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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance safeguards you financially from various unpleasant situations that may arise during your trip. The plan covers you whether you are heading overseas for a holiday, business meeting or education.

Some of the key travel insurance benefits include emergency evacuation, medical expenses coverage due to COVID-19, medical emergency assistance, trip cancellation cover and lost or delayed baggage coverage.

Features of ICICI Lombard's travel insurance


No medical check-up

Need to fly abroad for an urgent business meeting but your insurer is delaying travel insurance owing to pending medical screening? If so, get an instant travel insurance quote with us without having to undergo a medical examination.


Trip cancellation & interruption cover

In case you are cancelling your trip due to a valid reason, we will reimburse you for the cancelled flight ticket.


Loss of passport

In case your passport is lost or stolen, our travel insurance will cover the cost of replacing the original passport.


Personal liability cover

If you damage someone's property or they suffer bodily injury because of an accident involving you on your trip, we will cover the legal liabilities.


Reimbursement of non-refundable prepaid payments

Reimbursement of the non-refundable prepaid payments, for the trip being cancelled or interrupted due to medical problems, acts of terrorism or natural disasters.

Advantages of buying ICICI Lombard's travel insurance policy

Medical benefits

When you secure your trip online from us, we cover medical evacuation, personal accident, hospitalisation and repatriation of remains.

Travel benefits

Under this, we cover trip cancellation, delayed and missed connecting flights.

Luggage benefits

We compensate you for the loss incurred when your luggage is delayed at the airport or if you lose it on your trip.

Other benefits

Some of the other benefits include compassionate visit, emergency cash arrangement, loss of passport cover and personal liability.

What’s covered under ICICI Lombard's travel insurance?

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Hospitalisation

    In case you fall ill during your trip to an overseas destination, we will reimburse your medical expenses up to the sum insured specified in your policy document.

  • Lost and delayed baggage

    In case of lost or delayed baggage, we will cover the cost of essentials such as toiletries, medicines etc and pay you a fixed lump sum amount.

  • Third party liability

    If a third party suffers property or bodily injury because of your involvement in an accident while on vacation, we will cover the legal liabilities in case you need it.

  • Emergency cash

    If you all your cash is stolen, we will arrange emergency cash for you.

  • Our policy will be void if you sustain an injury while participating in adventure sports

  • Our policy will not apply in situations where the claim has arisen due to loss of valuables and money

  • When you buy travel insurance plans, keep in mind that pre-existing illnesses are not covered unless they are life-threatening

  • Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy

  • Illness caused due to addiction to alcohol, drugs

  • Illness such as anxiety, depression

  • Sickness due to venereal diseases

  • Sickness caused due to radiation, nuclear weapons & more

  • Injuries caused due to adventure & other sporting activities

  • Expenses arising out of loss of valuables, money, securities and tickets

  • Naturopathy treatment, ayurvedic / homeopathic therapies

  • Treatment relating to removal of physical flaws - cosmetic or plastic surgery

  • Costs incurred relating to rest or recuperation at a spa or health resort

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Why should you purchase an online travel insurance plan?

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the hectic work life, purchasing travel insurance online is a preferred choice these days. You can insure your trip the same way you book your flight tickets and hotel, from the comfort of your home. When you buy travel insurance online-

  • You can compare several travel insurance plans available with us.
  • You save on the premium.
  • You get instant coverage and a get the policy copy of your insurance in your email.

Types of travel insurance plans in India

Single trip travel insurance

As the name implies, this policy covers a single international trip. Such a policy is valid until the conclusion of your trip, or say, until you return to your home country.

Multi-trip travel insurance

If you travel frequently, you probably don't want to waste time and effort buying insurance for each trip. Considering this, we have come up with a multi-trip policy. The policy is valid for 365 days and you can take as many trips as you want during this period. It is a comprehensive policy that covers on-trip medical expenses, lost baggage, missed connecting flights, compassionate visit, etc.

Schengen travel insurance

The Schengen countries are a group of 26 Central European countries. If you are considering a vacation to a Schengen country, you must first acquire Schengen travel insurance. The policy protects you financially in the event of an emergency.

Student travel insurance

Nowadays, many youngsters aspire to complete their higher education in another country. Given this, we have come up with student travel insurance. The policy covers medical evacuation, study interruption, and sponsor protection.

Does ICICI Lombard's travel insurance plan cover COVID-19?

Yes, ICICI Lombard travel insurance covers COVID-19. The benefits under this cover include:

  • We pay for your in-patient and out-patient hospitalisation expenses for hospitalisation due to COVID-19.
  • We cover your trip cancellation if your immediate family member is hospitalised due to COVID-19.
  • We compensate your lodging or boarding expenses due to trip extension if you contracted COVID-19 on your trip.
  • We provide you with daily hospital cash allowance for your COVID-19 hospitalisation abroad

Eligibility criteria for travel insurance plans

Travel insurance policy can be purchased separately by an individual or can be bought for an entire family as a family travel plan. To choose an ideal plan, you must first compare travel insurance plans offered by us and the eligibility criteria for them. ICICI Lombard offers two travel insurance plans Gold and Platinum with SI 50,000$ and 100000$ respectively.

How to buy a travel insurance policy online?

Do you wish to secure your trip online before going out on a vacation abroad? If yes, here is how you can get an instant cover with ICICI Lombard.


Share your basic information and your contact details here and get an instant quote.


Pick the ideal plan that suits your needs.


Pay online using our secure payment gateway.


Get instant cover for your trip abroad.

Additional coverage under travel insurance plans

Repatriation of remains

In an unfortunate event, if the insured person dies on the trip to an overseas nation, we will reimburse the nominee for the costs of transporting the deceased insured's remains back to his home country.

Hospital daily cash allowance

If the insured person sustains an injury or illness while on a trip, we will provide the insured with a daily allowance up to the amount prescribed in the policy document. However, to avail of the daily allowance benefit, the hospitalisation should be over two consecutive days.


Countries that need an international travel insurance policy

  • There are around 34 countries that have made travel insurance compulsory for visiting their country.
  • If you are planning a trip to the USA, you should first buy a travel insurance policy before making any reservations.
  • If you are considering a trip to the Schengen countries, keep in mind that the 26 countries in Central Europe that make up the Schengen zone have made travel insurance mandatory for tourists.
  • Some of the other countries where travel insurance is mandatory are Cuba, the UAE, Russia, Turkey, Qatar, Antarctica, and Ecuador.

How to calculate travel insurance premiums online?

Just like any other insurance policy, knowing your premium ahead of time not only allows you to compare plans but also helps you in saving a significant amount on your premium. To determine your premium online, you must use an online travel insurance premium calculator. To use this tool, you will need to enter information such as your age, destination, number of travellers and trip duration.

Tips to lower your travel insurance premium


If you are fond of exploring new places across the globe, a multi-trip policy can help you save on insurance premium.


When you buy travel insurance online, evaluate and compare the various plans as per your needs and budget.

Claim procedure for travel insurance policies

Even if you have the best travel insurance policy, dealing with unpleasant incidents on your trip might be difficult if you are unaware of the claim procedure. To initiate a claim during an emergency on your trip, you will first need to inform us over the call or via an email. Post intimation, you will have to provide the supporting documents related to your claim. Following your submission, we will evaluate the details and the documents and come back on your claim.


Things to consider while buying travel insurance online


When purchasing travel insurance online, keep the purpose of your trip in mind. Fill in your details and compare travel insurance plans to select an appropriate one from those we offer. If you travel frequently, a multi-trip policy would be excellent for you.


Before securing your trip, plan how you want to spend your holiday; this will help you determine the scope of your policy's coverage.


Health comes first, but falling sick should come last while on your trip. But if you still end up being unwell on your trip, it’ll help to have a travel insurance covering your medical expenses in a foreign land.


Check and compare the claim settlement ratio of various insurers when you buy travel insurance online.


When securing your trip, check the swiftness of the insurer's claim settlement process.

Frequently asked questions about COVID-19 for international travel insurance claims

How many times can we extend the policy?

You can extend your travel insurance policy as many times as you want. However, you can extend your policy only if the total policy is less than or equal to 360 days.

How can I cancel my travel insurance policy?

To initiate the cancellation process, you need to submit the travel insurance policy document, copy of passport, and some more documents.

Do I get a grace period for my travel insurance policy?

Yes, you can get a grace period on your travel insurance policy. To do so, contact our representatives or write us at

Can I buy travel insurance after leaving the country?

No, you cannot purchase travel insurance once you have started your trip. The policy's purchase date, as well as the policy's commencement date, must be before the start of your journey.

Will pre-existing diseases be covered under my travel insurance policy?

No, your travel insurance policy does not cover pre-existing diseases.

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