews finds you well. Support and call handling is extremely well. She has the "knowing" really required what to talk and what not to talk. Really catchy with the requirements. Needless to say she is a valuable asset to the company. I wish the representative all the best and to be successful for all endeavor. Cheers!

Naveen Biradar

  |   25 Sep 2017

My interaction with the advisor was great. She provided me with all the benefits of the plan. And helped me to select the platinum plan for the international travel. Thank you.

Rahul Chandra

  |   25 Sep 2017

The booking of my travel insurance was done smoothly and clarity regarding policy was there with the policy advisor. Thanks for booking policy for us.

M. Jayachandran

  |   24 Sep 2017

A very helpful guy from your customer service team helped me in closing the purchase of travel insurance policy. Thanks and best wishes for his future and to ICICI Lombard as well.

Sharad Muktidoot

  |   23 Sep 2017

We got our UK/Schengen and US travel insurance policies. We were handled by your agent in polite and efficient manner.

Sharad Muktidoot

  |   23 Sep 2017

We got our UK/Schengen and US travel policies online from the website. We were handled by the ICICI Lombard policy advisor in polite and efficient manner.

Yatindra Kumar Gupta

  |   22 Sep 2017

The advisor helped me through for getting our Travel Insurance over a phone call. He was very helpful and fully guided me and satisfied me with all my queries with lot of patience. We put our appreciation on record.


  |   21 Sep 2017

Your customer agent was very helpful and warm. Want to thank her for helping me to purchase my first travel insurance policy! Overall it was a good experience.

Jeetu Dadlani

  |   21 Sep 2017

Was facing some issue with my online policy purchase. Got in touch with your advisor and she helped through the entire process in a very short amount of time. Must say I am very impressed and this has to be one of the best customer service experience I have ever had.

Susheelendra Upadhya

  |   21 Sep 2017

I received great service from the advisor. There were lots of issues with the plans & payment (IT Issues) which she resolved quickly and helped me get travel insurance online for my wife. Thank you for your service and keep up your good work. Hope ICICI Lombard will recognise their advisor for being so good at work.

Suresh L.N.

  |   20 Sep 2017

The support given by your advisor was excellent. She was courteous, informative and cleared all my doubts in one go and without any hassles I could get my travel policy online in a few minutes of interaction. I place on record my sincere appreciation for the service rendered by ICICI Lombard.

Amanjot Singh Sekhon

  |   19 Sep 2017

The customer service advisor was a wonderful guy, explained all the travel insurance policy details perfectly. I was not confused at any part of the conversation. Thank you team ICICI Lombard.

Suresh L.N.

  |   19 Sep 2017

The support given by the customer service executive was excellent. She was courteous, informative and cleared all my doubts in one go and without any hassles I could get my policy online in a few minutes of interaction. I place on record my sincere appreciation for the service rendered by her.

Prachi Sharma

  |   18 Sep 2017

Your team has been extremely helpful while I was struggling. Your agent guided me through 2 policies for my mother and husband. I am very happy with his support. Thanks

Prachi Sharma

  |   18 Sep 2017

The support executive was extremely helpful. While I was struggling, he guided me through travel insurance policies for my mother and husband. I am very happy with his support. His customer centricity is to be rewarded.

Spriha Jain

  |   17 Sep 2017

The policy advisor was very helpful to say the least. He explained all the policy features, exclusions and was patient on the call while I took time to understand a few things and filled up the forms for booking the policy online! Thanks and keep it up.

R. Bharath Kumar

  |   17 Sep 2017

The advisor was very helpful in buying an overseas travel insurance policy for my wife. In fact, yesterday with her help I tried to buy the policy but due to certain technical issues it was not possible. She assured me that she will get back this morning and certainly she kept her promise. This morning with step by step help from her I could buy an online policy very easily. My best wishes to her.

R. Bharath Kumar

  |   16 Sep 2017

Your agent was very helpful in buying an overseas travel insurance policy for my wife. In fact, yesterday with her help I tried to buy the policy but due to certain technical issues it was not possible. She assured me that she will get back this morning and certainly she kept her promise. This morning with step by step help from her I could buy an online policy very easily. My best wishes to her. Thank you and God bless.

Sneha Gawde

  |   16 Sep 2017

I was looking for medical insurance for my mother as she's planning to visit me here in Japan. I was going through the details of ICICI Lombard where they asked me to fill in my email address and phone number. To my surprise I received a call from one of your policy advisors. It was a very prompt call and not expected, as a first-timer I had a lot of queries and questions, regarding how this insurance works and benefits etc. The advisor called and explained me everything in detail. He was very professional and seemed helpful while answering my queries. After I decided to make an insurance through ICICI Lombard he kept his patience and assisted me to go through the process online with me. While I was making the payment online, my payment was not getting accepted, he assisted me by doing the needful. He also relieved me by telling me that my card details will be only used for ICICI Lombard and the information shared are safe according to your company policy. He did not ask me any CVV number or pin number, which was a relief. He gave me a detailed explanation about the insurance and convinced me that ICICI Lombard is the best choice I can make through his explanation and never by force. Entire conversation with him was very pleasant and pleasing. Never for a second I thought that I am talking to an agent, it felt like I am talking to a friend or a person I know. I would like to say that he is definitely an asset to your company. I would like to thank him sincerely for his assistance.

Saurabh Kale

  |   16 Sep 2017

Received excellent information about various features and benefits of the multi trip travel insurance policy from your customer service advisor. Really helpful. Great work. Kudos!!

Richard Machado

  |   15 Sep 2017

I spoke to helpline executive and he helped me to get a travel insurance. It was a wonderful experience and all doubts have been cleared by him. Was very helpful and had lots of patience to answer my questions. Thank you

Shanmugasundaram Vetrivel

  |   15 Sep 2017

I was helped by your policy advisor for a travel insurance quote and buying it online. He was excellent in his service and to point and quickly helped to close the transaction in one session. Thanks, ICICI Lombard and keep up the service!

Amod Gogate

  |   14 Sep 2017

The advisor provided me good guidance on getting my international travel policy. With patience he understood my problem and helped me do the corrections in my online proposal through my account. His training has been very good and I wish him all the best in his career..

Suhas Bhiwandkar

  |   14 Sep 2017

Service & Support provided by the customer service advisor to execute our travel insurance policy was excellent. She was very helpful to provide detail. All the best for her future.

Apurva Katti

  |   13 Sep 2017

The website has made it really easy to get all the policy details at few clicks and complete the process online without having to go through any calls or visiting the branch. Just bought my travel insurance policy and would surely be coming back for more.

Drpathak Sharad Balkrishna

  |   13 Sep 2017

The executive helped me a lot to book a travel insurance policy. Being a senior citizen I needed all the help I could get to complete the online purchase. It is a good thing to get help from him. God bless him. Thanking You.

Veera S Chenoy

  |   12 Sep 2017

I tried to book my travel insurance online and could not succeed since I had given my cell no I got a phone call from your executive, who was most helpful and very patent with all our queries and because of her interest we booked our travel insurance policy with your company. I wish more companies would employ persons of that caliber I congratulate ICICI Lombard for the excellent service.

Dikshika Joshi

  |   12 Sep 2017

The advisor helped me a lot while purchasing travel insurance policy. He assisted me while the payment error occurred and has gone to an extent of sending me the policy without any delay. I am thankful to him.

Manish Ahluwalia

  |   11 Sep 2017

One of the best customer care experience & product information provided by ICICI Lombard support team. Haven't seen such professionalism from any customer care from any other company! Great job! All the best!

Binoy Roy

  |   11 Sep 2017

Needed to buy travel insurance for myself and my wife. Your executive helped me through the process over the call and stayed with me right from the word go. Thanks to her I didn’t have any trouble in purchasing the policy.

J.C. Agrawal

  |   10 Sep 2017

The advisor was very courteous and helpful throughout our conversation. He helped me understand need for travel insurance and also helped me to purchase the single trip policy online without making me waste too much time. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Franklin Selvaraj

  |   09 Sep 2017

Just bought the travel insurance for my in-laws. The person who was dealing my request dealt professionally, and was happy to accept the quote.

Vishrut Patel

  |   09 Sep 2017

The helpline executive helped me purchase the single trip travel policy which suited my needs perfectly. He was professional and provided good service.

Samip Kumar

  |   09 Sep 2017

I wanted to buy single trip travel insurance and spoke to your advisor this evening. I must say that she is a real asset to your company and she assisted me in an excellent professional manner. Also continued to be on call while I booked the policy online. I would surely come back to you ICICI Lombard for the services provided.

Meha Shah

  |   09 Sep 2017

The customer service advisor has been of immense help to me and was relentless in her support toward the product I wanted for myself. She assisted me a great deal with very timely and relevant information on the product and its related services.

Ajesh Gulati

  |   08 Sep 2017

Good interaction with your advisor and he explained all the policy details clearly. Since this was my first online policy purchase I needed all the help I could get and he stayed with me through the process very patiently. I followed all his suggestions and bought single trip travel insurance which seems perfect for all my needs.

Ajai Annavi

  |   08 Sep 2017

The advisor was very helpful and patient in walking me through minute details of the single trip policy and helped me in making the decision. Thanks for all his help.

D. Mohan

  |   08 Sep 2017

My interaction today with the customer service advisor to finalize and buy single trip policy was most satisfying and I wish her all the best. While on the phone she directed me to the website where I could buy the policy online in a few minutes. The whole process is quick and easy. Won't mind recommending ICICI Lombard to my contacts.

Leonard Joseph Barrett

  |   07 Sep 2017

Your sales advisor was very professional and explained all the details of the policy clearly. He was also very patient in verifying and repeating details when asked. He also did advise me the benefits of a higher coverage during travel. Appreciate the help.

Vinod Dwivedi

  |   07 Sep 2017

It was wonderful experience interacting with your advisor. The guy was very courteous and cooperative. I was facing problem in buying single trip travel insurance policy but he solved the problem. Thanks a lot

Rajesh Sarin

  |   07 Sep 2017

I am really thankful to the policy advisor of yours who helped me a lot to select and book this single trip policy online. I wish him all the best in life. Thank you, ICICI Lombard, for making policy purchase so simple.

Narasimha Kumar Vedala

  |   07 Sep 2017

Had a detailed discussion with your executive before heading over to your portal to purchase single trip travel insurance online. Couldn't have done it without her help and detailed explanations that she provided about the policy.

Jaswant Singh Karir

  |   05 Sep 2017

I had interaction with your customer care executive today for buying travel Insurance policy for my wife. He displayed full knowledge about the policy and explained all the aspects in detail. He was very polite and courteous in talking which speaks well of him as an excellent sales person. I wish him all success in life.

Venkatesh Mohan

  |   05 Sep 2017

I got very good assistance for online booking of my travel insurance and your executive was very courteous and kind, with helpful nature. Thanks once again.

Siddhesh Patil

  |   05 Sep 2017

Just bought single trip travel insurance online after going through the whole process with your advisor to get clarity on multiple aspects of the policy. Thanks you for putting together such great people and easy to use systems.

Manas Jagadev

  |   05 Sep 2017

The advisor handled my call with patience and helped step by step while booking travel insurance policy online. She was a great help and helped right till the last step of purchasing the policy. Thank you and best luck.

Neville Franco

  |   04 Sep 2017

The advisor was very helpful and gave a good brief of single trip travel insurance policy that I wanted to purchase. His temperament is excellent especially dealing with senior citizens like me. I did have some troubles with the online platform but he helped me through the entire process. I wish him all the best.

Syed Hamidul Ali

  |   04 Sep 2017

Had a call with your customer advisor to understand the travel insurance plans. He helped me understand why I needed the policy in the first place and also suggested I go for single trip travel insurance based on my needs. He guided me to the website where I could purchase the policy online. Thanks for all the help.

Nitesh Goyal

  |   04 Sep 2017

The information given by the advisor helped me in purchasing the travel insurance. Bought the policy online using the details provided by him.

Sudha Jamthe

  |   03 Sep 2017

I had trouble getting a travel policy for my mother's travel from India to US using your online portal. Your executive offered customer service on the phone and suggested that I should opt for single trip travel insurance and also directed me to the website where I could complete the purchase online. She was very professional, courteous and very efficient to make sure my policy was setup quickly and with all the correct details. She waited patiently while I had to get the right passport number and was so pleasant and gave me total confidence as I purchased a new policy. Thank you very much.

Srinivasan Rangarajan

  |   03 Sep 2017

Your advisor had good knowledge of the products, quick understanding of the customer requirements and helped me navigate the online purchase process for correct closure of contract in 15 minutes. Bought single trip travel insurance online after the call.

Mark Deane

  |   02 Sep 2017

Excellent and very patient service received on phone and email from ICCI Lombard and team today, while purchasing travel insurance policies for my family and myself. Thank you!

Krishnakumar Kannan

  |   02 Sep 2017

The advisor gave good service with his follow up and completing the policy formalities and explaining about features and benefits of the policies. He also helped me buy the single travel insurance policy online using your website.

Arpith Raj Sheena Shetty

  |   02 Sep 2017

Great Service by your advisor. Very helpful and supportive. Clarified all my doubts and helped me to get the single trip travel insurance quickly and efficiently. Thanks for your support.

Suresh Chowdary Balusu

  |   02 Sep 2017

I interacted with your advisor for single trip travel insurance. It's a wonderful talking to her, she is quite clear in getting the required details, communicating the detail back and noted down all the info to help me book the policy online in a matter of just few minutes. She seemed to be quite Sharp and intelligent. She enhanced the experience with ICICI Lombard relationship. Great going, keep it up...

Anoop Naroor

  |   01 Sep 2017

The customer service advisor did a wonderful job in helping me with selecting the right travel insurance. Purchased single travel insurance online while on the call. He was well behaved and provided clarification for all my queries. I really appreciate his behavior and attitude towards his work. Good Job !!!

Hashir P.K.

  |   01 Sep 2017

Purchased single trip travel insurance recently from ICICI Lombard. Completed entire transaction online without having to call up anyone or visit any branch. Thanks for the great service.

Anu Bhandari

  |   01 Sep 2017

Your online portal has made buying insurance much easier than it was before. Just bought single travel insurance and the process couldn’t have been smoother.

Amandeep Singh

  |   30 Aug 2017

Spoke with the ICICI Lombard customer service representative regarding travel insurance for my parents. She was very supportive and a good human being. Kindly update your website as there are lots of issues that I faced.

Avinash Saminathan

  |   29 Aug 2017

I was contacted by your customer care executive, who helped through getting my insurance. He was very helpful, calm and collective. He was answered to all question and also, pointed out the necessary clauses. I find this experience as good customer service. Thanks

Raj Katari

  |   28 Aug 2017

ICICI Lombard Insurance advisor gave me complete information and also helped me selecting right travel insurance policy. He has the good understanding of policy/product as well as patience which is required for the customer service.

Lakshmi Nagaraj

  |   27 Aug 2017

High quality support from ICICI Lombard. Very clear instructions & guidance from them, and it hardly took 10 minutes to get my travel policy created. Thanks for a great support!

nathan jayaraman

  |   26 Aug 2017

The procedure for buying this policy has been tremendously easy 

Keeping my finger crossed and I don't want /need any claims but need to rate them when they pay back when situation demands 

Sivakala Pillai

  |   25 Aug 2017

Your advisor assisted me in getting the travel insurance policy. She was very clear in her details. Had a good understanding of the product. She had lot of patience in making me understand travel insurance. Best travel insurance policy.

Ulhas Chitre

  |   21 Aug 2017

Service provided by your representative for selecting this product called "Travel Insurance Policy" was beyond my expectation. She is very positive & supportive to help me. It is good that this company is having such a talented of employee on its roll.

Dr. Badwani

  |   17 Aug 2017

Feedback for your customer representative, who helped me to take a right decision about travel insurance policy, she did a wonderful job and convinced me to go with ICICI Lombard. Best wishes.

Richard Alan Hartz

  |   14 Aug 2017

After giving up in my attempts to get travel insurance from two other companies, I was able to get exactly what I wanted from this company quickly and easily with a single phone call.

Bipin Bihari Varma

  |   11 Aug 2017

I am very pleased and satisfied by the prompt service provided by your team in getting Travel insurance for me and my wife. We are thankful for that.

Vandana Singh

  |   08 Aug 2017

Your agent was extremely helpful with the entire process of filling the information and making the payment via website. He deserves every success!!

Hemalatha Elango

  |   05 Aug 2017

Your representative helped me to buy travel insurance for my parents who are travelling from India to USA. He was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He patiently answered all my questions and reached out to me to make sure I was good with the plan. He provided multiple options based on my needs. I had a great buying experience online with ICICI Lombard.

Bijoy Kumar Roy

  |   26 Jul 2017

I bought 02 numbers of travel insurance through your helpline on 26th July, 2017. The advisor was very helpful and cordial. I wish her and ICICI Lombard all the very best.

Anupam Jaiswal

  |   15 Jul 2017

Your advisor helped us to buy my travel insurance for South Korea. He was a great help. Good work.

R. Vijay Chandar

  |   06 Jul 2017

I was assisted by the policy advisor for the purchase of my travel insurance to Japan on 10th July. He followed up with me for 3 to 4 days as I was travelling and finally we were able to complete it on 5th July. He was very cordial and helpful. I would rate my experience with him as "Excellent".


  |   05 Jul 2017

Your representative was extremely helpful and patient with me, while I was filling the online policy form. He stayed on standby and called me couple of times to guide me through the form to ensure, I fill in all the information correctly. Thanks a lot for all the help. Appreciate it.

R. Vijay Chandar

  |   05 Jul 2017

I was assisted by your representative for the purchase of my travel insurance to Japan on 10th July. He followed up with me for 3 to 4 days as I was travelling and finally we were able to complete it on 5th July. He was very cordial and helpful. I would rate my experience with him as "Excellent"

Rathindranath Chattopadhyay

  |   01 Jul 2017

In getting this travel insurance, I got full support and help from your team, and I am very satisfied with their service. I convey my best wishes to ICICI Lombard.

Sanket Maheshwari

  |   30 Jun 2017

I was looking for a trip to abroad and was reluctant to buy a travel insurance. One of my friend suggested me to buy ICICI Lombard's Travel Insurance. I am glad that I made the right choice.

Brijal Shah

  |   28 Jun 2017

I always thought that buying insurance was a rather long and difficult process. But then, I recently bought travel insurance from ICICI Lombard and discovered that the entire process could be pretty simple as well.

Kaushik Veluru

  |   27 Jun 2017

I was planning a trip abroad with my family and I was looking for an affordable travel insurance plan. That is when a friend suggested ICICI Lombard's Travel Insurance. I got customised solutions for my needs. I was going to Europe and needed a plan to suit the Schengen visa. The ICICI Lombard Single Trip Plan gave me that. Highly satisfied!

Jaywant Choure

  |   24 Jun 2017

I opted for insurance from ICICI Lombard very recently. Since it was my first time, i was a bit anxious whether I had made the right choice.Then a company representative soon got in touch with me. All my doubts were put to rest when he broke down all the facts and made it easier to understand.

Srikanta Patra

  |   23 Jun 2017

I've had terrible experiences in the past with matters like insurance and the like, and that's when my friend recommended ICICI Lombard. And thankfully, this time, the entire process was hassle-free. Special thanks to the representative at ICICI Lombard, who assisted me from start to finish.

Nalin Ranjan

  |   21 Jun 2017

I opted for travel insurance from ICICI Lombard recently, for my brother. Didn't expect it to be so easy. It really helped my brother. The cashless hospitalisation facility offered by the ICICI Lombard really great. A big thank you to ICICI Lombard.

Ravi Kanth Gundu

  |   19 Jun 2017

After a lot of thinking, I finally decided to buy travel insurance for my trip to abroad. I'd heard that ICICI Lombard was a good option. It was. The procedure to buy it was quite simple. The product itself was also very satisfactory. On the whole, I'm sure I made the right choice.

Rajkamal Singh

  |   18 Jun 2017

It was a good interaction with the executive at ICICI Lombard. He seemed to be well aware about the product he was offering. Overall I'm happy with the purchase and the services. Hope ICICI Lombard will keep up the good work.

Nagarajan Murugan

  |   18 Jun 2017

Buying travel insurance from ICICI Lombard was a very good idea that I had. They have amazing products and services that are customizable according to your needs. I purchased travel insurance to go to the US and it was the best decision I ever made.

Manoj Walvekar

  |   16 Jun 2017

I recently purchased travel insurance from ICICI Lombard. It was a good experience. The product was exactly what I needed. It provided security against travel delays on my last trip I really appreciated the peace of mind buying it brought me. So, thank you ICICI Lombard.

Shubham Sharma

  |   15 Jun 2017

I needed travel insurance for my overseas trip. One of my friends suggested that I buy the ICICI Lombard travel insurance. I must say that although I was a little reluctant at first, it was actually a very good decision on my part.

Krishna Shama

  |   14 Jun 2017

The travel insurance offered by ICICI Lombard is actually pretty good. I recently opted it for my sister who was going to the US. She returned recently and she was thanking me for making her buy it. She had lost her luggage at the airport and the security cover for lost luggage offered by the insurance really helped her out of that tight spot.

Sandeep Gupta

  |   13 Jun 2017

I needed travel insurance as I was looking to go to Australia. Someone suggested that I try the ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance. I did and I found it amazing. The features they offer are excellent. I especially liked the value added services which included a medical concierge and lifestyle and automotive assistance, as I was travelling with my elderly parents. I'm glad I took the decision to buy it.

Sasikumar Visvanathan

  |   12 Jun 2017

The customer service at ICICI Lombard was really good. The representative there was very helpful and assisted me in buying the policy in no time. The services were reliable and it was easy to get in touch with the team in case of doubts.

Ram Yeggoni

  |   11 Jun 2017

The ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance I bought was extremely good. I had opted for it for my trip to the UK. Buying the policy was a hassle-free process and it gave me a lot of peace of mind as it provided security against travel delays. It was a right choice and I'm glad I made it.

S Srilakshmi Yeluri

  |   10 Jun 2017

The travel insurance I bought from ICICI Lombard was great. A friend had suggested that I try it, when I was looking for insurance for my trip to the US. It's been two weeks now since I returned and I am really glad that I made the choice to buy it. The cashless hospitalization facility came in pretty handy as I had an accident while I was there and it saved me a lot of money.

Shoaib Khan

  |   09 Jun 2017

The expert at ICICI Lombard was very helpful in resolving my queries concerning the policy. He was always ready to go the extra mile to help. He followed up diligently and it was clear he knew his job well. Many thanks to him, very good support!

Sanjay Singh

  |   08 Jun 2017

Opting for travel insurance from ICICI Lombard was the best decision I took. The online purchase process was really quite simple and everything about the policy was pretty transparent. You really can make an informed choice, as opposed to just buyng the first thing you find.

Satish Nakerekanti

  |   07 Jun 2017

I am pleased with the ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance I bought. It really helped me out when I had gone to the UK. I'd had an accident there and hosptial charges were exhorbitant. I availed the cashless hospitalisation service offered in the insurance, saving me a fair amount. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to travel abroad.

Sanjeev Sujan

  |   06 Jun 2017

I was looking to go to Australia. However, I was pretty reluctant to buy travel insurance. But then, a colleague suggested that I try the ICICI Lombard Single Trip Travel Insurance policy. I did and it really was a great decision that I made.

S Vishakha Sinha

  |   05 Jun 2017

I recently opted for travel insurance from ICICI Lombard. It would be an understatement to say that it was a good decision on my part. I was headed to the Philippines on holiday and lost my crucial documents. ICICI Lombard's travel insurance really gave me a lot of peace of mind. Additionally, I had bought myself the insurance online which helped me further.

Ritesh Kar

  |   04 Jun 2017

I'm happy with the services offered by ICICI Lombard. What particularly struck me was the efficient customer service. The executive in charge of helping me did a great job. Whenever I had doubts, all I had to do was call and I'd get them resolved! Simply put, a hassle-free purchase.

Dipesh Majumdar

  |   03 Jun 2017

The ICICI Lombard travel insurance I bought for my trip to China was pretty good. I was actually rather reluctant to buy it initially, but a friend convinced me. And I'm very glad he did. It really helped me out, while I was there. My backpack got stolen and I lost my passport and other identity proof. Not to mention quite a bit of money! I was very glad to have the security cover against these then. A special thanks to my friend for making me buy it.

Prakash K

  |   02 Jun 2017

I was looking for travel insurance for a trip I was planning abroad. A friend suggested ICICI Lombard. It was pretty great. It actually met my specific requirements. On the whole, I believe it was a really good decision on my part to buy it.

Bhargava Chilukuri

  |   01 Jun 2017

I cannot thank the representative at ICICI Lombard enough. He was very helpful and showed his concern by assisting me with specific doubts. He helped me make the right policy purchase by giving me the right information. Moreover, he did regular follow-ups as well.

S Henna Nesargikar

  |   31 May 2017

I was really impressed with the ICICI Lombard travel insurance that I had bought for my trip to Japan. I was able to find a policy that met my specific concerns. Additionally, the online purchase was simpler than expected. On the whole, it was a really good choice.

Shreyans Jain

  |   30 May 2017

Awesome! That's all I can say about the ICICI Lombard travel insurance that I had opted for. I was headed to Europe and needed something that would work with the Schengen visa. The policy had that and I couldn't have been happier. It was also extremely affordable. I rate the product 10/10 and recommend it to everyone.

Vivekanandan Syamala Bharathi

  |   29 May 2017

The representative at ICICI Lombard was very helpful in getting a travel insurance policy for my parents. He was quick with the work, didn't take too long, and even made sure we understood all the details. Thanks ICICI Lombard and the entire team!

abdul jabbar nagori

  |   28 May 2017

Thanks ICICI Lombard, I received my claim without any hassle. Awesome service. Will recommend to family & friends.

Pamidipani Mohan

  |   11 May 2017

Your team was very helpful and patient in getting our travel insurance set up properly. It was very good experience to chat with them.

Albert S Chrestien

  |   09 May 2017

Excellent support from your customer service desk. Helped me in getting the insurance smoothly. Thanks.

Akhila Barthur

  |   08 May 2017

This is a feedback for your representative who helped me through the whole buying process of travel insurance. Many Thanks

Adi Gupta

  |   05 May 2017

I am very much happy the way your executive spoke and also appreciate for all his help.


  |   30 Apr 2017

Thank you ICICI Lombard for your excellent service. Your customer care assistant was very co-operative and helpful, I would like to thank her as well.

Tikam Chand Dakal

  |   24 Apr 2017

Your executive gave excellent service. He made things very simple that I bought the travel insurance instantly without any hesitation. I give him 10 of 10 Thank to ICICI Lombard also for such team.

Vaidyanatha Ayyar R.V.

  |   23 Apr 2017

Your customer care executive helped me in buying travel insurance for me and my wife. Splendid assistance, her cheerful demeanor elevates the experience. An asset to the organisation.

Prasanna Gokhale

  |   21 Apr 2017

Your executive was an excellent asset who explained all the details of the different travel policies and was very patient to answer my questions. I did not have any second thoughts. I appreciate her for her professionalism. Thanks a lot.

Irfan Shaikh

  |   20 Apr 2017

ICICI Lombard, Your team was a great help, they were prompt in answering all my queries and also provided additional information on overseas travel insurance, which would be very useful to me to select best policy.

Ina Malhotra

  |   19 Apr 2017

Was extremely satisfied with the help rendered by your support team. The procedure was explained to me and assisted me in getting my travel insurance done smoothly.

Swapnil Kapoor

  |   17 Apr 2017

My travel insurance policy provides coverage against lost/delayed luggage, trip delays or cancellations, medical cover related expenses, etc. Thank you ICICI Lombard for making my upcoming journey secure.

Kumarjit Ray

  |   16 Apr 2017

Many thanks to your team for being helpful and quick on live chat for purchase of my insurance policy.

Sudhir Parkhi

  |   15 Apr 2017

Your support executive has helped me in getting a travel insurance policy. She was quite professional in her approach and did a good job. Thanks.

Aniket Sangle

  |   13 Apr 2017

It was a good experience. Your executive guided through the entire process very well, actively followed up and enthusiastically clarified doubts.


  |   12 Apr 2017

Can anyone from your customer support team help me ​on three months travel insurance for Europe. 

Mulki Chandrashekar

  |   11 Apr 2017

It was a pleasure talking to your support executive. He was very polite and very helpful. Talking to Him made the policy submission very easy. Dedicated towards his work. We had asked him to call us the next day at 2 pm. He was punctual to call us sharp at 2.

Dhiraj Bhandary

  |   10 Apr 2017

Hi, I was helped by your team in buying a travel insurance policy. It was a truly awesome experience - good guidance, excellent support and reciprocity. Keep up the good work!

Madhura Mukundan

  |   09 Apr 2017

The service was prompt, your team had clarified all my doubts and patiently answered all my questions. Also assisted me in purchasing my policy. Never knew buying a policy online could be so easy.

Josyula Ramu

  |   08 Apr 2017

Service was excellent and the executive was so good who helped me in buying the travel insurance, excellent communication was given .......really it was awesome ....thanks ICICI Lombard for having trained executives for giving good service for the clients.

Rajesh Balasubramanian

  |   07 Apr 2017

Your team has been fantastic in their work and getting a travel insurance for my Mother. Would Recommend ICICI Lombard to my family & friends. Thanks

Villat Poulose Paul

  |   06 Apr 2017

The information provided by your staff regarding overseas travel policy was very helpful for me in buying a Platinum Travel Policy for travel to U.S and Canada for a coverage of US$100 thousand covering me and my spouse. Service rendered was excellent. Conversation was very courteous.

Pradeep Kr

  |   05 Apr 2017

Had a very nice experience with your team. They really helped me to take the policies. Thanks for the support.

Waseem Khan

  |   30 Mar 2017

After facing some technical issue in the website, I decided to call ICICI Lombard’s customer support team and purchased the Travel plan. Your representative couldn’t have been more helpful. It took just a few minutes to go through all details, select a policy, make payment online while on call and get policy documents emailed right then and there. Cheers to ICICI Lombard team for making this a hassle free transaction and a big thank you to your representative for his help and guidance.

Antony Mampilly

  |   29 Mar 2017

Your advisor was very helpful in assisting me to cancel my old travel policy and take a new policy with extended dates. Thanks

Archana Narula

  |   27 Mar 2017

This is a feedback for your chat advisor. He was extremely helpful to me as I purchased a travel insurance. He was polite, knowledgeable and demonstrated excellent customer service. I had a pleasant experience working with ICICI Lombard.

Vartika Rai

  |   26 Mar 2017

Your advisor is very helpful with purchase of new travel policy. She explained everything about the travel policy very clearly and very professionally. Only advise is to be little soft on the call and she will be the best. Thanks.

Narayan Lokhande

  |   25 Mar 2017

Your advisor was of great help in making my decision to choose suitable insurance option for my travel needs. He shared all requested details on chat as well as called me and explained fine print of the coverage. He had good knowledge of the subject and his polite and friendly way of dealing with customer, impressed me a lot.

Deepak Baliyarsingh

  |   22 Mar 2017

I had a great experience with your agent. She really helped me to choose the right travel insurance for my Mother-in-Law. Thanks for everything.

Sanjai Kumar

  |   20 Mar 2017

Hi Guys, you are doing a good job here. Appreciate you for your excellent support for guiding and booking International travel insurance for my in-laws. Well done keep it up!!

Dulal Bhattacharjee

  |   18 Mar 2017

Excellent service rendered by ICICI Lombard in buying our international travel insurance policy for 8 members. Thanks a lot for your excellent service.

Krishna Kabir Sabri

  |   17 Mar 2017

Very easy to use and great travel insurance plans to book online. Your representative was very helpful during the entire buying process and she advised me on the key benefits of the policy. Thanks a lot.

Santosh Kumar Veeranna

  |   16 Mar 2017

I was supported by your advisor. She did an excellent job in providing the right policy for my upcoming travel. She is quite knowledgeable and proactive. She even helped me update the profile name. I would rate her service as Excellent/Outstanding.

Kaushal Mehta

  |   14 Mar 2017

Your tele officer explained me the travel insurance features such as it will cover total loss of checked-in baggage including handbag, personal accident cover and medical cover etc. He resolved all my queries to satisfaction and was very helpful in whole buying process.

P n singh

  |   13 Mar 2017

Planning to travel Stockholm Sweden in April for two months. Can you please suggest me travel insurance for my upcoming trip. Thanks.

Amrender Singh Bist

  |   11 Mar 2017

I had gone through the procedure to purchase travel Insurance for me and my family members consisting of four of us. I was advised and guided by your team. They had patiently heard my requirement and took great deal of time to explain all aspects of the policies. They displayed good professional approach and seemed to go through the lengthy process of explanation with lot of dedication and patience. Overall I was satisfied by their guidance and purchased the relevant policies. Our best wishes to ICICI Lombard and team.

Sandeep Allamraju

  |   09 Mar 2017

Easy to purchase travel insurance online at a reasonable cost. All the features are clearly highlighted on the website. ICICI Lombard offered me good coverage. Wouldn’t make a trip without the policy.

Devina Desai

  |   08 Mar 2017

I met a man at airport who recommended your company to buy travel insurance for my foreign trip. It was so easy to purchase the policy online. I have recommended you to all my friends and family. When next we travel, you can be assured we will use ICICI Lombard travel insurance.

Amarchand Chattu

  |   07 Mar 2017

The experience was very smooth and seamless in buying international travel insurance for my mom who is visiting me in USA. Your CSR was very helpful in the whole process and he set up the policy for my mom in no time. Thanks a lot.

Madhupradheep Jeyapalan

  |   05 Mar 2017

Awesome support from your team. They helped me with all the details about travel insurance policy, what I needed and also assisted me to buy the policy. Thanks! Great work!!

Sridhar Chenoor

  |   03 Mar 2017

Got good response and details regarding the travel policy from your advisor. Thank you.

Subramanian Ananthapadmanabhan

  |   28 Feb 2017

Your representative was quite informative and supportive. He provided all the information such as my travel policy covers loss of baggage and passport, medical emergency etc. Excellent travel insurance policy by ICICI Lombard.

Lingaraju Doddannagari

  |   26 Feb 2017

I really appreciate the way my enquiry was handled. Kudos to your support team for clarifying all doubts regarding overseas travel insurance for my parents. Keep going. Thanks, Happy customer.

Pankaj Loke

  |   22 Feb 2017

Contacted your team to complete online booking for my father’s travel insurance. Great Support provided by your team, they helped to answer all my questions and guided to complete policy booking. Great Customer Support!!

Reena Radhakrishnan

  |   20 Feb 2017

Got in touch with ICICI Lombard to buy travel insurance. Their team provided all the details of my insurance policy and helped me to select right policy as per my requirement. Thanks for such an excellent service.

Sumit Dhingra

  |   19 Feb 2017

I was one confused person on this earth while buying the travel insurance for my parents. Your representative was very nice and went extra mile to help me understand what’s best. She was also very professional and called me when I requested. Finally I am your customer and look forward for equally good service in future. Keep up the good work and a big ''Thank You'' to ICICI Lombard and team.

Rajiv jain

  |   16 Feb 2017

Please provide cost of travel insurance.

Deepa Dey

  |   16 Feb 2017

Your representative was very helpful and cordial. He provided us with the information requested after gathering base information. Also, timely call back was arranged by him.

Irfan Ansari

  |   15 Feb 2017

With the help of your chat team, I got right travel insurance quotes for my parents who are travelling to UK. Excellent customer service from ICICI Lombard.

Arvind Singh

  |   12 Feb 2017

I would like to acknowledge that your agent was very helpful on the phone to guide me through the steps of travel policy purchase. Thanks.

Neha Pruthi

  |   11 Feb 2017

Your executive assisted me to purchase my travel insurance policy to Egypt. He explained me all terms and conditions of this policy in detail. Thank you ICICI Lombard for such a wonderful service.

Vineet K. Sharma

  |   10 Feb 2017

ICICI Lombard, excellent as always. Their representative explained my travel insurance policy in detail and also helped me to buy via online. Thank you.

Malllikarjuna Kalkere

  |   09 Feb 2017

The overall experience of purchasing travel insurance from ICICI Lombard was excellent. Your representative helped me in every step and also provided all pros and cons of the policy. Thanks

D.V.S. Prasad

  |   08 Feb 2017

Great support from ICICI Lombard e-channel sales team. They helped me to understand my travel insurance policy and also explained all terms and conditions of policy. Appreciated, thanks for all the support.

Krithika Rajaram

  |   07 Feb 2017

Excellent personal service from ICICI Lombard. Their support team guided me in buying 4 travel insurance policy and explained every aspect of the policy. Keep up the great work. Thank you

Praveen Vincent

  |   06 Feb 2017

Your representative is an excellent agent and is a true asset to your organisation. He sounded very calm, polite and patient throughout my buying journey of two travel insurance policy. I am new to ICICI Lombard and he made the buying process effortless and smooth. Thank you for such an exceptional service by ICICI Lombard and team.

Rajiv Sharma

  |   05 Feb 2017

Amazing Service offered by ICICI Lombard. You offered exactly what I wanted, quick and easy online travel insurance buying process. Thank you

Pavan Kumar Arekapudi

  |   04 Feb 2017

Excellent support from your executive, solved all my problems regarding travel policy. Keep up the good work. Thank you very much.

Arpita Mahobia

  |   03 Feb 2017

Good and Quick Assistance. Peace of mind knowing if any health matters occur in foreign land, I'm covered totally. Thank you ICICI Lombard.

Vinayak Pai

  |   02 Feb 2017

The chat functionality available on your website was a great help during my travel insurance purchase. The chat team responded to all my queries and helped me till the transaction was completed.

Satish Tiwary

  |   28 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard was very helpful for getting my travel insurance policy. I am fully satisfied and recommend best rating for ICICI Lombard and team. Thanks once again for all help.

Shelly Dsilva

  |   26 Jan 2017

Your advisor helped me to choose best travel insurance policy as per my need. Thanks for such a great support.

Varun Tiwari

  |   24 Jan 2017

The experience with ICICI Lombard was nice and their team helped me to solve all my queries regarding travel insurance policy.

Rishikesh Venkataramanan

  |   22 Jan 2017

Great travel insurance policy offered by ICICI Lombard. With such a low premium we get maximum benefits, policy coverage includes loss of baggage & passport, flight delay and trip cancellation. Excellent service.

Aravindh Mohan

  |   21 Jan 2017

Awesome service! I will apply for travel insurance with ICICI Lombard whenever I travel aboard in future also.

Akhowry Deepak Prasad

  |   20 Jan 2017

Superb and outstanding experience in dealing with ICICI Lombard in connection with Travel insurance of self and spouse. Their team explained about policy terms nicely and helped a lot in obtaining the policy online. Thanks for such a nice customer service.

Rajan M.

  |   19 Jan 2017

I interacted with your team to book international travel policies. It was a very nice experience and support received from ICICI Lombard and team

Deyanda Muddappa Jashoo

  |   18 Jan 2017

Just wanted to inform that your sales representative was very helpful and provided all details about my travel insurance policy. It was great pleasure for me to buy this policy. Great work and a fully satisfied customer experience from my side.

Pitchaikkannu Thiruvady

  |   17 Jan 2017

Helpful and clear information. My questions were answered in detail about my travel insurance policy for my first upcoming international trip. Excellent customer experience.

Prasanth Manikandan

  |   15 Jan 2017

Spoke to your representative about travel insurance policy for my upcoming trip. He explained each and every aspect of the policy and also helped me to choose policy as per my requirement. It’s very quick to purchase policy from ICICI Lombard website. Great Service. Thanks

Neha Sahu

  |   13 Jan 2017

I interacted with your team for my travel insurance policy. I found the interaction was very helpful and informative. The services and benefits were explained to me very clearly in a nice manner. I would certainly prefer ICICI Lombard for my future insurance plans as well.

Vivek Krishnani

  |   12 Jan 2017

The website got hanged at the time of making payment in the new version, however with the help of your chat support team, I made the payment and they guided me throughout on travel insurance purchase process. Thanks a lot.

Nupur Sood

  |   11 Jan 2017

It was a nice and time-saving experience getting travel insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. Your team had been quite helpful and cooperative during buying process. And they have provided all the required information about the policy.

Vrinda Shukla

  |   08 Jan 2017

I was serviced by an ICICI Lombard executive on phone. He is the best tele based customer service operator I have experienced to date. He was so patient and sweet in his dealing, facilitating my purchase of travel insurance in every possible way. He made it immensely convenient for me to get through the process. I wish him great success in his career progression. He has natural aptitude for positive and constructive customer dealing!

Rajender Benjaram

  |   08 Jan 2017

ICICI Lombard, your representative was very thorough and friendly. She disclosed all the necessary information about travel insurance policy to my satisfaction. Excellent service and policy.

Sanchit Rawat

  |   07 Jan 2017

It was a great experience to purchase travel insurance policy from ICICI Lombard. Policy provides much more coverage such as loss of baggage, trip cancellation etc. Happy to have travel policy from ICICI Lombard.

Prasanna Girish

  |   05 Jan 2017

Your sales representative who attended my call was very helpful in making me understand the policy and took me through the whole process of generating the quote and was hand holding till I got the travel insurance policy. I would give a 10/10. Thanks

Prasad Bhat

  |   03 Jan 2017

It was very easy and quick process for buying travel insurance online. Special thanks to your customer support team for making it so simple. Will do more bookings soon.

Raja Shahul Hameed

  |   03 Jan 2017

Your representative provided me all the details of travel policy with various options like gold, platinum with different premium amount details, he is good in product details. He also provided me elaborate details of key benefits and everything with excellent communication skill. I’m very much satisfied to buy the travel insurance policy.

Sheikh Faraz Osmany

  |   01 Jan 2017

Excellent services provided by your team on international travel insurance policy. Plans were explained correctly and in detail. It is a pleasure to be a part of ICICI Lombard family.

Pushkar Raj Sharma

  |   29 Dec 2016

Your customer support team was quite helpful in all aspects of buying process of travel insurance. They did clearly mention all the details for me to know and what were not covered under the policy. Also empathised to the situation and guided appropriately to the best possible level. Overall it was a 10/10 experience. Thanks.

Muralikrishnan Veleri Padmanabhan

  |   28 Dec 2016

The members of your team were very helpful. I could select a plan without much of a hassle and they gave me all the relevant details on travel insurance policy. I highly appreciate their assistance in me taking the policy. Wish them all the best for future.


  |   24 Dec 2016

Thank you ICICI Lombard for assisting and going over the details of travel insurance. Appreciate your patience and resolving all my questions.

Sudhanshu Shekhar

  |   22 Dec 2016

I was helped by your travel team, they were very kind and explained everything nicely. It is always good to travel with a travel insurance and policy covers all risks associated with international travel. Your team was really good with follow ups and made me comfortable buying the insurance for my mother. Thank you ICICI Lombard.

Anusha Reddy

  |   20 Dec 2016

I would like the rate the overall experience 4.5/5. The customer executives I spoke to were very professional, respectful and explained regarding all the services of travel insurance policy with clarity.

Shoeb Mulla

  |   19 Dec 2016

Dear Sir, I have received immense co-operation by your Travel Insurance team and they helped in online policy issuance process for a family of 3 members and helped me a lot with clear information in humble and polite manner. Thanking you!

Vaibhav Garg

  |   20 Nov 2016

Your team has explained benefits and features of single trip travel insurance policy very convincingly, helped in buying the policy. Thanks.

Bhavesh Joshi

  |   20 Nov 2016

Your support team did a good job in explaining the travel insurance and recommended the correct options, and has assured me that what I was buying was as per my requirement, the process was quick.

Jayshree Bhudia

  |   20 Nov 2016

This is to say that your representative from new travel policy team was very helpful and polite. They resolved all my queries ad help me in buying the travel policy.

Dinesh Gaind

  |   19 Nov 2016

An absolutely wonderful staff, who helped me on choosing right travel policy and they had assisted throughout buying process. Very Pleased. God Bless you

Surajit Chaudhuri

  |   19 Nov 2016

Your sales representative was very cooperative and helpful during my transaction to buy the travel insurance. The policy details and clarifications were well explained and the transaction was done seamlessly and successfully.

Dinakar Babu Ramakrishnan

  |   19 Nov 2016

It was very easy to communicate and get the travel insurance done. Your team was patient enough to explaining all the details like how to claim when passport or baggage will lose while travelling and help to complete the buying process. Thanks a lot.

Pooja Pandya

  |   18 Nov 2016

Your team was very helpful during booking of many Travel Insurance. I appreciate your help. Thank you!

Srikanth Dhondi

  |   17 Nov 2016

Fantastic service! Answered all my queries very patiently and your team has assisted me through buying process of travel insurance.

Ayush Agarwal

  |   16 Nov 2016

Overall experience was great and all queries were solved about travel insurance by your team and also they helped a lot in finalising the right policy and making payment online. Thank you

Shriraj Kulkarni

  |   15 Nov 2016

Your team has helped me in making my travel policy and has assisted in selecting the right policy as per my requirements. I did not face any issues while making the payment online. Awesome work really impressed with the service provided.

Vijay Veera Bhadram Chembrolu

  |   15 Nov 2016

Your support team was outstanding in their service. They spent time with me explaining the whole features and helped me buy travel insurance for my parents. Thanks a lot

Deepesh Chaubey

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your team has helped me to renew my existing single trip travel policy. They have handled it very professionally. Thanks

Ruchir Singhvi

  |   14 Nov 2016

I spoke to your team, they were really helpful in selecting right travel insurance policy as per my need. Best part is that this policy cover Medical Expenses, dental treatment expenses and personal accident etc. Feeling relaxed to choose travel insurance from ICICI Lombard

Krishna Prasad

  |   14 Nov 2016

Your customer executive has guided me through the buying process and provided all the details about travel insurance policy. Also, helped me to buy the travel policy online. Thank you!

Vinod Kumar

  |   13 Nov 2016

Your team was really helpful in assisting with my travel policy. They were patient enough to explain the policy in detail and clarified all our questions. Really good customer support and would really appreciate your service. Thanks!

Murthy Macherla

  |   12 Nov 2016

Your support member had handled the call very professionally. It was very enjoyable as she had provided the complete coverage of travel insurance and ensured that the transaction is completed although the systems were very slow.

Susobhan Mahapatra

  |   11 Nov 2016

Really, I got an excellent support from your team on buying travel insurance online. Appreciated!

Janaki Devi

  |   11 Nov 2016

Spoke to your sales relationship officer, she was extremely helpful and excellent in follow ups. She has suggested travel policy as per my need. Really appreciate her for valuable advice

Ramesh Alwarappan

  |   11 Nov 2016

I have to login and update multiple times for making a single purchase on your website. I almost decided to check other websites, but just stayed on. Please fix it ASAP.

Ajay Datta

  |   10 Nov 2016

Excellent Service! Your team has helped me a lot to buy a travel insurance policy. Keep up the great work.

Neeru S.

  |   09 Nov 2016

Got very helpful information and guidance for travel insurance policy and profile. Excellent service.

Sundararami Kethu

  |   08 Nov 2016

Good experience. Except, had problems with credit card to buy travel policy and even the representative was not able to help. However we finally did through alternate payment method.

Kartik Vaidyanathan

  |   07 Nov 2016

Your team has guided me very well while purchasing travel insurance policy for my parents and in-laws. Appreciate your support!

Abhilash V.T.

  |   06 Nov 2016

Your representative has helped me go through purchase procedure and explained the terms and conditions of single trip travel policy. Kudos!!

Shubhamoy Das

  |   06 Nov 2016

Your team has excellent knowledge of the travel policy and resolved all my queries very patiently. Big thanks for your Team!

Harish Sukhwal

  |   05 Nov 2016

Great help from your team to buy travel insurance policy in middle of the night. Thanks.

Narayan Kumar Kundu

  |   04 Nov 2016

Your executive discussed all the pros and cons of the travel policies available. She is very articulate and eager to clear my all the doubts, however she was insisting on taking the policy right now, but since my departure is more than a month away, I did not do that. Overall, it was a good experience.

Kasturi Sengupta

  |   03 Nov 2016

Support from your team in purchase of the travel insurance was invaluable. Their courteous behavior with on hand support was much appreciated.

Payakat Madhavi Arvindakshan

  |   03 Nov 2016

Your team has helped me brilliantly with this purchase of single trip Travel Insurance policy for me and my wife for Australia. They have guided me through the links, and paid through credit card. Policy was issued at the end of the talk. Great job. Thanks

K M Lakshminarayanan

  |   02 Nov 2016

I interacted with your sales person, the experience was awesome. All details, I required was voluntarily provided and got my travel and personal accident insurance without any paper work. Thanks a lot

Vishal Premchandani

  |   02 Nov 2016

Excellent support by your team on online chat, sincerely they had helped me to get my mother’s travel insurance policy

Vidya N.

  |   01 Nov 2016

Your team was kind and stayed connected for more than 2 hours to give me details and helped in to sign new travel insurance. I assume, I get same experience in case if had to make a claim.

Bhushan Joshi

  |   01 Nov 2016

The person from ICICI Lombard is very helpful. I am laymen in the travel policy but he had explained me each and every details very calmly and informed me that this policy also include cashless hospitalisation facility worldwide. Thank You so much.

Deepa Khatri

  |   01 Nov 2016

The information given to me was to the point and what was required. I was happy and satisfied with the service and assistance. Thanks

Halagur Subbanna Divakara Murty

  |   01 Nov 2016

Your team has given clear and very valuable travel insurance plans, based on information I have selected platinum plan instead of gold plan. I sincerely thank for this hassle free online policy.

Neha Sharma

  |   15 Oct 2016

Very helpful, extremely precise and informative information provided. The team patiently attended my call. The team helped me buy the travel policy.

harsh pandey

  |   25 Sep 2016

Purchasing travel insurance from ICICI Lombard has never been a problem for the last 5-6 years for me and my family.

Vaishali Murli Ratnam

  |   30 Apr 2016

Very helpful, extremely informative and precise information given. Patiently attended the call. Helped by the travel policy team.

Tanya Shah

  |   30 Apr 2016

The team was great while I was enquiring about travel insurance. They did really well and were patient in explaining the policies to me. I give them a rating of 5.

Bharti Gaur

  |   30 Apr 2016

I appreciate the timely response from your travel team. They were very helpful during the whole transaction and very patiently answered all my queries. Thank you team!!

Shalini Kumar

  |   29 Apr 2016

The team is wonderful, excellent and very professional. They are an asset to company. Very clear and explained everything in depth.

Prashant Kumar Jha

  |   29 Apr 2016

Got assistance from your team for purchasing travel insurance. Extremely satisfied with support. Their professionalism, soft speaking skills and patience can prove a great asset for the organisation. Keep it up.

Maharshi Pathak

  |   29 Apr 2016

The team has given great assistance and pertaining information for enrolling the travel policy today. They have very humble behavior and professional approach.

Altaf Ladak

  |   29 Apr 2016

It was a complete pleasure dealing with the team. They are very persistent, did very good followup, explained the product and helped me buy the policy with ease. Great service.

Ajay Potnis

  |   29 Apr 2016

The team helped me through the entire buying process and made the whole experience very good.

Manoj Bhaskar

  |   28 Apr 2016

Your team cleared my doubts. I was hesitant to take ICICI Lombard but going for this based on policy coverage and benefits. The team said that we will not have any mental tension if we prefer ICICI Lombard over others. This policy will cover all illnesses and provide cashless hospitalisation in USA

Rupa Jain

  |   28 Apr 2016

In the address field, I entered city Kharagpur, West Bengal, and correct pin 721301, but it kept telling me please enter correct pin for city. This is the correct pin. Not happy with this error. Please solve this

Ajnav Deka

  |   28 Apr 2016

The team was extremely helpful in booking a new policy. I had to cancel my previous policy and book a new one. They helped me do so seamlessly. Thank you very much for your support. Very customer friendly approach.

Neeli Ramakoteswara Rao

  |   28 Apr 2016

Nice talking to the team, they clarified all my doubts and made it easy for me to make payment. Thank you so much.

Shubhra Sharma

  |   28 Apr 2016

Service was very good. Concepts were very well and very patiently explained. Team was very helpful in providing efficient service.

Palani Jayachandran

  |   28 Apr 2016

The team helped me a lot in expediting the issue with the payments to extend a travel insurance policy. I really appreciate their help on this.

Malay Sankar Pal

  |   27 Apr 2016

The team helped me in completing the process of buying the policies. Their help was quite comprehensive and made it very easy for me.

Sreehari Butla

  |   27 Apr 2016

The team has given all the information regarding the travel insurance policy which I had asked for and I am very much happy with their response on the call.

Priya Kurle

  |   27 Apr 2016

The team was very prompt and very clear about the policy. They helped me to buy the insurance instantly. Very good service.

Sreejith Vattolil

  |   26 Apr 2016

I had a good assistance with lot of patience and the team also helped me to clarify my doubts about the policy. I would like to appreciate the entire team for their excellent communication through out the policy buying process. Also, I will appreciate if you can provide more space to enter bigger names on "Applicant Name" option online during buying. Thank you.

Aasma Parkash

  |   26 Apr 2016

The team provided me with excellent service. They were patient and very kind as well as helpful. They were quick to respond and provided all the necessary information. Thank you team!

Himakar Tatineni

  |   26 Apr 2016

The team was helpful and gave detailed information on the travel insurance. They have a lot of patience in answering all my queries. Rating on a 1-5 scale would be 5. Thanks.

Vikrant Kalra

  |   26 Apr 2016

The team had been extremely helpful in resolving my problem of buying my international policy. Appreciate all their hard work and the work put in by the firm in training them.

G. Eliasheb Kenny

  |   26 Apr 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate your travel insurance team who has been extremely supportive and helped me with my query. They were extremely courteous and very hands-on with the process. They are professional, patient and definitely the best customer service team I have interacted with. Thank you.

Payal Merchant

  |   26 Apr 2016

I wish to thank your team for their super quick reponse to my queries and helping me to purchase the travel policy online in quick and easy manner. I am extremely happy with the services. The team knows their work throughly to answer and clear all my doubts on purchashing the policy. I hope you still consider the feedback.

Anantharaman Muralimanohar

  |   25 Apr 2016

Hi, I interacted with your team. They guided me with the travel insurance needed and were very lucid in explaining the pros and cons of the different options available. I am highly satisfied with the interaction.

Ranjani Ramamoorthy

  |   25 Apr 2016

The team was very helpful and courteous. They helped us buying the insurance and were patient with us during the process. Good job.

Abhishek Atree

  |   25 Apr 2016

I had a nice time with the ICICI Lombard representative. He helped me in solving all my questions. I recommend him for any traveler who is planning to buy a travel policy.

Sudeep Khire

  |   24 Apr 2016

Not overly happy with the interaction. Customer service team lost my quote which I had created online. I had to go through the whole process again.

Sudeep R. Prabhu

  |   24 Apr 2016

Thank you for your valuable help in registering for travel insuance. However the website of ICICI Lombard is not good. It takes 3 different browsers and help from people to register a travel insurance . It takes ages to do a simple transaction.

Jamil Shaikh Mohammed

  |   24 Apr 2016

My conversation with your team was excellent and they helped me out to buy my travel Insurance policy for Australia. I appreciate their work.

C. J. Sunil

  |   24 Apr 2016

The team was very helpful and useful too. I was able to buy 2 policies while we spoke on phone. Thanks.

Ilakkuvan Thiruvelan

  |   23 Apr 2016

The dropdown menus on the website did not work for city of London and for relation of sister. I tried on windows 10 browser Edge and Chrome. If yourcall center team had not come in the picture, I would have abandoned this and went to a competitor. Thank you.

Vaidyanathan Kameshwaran

  |   23 Apr 2016

The executive was very helpful in giving valuable information about the product and guided me to purchase the product as I desired. Excellent job done by him and he was perfect on his timing too.

Mani Balakrishnan

  |   23 Apr 2016

I was in conversation with your team for my travel policy. They are good in convincing a customer with all your products. I came for travel Insurance and I was convinced by them for the accident policy. I am really happy of such good professionals in the organisation.

Ashish Khamkar

  |   23 Apr 2016

Excellent experience. The team guided me very clearly on the product and buying process. I am extremely satisfied.

Abhilash Bahuguna

  |   22 Apr 2016

The team has been very helpful in providing all the information I needed and helped me throughout the process of buying this policy. I really appreciate their knowledge and the way they interacted with customer. Very professional. Thanks!

Harinder Jeet Singh Oberoi

  |   22 Apr 2016

Your team had serviced my request. They were very helpful. Very clear in communication and expression. I think they will be an excellent trainer to your future teams.

S. H. Koshe

  |   22 Apr 2016

Wonderful help by your team and thanks for giving me extensive help for issuing my travel policy.

Mallesh Harihar

  |   22 Apr 2016

I spoke to your team who were really helpful and understood exactly what my requirement was and helped to get the insurance with minutes. I would recommend my friends to get the travel insurance from you guys.

Martand Rao Shinde

  |   22 Apr 2016

I have got the best information from your team in detail as I am travelling for the first time to Europe. Keep up this good service.

Atul Kumar

  |   22 Apr 2016

I was serviced by your efficient team. They were quite knowledgeable about the product that I was trying to buy and helpful with all my queries. I was able to make my decision and purchase the policy suitable to my needs based on their answers to my queries. Thanks.

Imran QureshiApril 22, 2016

  |   22 Apr 2016

I had a query about my international travel insurance and I happened to chat with your team. They were very kind and patient to answer all my queries in a very simple and understanding way. I appreciate their help. Please score them 5 out of 5 from me on their survey score card. Thanks ICICI Lombard. You have the best services and customer care.

Anju Gupta

  |   22 Apr 2016

Interacted with your team. For now I am assured that the payment I have done will be realized by you within 24 hrs and I will receive my travel insurance policy soon. Feedback: The feedback form could have a slot for Miss./Ms. considering some of us are unmarried and wud be better off with the accurate title. The online support feature is truly helpful. I hope it resolves my query, shall wait for 24 hours though to confirm. Thanks.

Sumanta Gupta

  |   21 Apr 2016

Really appreciate the help provided by your travel insurance team. They were extremely helpful on the call.

Satyendu Narayan Mukhopadhyay

  |   21 Apr 2016

The team has helped me very much to purchase 2 policies today. They have shown exemplary patience, equanamity, politeness and perseverence. They are an asset to any organisation. Without their help I could not have succeded in purchasing 2 policies, not for my lack of ability to book online but for some lacuna in the system.

Dilip Vadapalli

  |   21 Apr 2016

I got all the information I was looking for and was able to purchase the policy. Fast and reliable service. Thank you!!

Harsha Govada

  |   21 Apr 2016

The website had an issue which would not submit the details to get a quote online and your team had assisted me real quick and gave me the quote. I would give them a 5 on 5 rating for their help.

Deepak Dhuwalia

  |   20 Apr 2016

Very good support from your team, good experience, co-operative and interactive

Swatilekha Mohanty

  |   20 Apr 2016

I spoke with your team who were really helpful with my queries regarding the travel insurance. Thank you for your services.

Sagar Khupsare

  |   20 Apr 2016

The online chat team was very patient and assertive. They explained me the policy terms and conditions. Great work!!

Raju Samala

  |   19 Apr 2016

The way of follow-up from your team was very polite and they explained in detail all the information related to the policy. I would like to give them a 10 on 10 rating.

Punit Rana

  |   19 Apr 2016

Feedback for your travel insurance team. They were quite helpful and very keen on all follow-up calls. Good luck to them!

Ayesha Tasneem

  |   19 Apr 2016

The experience was very good, the team was very clear in what ever they said and very polite! Good Service!

Sushovan Mukherjee

  |   18 Apr 2016

I had to by a travel insurance for my parents in very short time and started looking for one from different insurance companies to compare from last night. I had been contacted by the team from ICICI Lombard and got the policy I wanted. I did not expected

Utkarsh Ranjan

  |   18 Apr 2016

I bought 2 schengen travel insurances from ICICI Lombard. The team was very helpful and patient. They heard all my queries and explained the policy details to me. Keep up the good work!

Mohan Nagaraj

  |   18 Apr 2016

I had a problem with pincode and city selection in the new policy. No one could give the right city for 638701 and only the call center team could help me with the correct city. Extremely service minded team. Thanks for all their support.

Kamalakshi Kozhukkunnon

  |   18 Apr 2016

Your online team helped me with the PIN code issue. But please fix the PIN code issue. City to pin code mapping seems to be wrong in your system.

Nayanangshu Banerjee

  |   17 Apr 2016

I had a good experience while dealing with your team today while buying travel insurance for my wife and daughter.

Anshul Sharma

  |   17 Apr 2016

I took travel policy cover for my parents' trip to USA. I interacted with your team and it was very positive. They helped me throughout the process including followups, adjusting to my schedule, and clearly answering all questions. Finally, they helped a

Ramanan Ravindran

  |   17 Apr 2016

Hi, I was looking for travel insurance and did not complete the transaction but then the team from ICICI Lombard did call me and explained all benefits of the policy in addition to other queries. I then successfully registered for the policy with no doubt

Akhil Sharma

  |   17 Apr 2016

Fully satisfied with services, good experience - as the all information was clear and understandable.

Venkataraman Ganesan

  |   17 Apr 2016

I just spoke to your team for obtaining my travel policy for schengen countries. The conversation was very clear and it was easy for me to decide. I appreciate all the hard work and effort.

Dilip C. M.

  |   17 Apr 2016

I had a word with your team who supported me for buying the travel insurance. Their guidelines and support was outstanding. Wish them all the best.

Vivek Chandra

  |   17 Apr 2016

The CRM was very helpful. Gave all details and explained all queries. A positive and good experience. Followed through to close the transaction and helped through the online process

Abhishek Saurabh

  |   17 Apr 2016

It was good to have a chat with your team. They were good in explaining the details and very helpful. But, please equip your customer support associates with information like list of network hospitals in the destination city.

Ramana Rao Velaga

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team has been very patient on the call and has taken lot of pain to explain how I can successfully choose right plans and the coverage of policies, besides limitations. They have taken extra effort to guide me through online payment as well. I thank t

Anubhav Maithani

  |   16 Apr 2016

Had a wonderful and hassle free experience interacting with your travel team. Got a clear idea of the product. Thanks team for assisting me.

Jayantkumar Mehta

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team has given excellent service and assistance for getting policy issued for senior citizen, explaining the benefits and features in easy terms.

Vedabit Nag

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team has been extremely helpful in advising me on travel policy alternative for my wife who is a cancer survivor. They have been extremely polite throughout the interaction.

Shobha Ravipaty

  |   16 Apr 2016

The team was very patient and friendly. They were a great help and walked me through the process of purchasing travellers insurance. They were persistent and solved all my problems in a timely manner.

Parul Srivastava

  |   15 Apr 2016

Your team was very courteous on call and helped me in buying the policy very effeciently.

Vineet Khanna

  |   15 Apr 2016

It was a pleasure booking my travel insurance policy through the website. It handled my requests very nicely, I was really comfortable and feel honored.

Vijay Kumar

  |   15 Apr 2016

Your team has a bunch of wonderful sales executives, an asset to your company. They genuinely convinced me to buy travel policy for me and for my wife. I am fully satisfied.

Sachidananda Das

  |   15 Apr 2016

Intracted with your team. They helped me in buying two policies. It was a plesant experience intracting with them and I am satisfied with the support provided.

Harish Bijwe

  |   15 Apr 2016

I was trying to buy the insurance online but could not proceed. I tried calling the customer care in India and your team was very knowledgeable and helpful and they ensured I got the policy in few minutes. While the customer care is really good, you should compliment it with better online tool and how about a toll free number to call to for NRI?

Rahul B.April 15, 2016

  |   15 Apr 2016

The team is a real professional. They quickly understood my issue and were able to address my queries to my satisfaction. They are a real asset to the company and deserve a praise!

Saravanan Seetharaman

  |   15 Apr 2016

Spoke with customer service representive. He was very poilte and patient throughout the call. I really appreciate his callback as promised and the entire interaction was very pleasant till the end. He also described us the benefits we may get with the policy. I overall had a good customer service this morning. Great Job!!

Uttam Muthayala

  |   15 Apr 2016

The team was very detailed and thorough in their approach and followed up promptly and provided with the hospital list I had requested. They showed lot of patience in answering all my queries and helped me with booking the travel insurance policy.

Vignesh Reddy Angadi

  |   14 Apr 2016

Dear Madam/Sir, Please find the details of the travel insurance proposal number 1327925101. I have dispatched the premium cheque by dtdc courier services tracking number V27181148. Kindly process the proposal once premium is realised. Thank you.

Jitendra Jaiswal

  |   14 Apr 2016

Your team is an excellent sales expert and overall experience was quite smooth buying travel policy from ICICI Lombard.

Vrushali Bhosale

  |   14 Apr 2016

Communication with your team was good. Overall good experience. The entire communication was effective and clear. Thanks.

Nikhil Gollapudi

  |   14 Apr 2016

Your team was awesome and they gave multiple options for me to select and their guidance proved to be very helpful and essential for me. Thank you.

Sachidananda Das

  |   14 Apr 2016

I contacted your customer support for help and your team responded immediately. They were very helpful in guiding me to buy two travel policies. It was a plesant experience to have an interaction with your team.

Venkata Ramana Gandham

  |   14 Apr 2016

Your team is good in knowledge and directed me to take the policy in less than 5 mins. I was thinking to take the policy from the past 7 days but had queries, your team solved all queries in a time of less than 20 minutes. Thanks a lot to them and ICICI Lombard.

Prashanth Jadav

  |   13 Apr 2016

I am delighted with the service and support provided by your team in booking travel insurance policy for my parents. They took all the pain in explaining the benefits of the policy. Thanks a lot!!

Sujata Sharma

  |   13 Apr 2016

The team helped me to pick the right policy as per my requirement. They are a very good resource to the company. Well done and keep up the good work. Thank you. Cheers!!!

Sujata S.

  |   13 Apr 2016

The team was very helpful during my call and provided very productive support to me when I was in a need. So, a big thank you to them. Kudos and keep up the good work.

Sunil Kumar

  |   13 Apr 2016

Your team seemed to be very helpful throughout the process of online purchase of policy. I would like to give them 5 on 5.

Nanda Naik

  |   13 Apr 2016

Very good response and support by your representative at the time of purchasing the policy. Same is expected in future.

Rohit Rakibe

  |   13 Apr 2016

Your team was really friendly and helpful. I never knew buying a travel insurance is just a 10 minutes task. Appreciate your effort.

Sunil Kumar Goel

  |   12 Apr 2016

I have taken travel insurance policy for USA for me and my wife for 164 days today. I have been greatly helped by your team from the beginning. Their knowledge of the subject and behaviour are excellent.

Jonaki Roy

  |   12 Apr 2016

I booked a travel policy with the help of your team as they helped me in the process and saved my time. Thanks.

Vasanthi P.

  |   12 Apr 2016

I was able to understand the policy within the time limit which I had and your team filled all the details and guided me to view the policy online. Happy with this quick service.

Himanshu Patro

  |   12 Apr 2016

Good direction and guidance from your team during the purchase of the policy. Good job. Keep it up!!

Santosh Mansingh

  |   11 Apr 2016

I am very happy with the service and approach of your team. They are very very helpful and customer oriented. Keep it up.

Bhowmik Meghnathi

  |   11 Apr 2016

I have booked my travel insurance with the on call assistance from your team. They only suggested me that it would be better to go for 90 day travel insurance based on the fact that I will be applying for My "Long Stay Scientific - Researcher Visa" tomorrow for France Schengen Countries. They also suggested me for a 1 year worldwide personal coverage policy with Rs. 25 Lakhs coverage for my nominee. They helped me with my on call payment via my credit card and assured me that I will receive an email of both my policies within 10 minutes. Overall, I had a very nice talk with them. Would rate the conversation and assistance process as 8 out of 10. Suggestions for improvement - I would like if the exclusionary policy terms are discussed before the policy is being decided rather than when the policy payment is under process, would help in creating better trust with the customer/policy buyer.

Prapulla Chandra

  |   10 Apr 2016

The team from travel department helped me buy 2 new policies. They were helpful and were able to answer all my queries.

Lakshmikanth Ganti

  |   10 Apr 2016

The online payments system was having a problem while buying the policy , but the team on chat was very helpful and convenient. They were very helpful in making it a smooth transaction.

Jarnail SinghApril 10, 2016

  |   10 Apr 2016

I just purchased the ICICI Lombard travel insurance. The customer service was quite good and very co-operative. I hope the product will also be as good as your customer care service.

Palani Jayachandran

  |   10 Apr 2016

The team helped me a lot in completing the travel insurance policy. I would like to appreciate their help, patience, time and knowledge on the product to complete the request successfully. Thanks.

Amit Rai Ahuja

  |   06 Oct 2015

Your team was very very helpful. They answered all my queries and guided me with the whole process. They have excellent soft skills and an excellent knowledge of process.

Naresh Mitra

  |   06 Oct 2015

I am thankful to the team for their kind assistance in buying travel insurance for my family trip to USA. They are very sincere and I wish them all the success.

Juhi Sharma

  |   06 Oct 2015

The team's assistance in buying the travel insurance was excellent.

Manjul Tripathi

  |   06 Oct 2015

Thanks to your team for good information on travel insurance and other products as well as their benefits.