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Overseas Student Travel Insurance

What is Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance?

Studying abroad comes with a host of challenges for young students. Firstly, you’re struggling to adjust to all the differences in the country that you’ll be calling home for a few months or years. Secondly you’re always on a tight budget, and you have to manage your living expenses wisely. In such a situation, if a health issue crops up or if some other concern interrupts your study abroad, it can cause unnecessary stress.

Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance can be a life saver in case an unforeseen emergency affects you while you’re studying abroad. Moreover, most universities overseas have a mandate of medical insurance for fulfilling the admission criteria. Our policy keeps you safe in case of unexpected medical costs and helps you meet such admission criteria too. You can purchase this policy in India and pay the premium in INR while availing coverage in your destination country, with the added convenience of prompt claim settlements.

Why should you buy Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance?

Here’s why this policy should be a critical part of your checklist before you move abroad.


Cost effective

You can buy the policy in India and pay the premium in INR. This turns out to be very affordable, if you compare buying similar insurance overseas.


Meets admission criteria

Since most foreign universities require student travel insurance as a must-have before joining, this policy can help you meet their necessary admission criteria.


Holistic coverage

This policy doesn’t just cover your hospitalisation expenses in case of an accident or illness. It also covers loss of checked-in baggage, personal liability, study interruption and various other events.

What is covered under Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance?

Here’s what’s covered and what’s not.

Medical coverage

  • 1.  Health cover

    In case you fall ill or meet with an accident on your trip abroad, we cover your medical expenses. These include in-patient and outpatient treatment, medical aid, X-rays and other diagnostic tests. You need to consult with our Third Party Administrator to get authorisation in advance for any medical treatment. We also cover your costs of coming back to India in case it’s medically necessary. Please read our policy wordings for all the terms and conditions.

  • 2.  Dental treatment

    We compensate your expenses in treating any tooth or teeth during your trip abroad. This is applicable only for your natural teeth.

  • 3.  Compassionate visit

    Suppose you are hospitalised for more than 7 days and your medical condition does not permit you to travel back to your home country. Moreover, no adult family member is present with you abroad. In such a scenario, we will pay for a round trip economy class air ticket, or first class railway ticket, to allow an immediate family member, to be at your bedside at the hospital.

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  • 4.  
    Treatment for mental and nervous disorders*

    We cover treatment of mental disorders, including alcoholism and drug dependency, subject to a maximum limit of US$ 1,000. This is limited to inpatient hospitalisation (24 hours or more), provided by a hospital / nursing home.

  • 5.  
    Pregnancy-related hospitalisation*

    We take care of in-patient medical expenses related to pregnancy, subject to a maximum limit of US$ 500, after a waiting period of 10 months.

  • 6.  Sports injuries*

    As per of the medical cover, we also take care of medical expenses for inter-collegiate sports injuries. These expenses will be treated as any other medical expenses for an accident, and will be subject to the terms of conditions mentioned in the policy.

  • 7.  Cancer screening*

    If a physician recommends cancer screening and mammographic examinations, we pay out the expenses for the same, subject to a maximum limit of US$ 2,000. Any tests you undergo as a part of preventive health check-up will not be covered under this benefit.

  • 8.  Childcare benefits*

    Suppose your child is hospitalised for more than 2 days, for any ailment. In such a scenario, we provide a hospital cash benefit of US$ 100, subject to a maximum of 7 days. This is applicable provided the child is above 90 days of age.

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Stay-related coverage

  • 1.  Personal liability

    Suppose you are involved in an incident which leads to the death, injury or damage to someone’s health/property and you are legally liable for the same. In that case, we compensate you for the liability expenses up to the sum insured in your policy.

  • 2.  Personal accident

    We provide coverage to the insured or nominee (as applicable) in case of death or permanent disablement due to an accident abroad. The compensation depends on the nature of the claim; for e.g. 20% of sum insured is given in case of a lost thumb, whereas 70% is given for an arm lost from the shoulder joint.

  • 3.  Bail bond

    In case of an arrest or detainment by the police/judicial authorities abroad, we cover the bail amount. We provide this amount to the appropriate authority/court, only in case of a bailable offence. The coverage under this benefit will be up to the amount mentioned in the selected plan.

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  • 4.  Study interruption

    If your study abroad is interrupted because you are hospitalised, or because your sponsor or an immediate family member passed away. In that case you need to make a written request to the institution, asking for a tuition fee refund. We reimburse the remaining fees (which are not refunded by the institute), up to your policy sum insured.

  • 5.  Sponsor protection

    If the sponsor is injured and loses his life, we reimburse the insured student his/her tuition fee for the remaining period of study. The fees covered under this benefit will be up to the maximum limited mentioned in the policy.

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Travel-related coverage

  • 1.  Total loss of checked in baggage

    If your airline loses your checked-in baggage, we compensate you with its market value under this benefit. In case of a single checked-in bag, we pay out your entire sum insured. In case of more than one checked-in bag, we pay out 50% of the applicable sum insured.

  • 2.  Loss of passport

    We compensate you in case you lose your passport during your trip abroad. Under this benefit, we will reimburse you for the expenses you need to obtain a duplicate or fresh passport.

  • Trip taken for the sole purpose of getting medical treatment abroad

  • Pre-existing medical conditions; orthopaedic, degenerative or oncological diseases; cancer treatment; mental or psychiatric disorders

  • Cosmetic or plastic surgery (except as a result of an accident)

  • Loss of passport due to delay or confiscation or detention by the customs, police or public authorities.

  • Loss of valuables and money in the checked-in baggage; complete/partial damage of the checked-in baggage; loss of only certain items in the checked-in baggage

  • Liability claims that arise due to your contractual liability, professional activities, use of firearms, unlawful acts, or use of any alcohol/ drugs.

*This cover is included in the Medical Expenses cover for the Gold Plus plan only and is not a separate benefit; subject to terms and conditions.
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Get answers to common queries about
Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance

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Why do I need travel insurance?

Foreign universities around the world make it mandatory for all students to be insured with a plan that fulfils the university guidelines. Students ensured with such a policy do not have to worry about medical emergencies and other untimely situations. It covers a variety of medical and non-medical risks to ensure an easy transition for the student travelling abroad. For e.g. checked in baggage loss is not uncommon during an overseas travel. This insurance plan not only covers loss of baggage but also covers loss of passport.

I am planning to pursue higher education abroad. Do I need to purchase student travel insurance?

Some universities make it mandatory for students to have a travel/health insurance policy. You can check with the university you’re applying to. However, even if such a policy is not compulsory, we recommend you purchase one. It acts as a safety net you can fall back on if something goes wrong during your course.

I wish to buy student travel insurance in India, online. What paperwork would be required?

You can apply for our Globetrotter - Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance policy online, fill out the proposal form and make the payment to complete your purchase. There is no additional paperwork or documentation required.

How will overseas student travel insurance benefit me?

Overseas student travel insurance has a wide range of benefits. It helps cover unexpected medical expenses, personal liabilities, study interruption and much more. In the absence of such a policy, you need to take care of all these expenses out of your own pocket, which can be tough when you’re studying overseas.

Is it mandatory to buy student travel insurance?

In some scenarios, yes. Certain universities overseas make it mandatory for students to have a travel/health insurance policy. Buying such a policy in India helps you save on premium and also gives you peace of mind during your education abroad.

Will my university abroad recognize/accept my international travel insurance?

You need to check with the respective university authorities before applying for any student travel policy. If the coverage matches the requirements specified by the university, then you can proceed with policy purchase.

Will the policy cover me for the hospitalisation expenses if I fall sick when studying overseas?

Yes in case you fall ill while studying abroad, we cover your medical expenses under Overseas Student Travel Insurance. These include in-patient and outpatient treatment, medical aid, X-rays and other diagnostic tests.

Does the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance policy cover dental treatment expenses?

Yes, we compensate your expenses in treating any tooth or teeth during your trip abroad. This is applicable only for your natural teeth.

If I get injured or suffer a loss while travelling in a ship or metro abroad, will my Overseas Student Travel Insurance policy cover me?

Yes, accidental injuries are covered while traveling in local modes of transport abroad, as per policy terms and conditions.

Will I be covered if my final examinations are delayed and rescheduled after the expiry of the policy?

You will need to extend the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance (before the expiry of the policy) to avail the coverage.

If I lose my newly issued passport after returning back to India, will my student insurance policy cover the expenses involved?

Your policy covers the expenses involved in obtaining duplicate or fresh passport when you’re abroad. It does not cover the expenses if you lose the passport in India.

Will I get a refund if my university does not accept the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance?

You would be given a period of 15 days (free look period), starting from the day you receive the policy, to review it. If you find out that your university is not accepting this policy, you can return it quoting the reasons for cancelation. We will refund your premium, after deducting any expenses we incurred for medical examination and stamp duty charges. If you cancel the policy 30 days after the policy period start date, you’ll receive a refund on pro-rata basis.

When I meet with an accident in a foreign land, who should I contact?

If you meet with an accident and need treatment, you can get assistance via the below contact numbers:

USA & Canada toll-free number +18448711200

Rest of the world (call-back facility) + 91 124 4498778

In case of an accident or sudden illness where it is not possible to contact us before consulting a physician or going to the hospital, contact us as soon as possible. In either case, when being admitted as a patient, you need to show the concerned physician or personnel the policy copy if requested.


What is the maximum number of days for which I can take the policy?

You can take the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance policy for a maximum of 730 days.

If I have not travelled during the policy period, would I get any reimbursement?

You can cancel the overseas student travel insurance policy by informing us, and we will refund the premium on pro rata basis.

Which countries are restricted territories and not covered by the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance?

This policy does not include the following countries:

China, Antarctica, Belarus, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and Zimbabwe.

Is there any grace period applicable for renewal?

If you need to renew the Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance and couldn’t do so before the expiry date, you get a grace period of 30 days. You can pay the premium before 30 days from the date of expiry and renew your policy.

How can I cancel my Globetrotter – Overseas Individual Student Travel Insurance policy?

You may cancel this policy by giving us 15 days written notice. In such a case we refund your premium on short term basis for the unexpired policy period. Refund is applicable as long as we didn’t pay out any claim under the policy.

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