Kick-start Your New Year

Are you creating your resolution list from scratch or peeping through last year's unfulfilled one resting in a cabinet?

Here is a list of great ideas for turning your resolutions into accomplishments. So, start now!

Focus on the Future

As surprising as it may sound, but setting higher targets will motivate you to achieve your best. The targets you set would probably require you to push harder, but that doesn't mean they aren't worth chasing.

Consider that what you achieved this year was unreal for you at some point and what you will achieve next year might seem unattainable now. Big goals are meant to keep you excited and take risks to achieve all that you have dreamt about


No matter how good or bad it was, 2016 is a thing of the past. If it was great for you, you will try to beat it this time and if it was awry, you will probably avoid the mistakes you made and move ahead.

The time has come to set all your attention on the future and stop regretting your past. Try something that you thought of doing but have not done yet. Start an activity and try it for a month and then see how it has impacted your life.

Strike a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Let go of the perfectionist tendency that overachievers develop at an early age. Things can get complicated when responsibilities mushroom up as you grow. Strive for excellence and not perfectionism.

Set up a schedule and devote time to your family. Whether it's playing games with your kids or taking your spouse for a dinner, every moment spent with them will make you feel you are working to live than living to work.

Unleash the Best in You

Travel to places you haven't been before, meet people you haven't met before, lose other people's opinion of you, take risks and keep learning new things. The new year is full of opportunities and possibilities, exploit them!

List out your unproductive activities and eliminate them. Develop an attitude to learn new things. Say 'yes' even when you want to say 'no' and instead of waiting for opportunities to present themselves, create them.

Commit Yourself to Health and Fitness

Don't join a fitness centre you won't be seeing after January, just for the sake of a new year resolution. Make a commitment to yourself and make fitness and healthy diet a part of your schedule.

Make small changes in your diet and routine to get best results. Surround yourself with friends and family who motivate you to accomplish your fitness goals. The best way to stay motivated and succeed is to get like-minded people on board with you.

May this year bring you incredible success and prosperity.