Experience the Ethereal Rann Utsav

Experience hospitality of the people of Kutch during the two months packed with cultural vibes and reawakening of traditions.

A traveller's dream come true is the Rann Utsav that celebrates the rich and flamboyant history of Kutch with some of the most precious revelations in the country.

White Salty Landscapes

Tranquilising sceneries set at the core of India's most precious desert land along with scintillating performances and delectable authentic cuisines set the stage for Rann Utsav. This grand fest provides a fabulous revisiting escapade this year from 1st November 2016 to 20th February 2016. It begins in Bhuj and pervades into different districts throughout the months. The finale is held in the village of Dhordo with a huge city-like set up consisting of 400 AC and non-AC tents.

Stretching over 7,505 square miles within the Thar Desert lies a magnificent salt marsh presenting mesmerising views of the white sand merging into the horizon. This sight comes around only once a year and the place livens up with tourists who come from all over to see this enthralling phenomenon.

Sky watching

Come close to nature as you lay down under a bed of stars complemented by the moon and feel serenity engulf you in its ecstatic fold. With traditional 'manjis' set up and live performances, the village lights up in all glory to celebrate the spirit of their history.

Fabulous performances

Folklore has been quite the pride in Gujarat. Their colourful costumes and ornate jewellery along with the rich heritage unleashes a terrific performance every time it's put together. During the Rann Utsav, village artists perform almost anywhere whilst tourists sit back, relax and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience.

Adventurous Activities

Ride your own patrol vehicle or go for camel riding between the desert with an awe inviting sight of the sunset. Desert safaris bring together a glimpse of the authentic cuisine along with ethnic performances that promote the cultural ethos. Birding on the lands of Kutch is another activity while watching the splendid village from atop a hot air balloon will make you never want to go back to the cityscape.

Mouth-watering Delicacies

Savour the authentic culinary wonders from across the region and satisfy the hidden foodie within. Made with organically grown spices, pure ghee and lots of dedication, each morsel tempts you and makes you feel eternally smitten by the beauty of the region.

Shop till you drop

Make sure you save space in your bags because there is no way you will go empty-handed from the bustling market at the Rann Utsav. Be it the traditional clothes, handicrafts or the colourful nitty-gritties, the festival is a delightful experience for every shopaholic. You can also attend the village workshops and learn the art of handcrafting textiles.

The accommodation facilities available are extremely widespread and all of them offer an eclectic experience throughout your stay. The hospitality of the region is heart-touching whilst Bhuj also has an airport for convenient travel. State run buses are also well connected with the tent city of Dhordo.

With tradition, folklore, cultural zeal, delicious food and a lot more, Rann Utsav is a fabulous manifestation and a fusion of Gujarat and Rajasthan's veritable richness and royalty. This one is certainly not worth a miss.

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