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ICICI Lombard’s health insurance policy offers the customisation and flexibility you need to get the adequate health cover for you and your loved ones. With an option to choose features such as voluntary deductibles, flexible policy period, etc., the policy fits your various budget and coverage requirements.

Additionally, at the time of renewal, the policy also provides an additional or enhanced sum insured, provided no claim has been made during the policy period, except as an out-patient. For every claim-free policy period, you are eligible for 10% additional sum insured at the time of renewal, subject to a maximum of 50%, with regular policy renewal.

Get a comprehensive ICICI Lombard health insurance plan with cover against critical illness, personal accident and more, and enjoy coverage for the entire Family Health Insurance plan. Our in-house claim settlement team facilitates quick and hassle-free claim settlement so you can get reimbursement for medical expenses without worries.

Opt for our health insurance policy and avail:

Additional Sum Insured

Additional Sum Insured

Cover for AYUSH Treatment

Cover for Alternate Medical Treatment (AYUSH)

Tax Benefit Under Section 80D

Tax Benefit Under Section 80D

ICICI Lombard Cashless Hospitalisation

Cashless Hospitalisation

Wellness Benefits

Wellness Benefits

Day Care Treatment Cover

Day Care Treatment Cover

Emergency Ambulance Cover

Emergency Ambulance Cover

Health Insurance Testimonials


Nitya Das

Being in my early 20s, I didn’t see the need for a health cover for myself and bought an ICICI Lombard policy mainly for tax saving. I had made no claims during the policy period and was surprised to get an additional sum insured when I was renewing my policy. Attractive feature!


Chandramohan Menon

I made an out-patient claim against my ICICI Lombard health insurance policy last year. When I opted for renewal this year, I realised I had been given an additional 10% sum insured, even though I had made a claim. Didn’t expect it, thanks team!

Case Study

Sandra did not have the budget nor did she feel the need to opt for a health insurance policy, for, she told her friend – wasn’t she healthy and fit? She always watched her diet and had plenty of exercise. However, on her friend’s insistence, she purchased a health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard.

Sandra did not have to undergo any major treatment during the policy period, but had opted for a routine physical examination, which did not require admission in the hospital. At the end of the policy period, when she was renewing her policy, she was happy to get a 10% additional sum insured for the following year. Fortunately for her, she did not suffer from any serious health issues during her consecutive policy periods, except for occasional out-patient check-ups and consultations.

This continued for 5 years, with each year providing her an additional 10% sum insured to her kitty. This is the maximum additional sum insured, 50%, which a policyholder is eligible for under the policy. Sandra was delighted and realised what a wise decision it was not to fret over budget and refrain from opting for a policy. The policy not only fits her budget but also provides her additional cover for her healthcare needs.


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