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Get cashless services at 3500+ network garages

Whether long journeys or tough roads, be assured of assistance when you need it. With our car insurance, you become eligible for cashless services at our 3500+ network garages across the country.

7 reasons to buy Car Insurance from ICICI Lombard

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    A dent in your car will not cause a dent in your finances


    Get the Zero Depreciation Cover and avail coverage on replaced parts with no deduction for depreciation

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    Switch to our policy and retain existing benefits


    Transfer your No Claim Bonus from an existing policy, if you haven’t made a claim

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    Get allowance for daily commute when your car is getting repaired


    Our Garage Cash Cover offers you a daily allowance for each day that your car is in the garage

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    If your car breaks down, help will come your way


    Just give us a call and be assured of Road Side Assistance to help with accommodation, minor repairs and more

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    Go on longer drives with lesser worries


    Avail cashless services at 3500+ network garages

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    Get your policy without any delays


    We issue instant policy online, with minimal paperwork

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    Renew your policy with ease


    We have made online policy renewal quick, effortless and convenient


How to Claim Compensation under Third Party Motor Insurance

Read Article

ICICI Lombard offers No Claims Bonus


How to do mobile self-inspection for your car?

Once you pay for a break-in insurance policy, you can either ask the insurer to inspect the vehicle or choose to inspect it yourself on our insure mobile app.

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Understand Car insurance policy coverage

What is covered under your car insurance policy: Inclusions

  • Loss or damage to your vehicle against natural calamities - Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide.
  • Loss or damage to your vehicle against man-made calamities - Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.
  • Personal Accident Cover - Coverage of ` 2 lakhs for the individual driver of the vehicle while travelling, mounting or dismounting from the car. Optional personal accident covers for co-passengers are also available.
  • Third Party Legal Liability - Protection against legal liability due to accidental damages resulting in the permanent injury or death of a person, and damage caused to the surrounding property.

To understand exactly what all your car insurance policy covers, and be in a much better position to benefit from it, read your Policy Wordings carefully.

What is not covered under your car insurance policy: Exclusions

  • Normal wear and tear and general ageing of the vehicle
  • Depreciation or any consequential loss
  • Mechanical/ electrical breakdown
  • Loss/ damage due to war, mutiny or nuclear risk

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what is excluded from your policy, so that you are not disappointed by extra expenses later. So make sure you go through the Car Insurance Policy Wordings carefully.

Car Insurance
Comprehensive Insurance (Private Car)"B" Policy
Motor 01

Check the sum insured offered by your car insurance policy

Each car is insured at a fixed value which is termed as the Insured’s Declared Value (IDV). This sum insured is calculated on the basis of a number of factors. Here’s how it works:

  • IDV is calculated on the basis of the manufacturer's listed selling price of the vehicle plus the listed price of any accessories after deducting the depreciation for every year as per the schedule provided by the Indian Motor Tariff.
  • If the price of any electrical and / or electronic item installed in the vehicle is not included in the manufacturer's listed selling price, then the actual value (after depreciation) of this item can be added to the sum insured over and above the IDV.

  • In case of vehicles fitted with bi-fuel system such as ​petrol/​diesel and CNG/LPG, permitted by the concerned RTO, the CNG/LPG kit fitted to the vehicle is to be insured separately at an additional premium of 4% on the value of such kit. You need to specifically declare this in the proposal form.

Explore our simple & hassle-free car insurance claim process

Once you report a claim to us, you can avail a host of benefits:

In case of an unfortunate accident / breakdown, be assured of complete assistance from us to get back on the road, as early as possible.

The first thing you need to do is call our toll free number 1800 2666, and then leave the rest to us.

  • Cashless repair across a wide network of garages to ensure a smooth ride
  • Free pick-up, towing facility and wash benefit at selected garages
  • Loss Assessment Survey of vehicle within 4 hours by dedicated ​Relationship Manager*
  • 6 months quality assurance on all repairs**
  • If the vehicle is serviced in a garage outside the purview of our network, then you can claim reimbursement for the same

*Applicable on claims intimated before 2 PM and not applicable on Sundays and National Holidays
**Subject to maximum usage upto 6,000 km, post such repairs

Click here to view our wide network of garages

In case of an accident, make sure you follow these steps

  • Note the number of the other vehicle involved in the accident, if any
  • Note down the names and contact details of witnesses, if any
  • Contact our toll free number 1800 2666 and get your claim number / reference number
  • The Call Centre Representative will provide you with the details of the documents required for claim processing and also details of our preferred cashless garage
  • File an FIR at the nearest police station in case of property damage, bodily injury, theft and major damages

Here’s what happens after you have registered your claim

  • Our Customer Service Manager (C​SM) will contact you within 24 hours of registering the claim
  • You will then need to submit all the required documents to the dealer / C​SM and get them verified with the originals
  • Our C​SM will then get an estimate for the repairs of your vehicle and give spot approval after assessment
  • Payments that need to be borne by us at our preferred garage will be made directly to the garage on completion of the repairs
  • Our C​SM will inform you in case any balance amount has to be paid by you as per the policy terms and conditions

To make your claim settlement process faster and simpler, follow this checklist of documents

Documents Required for Accident Claims

  • Claim Form duly signed*
  • RC copy of the vehicle
  • Driving License copy
  • Policy copy (First two pages)
  • FIR on a case-to-case basis
  • Original Estimate
  • Original Repair Invoice and Payment Receipt (for cashless garage, only repair invoice)

*Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle

Documents Required for Theft Claims

  • Claim Form duly signed*
  • RC copy of the vehicle with all original keys
  • Driving License copy
  • Policy copy
  • Original FIR copy
  • Original Estimate
  • RTO transfer papers duly signed along with Form 28, 29, 30 and Form 35 (if hypothecated). Form 28 is needed in triplicate, Form 29 and 30 are needed in duplicate.
  • Final report – A No Trace report from the police saying that the vehicle cannot be located

*Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle

Documents Required for Third Party Claims

  • Claim Form duly signed*
  • Police FIR copy
  • Driving License copy
  • Policy copy (First two pages)
  • RC copy of the vehicle

*Stamp required in case of company registered vehicle

Further documents may be required depending on the claim

Common queries about Car Insurance (FAQs)


Which are the services provided by ICICI Lombard under Road Side Assistance (RSA)? *

We offer the following services under Road Side Assistance

  • Breakdown support over phone
  • Minor Repairs
  • Flat Tyre
  • Battery jump start
  • Arrangement of keys
  • Towing on breakdown/accident
  • Arrangement of rental vehicle
  • Arrangement/ Supply of fuel
  • Arrangement of Accommodation
  • Message Relay

Note: For details kindly refer Policy Wordings of your private car ​insurance plan.
*For list of services applicable in a policy, please refer policy schedule.

Can I renew my car insurance policy online?

yes,you can renew your car insurance policy online, starting 60 days before expiry of your existing policy. In case your vehicle insurance policy has already expired, our authorised surveyor will inspect the vehicle, before policy issuance. The policy would only be issued subject to a satisfactory inspection and submission of the required documents.

What are the exclusions under RSA cover?

Services for Road Side Assistance will not be provided in the below mention scenarios-

  • Providing the above mentioned services under conditions of earthquake, war, invasion, rebellion, revolt, riot, civil commotion, civil war, exceptional adverse weather conditions, acts of terrorism, nuclear fission, strike, act(s) of government(s)/government agencies/judicial/quasi-judicial authorities.
  • Any claims where your vehicle is being used for the purpose of racing, rallying, motor-sports, or is not being used/driven in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Any claim where your vehicle can safely be transferred on its own power to the nearest garage/workshop
  • Any claims triggered by theft; any kind of consequential losses
  • Any loss which is covered under any other insurance policy or manufacturer’s warranty or recall campaign or under any other such packages at the same time
  • Any expenses for supply or replacement of parts/consumables
  • Any loss/damage caused to your vehicle when it is being used/driven against the recommendations of the owner’s/manufacturer’s manual
  • Any claims where services have been availed of without the prior consent of the Company

Does ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company only provide services in times of car breakdown or does it pay for the other expenses too?

ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company only provides assistance. Additional costs incurred for purchase of car parts, fuel, taxi fare etc. are to be borne by the customer.

Is Roadside Assistance service available 24x7?

Yes, Roadside Assistance service is available 24 x7.

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What is Garage Cash Plan?

For Partial Loss- : If your vehicle is under repair after an accident, a fixed daily allowance will be paid for the number of days the vehicle will be in authorised garage for repair or number of days as mentioned in the schedule, whichever is lesser.

In the event of Total Loss/Constructive Total Loss of your vehicle, a lump sum amount as mentioned in the schedule shall be paid.

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*What is the duration of days covered under Garage Cash Cover?

The duration for which the company will be liable for claim in respect of this add-on will be considered from the day after the insured vehicle is delivered to the garage till the day immediately preceding the date of discharge or date of invoice for such repair as prepared by the garage, whichever is earlier.

*As per the plan opted

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What are the events covered in ICICI Lombard Motor Insurance policy?

Our policy is a comprehensive vehicle insurance plan, which offers you coverage for:

  • Any Loss or damage to your vehicle
  • Third Party Liability
  • Any permanent injury / death to a person caused by your insured vehicle
  • Any damage caused to the property other than property belonging to the insured or held in trust or in custody or control of insured by your vehicle
  • A Personal Accident Cover for the owner-driver of the vehicle while he is driving

In case of loss or damage to the vehicle or the accessories insured, we cover your expenses if the accident occurs due to the following hazards:

  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning
  • Burglary, housebreaking or theft
  • Riot and strike
  • Earthquake (fire and shock damage)
  • Flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost
  • Accident by external means
  • Malicious act
  • Terrorist activity
  • Whilst in transit by road, rail, inland-waterway, lift, elevator or air
  • Landslide and rockslide
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What are the types of events or losses not covered under this policy?

The following events or losses are not covered in this policy:
• Mechanical/ Electrical breakdown
• Wear and tear, ageing of vehicle
• Consequential loss*
• Depreciation
• Deliberate accidental loss
• Intoxicated driving
• Any contractual liability
• Damage to/ by a person driving any vehicles or cars without a valid license

* Consequential loss is an indirect loss, which is not directly resulting out of a loss event, but arising as a consequence of loss event. For example, Mr. Singh was on his way to office for an important meeting with client. Unfortunately, his vehicle met with a road accident resulting in damages to vehicle and it consumed lot of his time. Due to this, he could not attend the meeting resulting in loss of approx `15 Lakhs. Damages to vehicle due to the accident are covered however, but the loss of `15 Lakhs is consequential and hence not covered.

For details, kindly refer to the Car Insurance Policy Wordings.

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What is Third Party Liability cover? Is it covered?

Third Party Liability insurance covers losses to a third person who is not a party to the insurance contract. The Motor Third Party insurance covers the following losses:

• Any permanent injury / death to a person caused by your insured vehicle
• Any damage caused to the property (excluding vehicle) of some other individual by your insured vehicle

Liability is covered for an unlimited amount in respect of death or injury. Any damage to third party property is covered up to `7.5 Lakhs in case of Private Car and `1 Lakh in case of Two-wheeler.

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How is the value of the vehicle (IDV - Insured Declare Value) determined?

The IDV of the vehicle is to be fixed based on the manufacturer's listed selling price of the brand and model, as the vehicle proposed for insurance at the commencement of insurance /renewal and adjusted for depreciation.

The IDV of the side car(s) and/ or accessories, if any, fitted to the vehicle, but not included in the manufacturer's listed selling price of the vehicle is also likewise to be fixed. The schedule of depreciation for arriving at IDV is as below:

Schedule of Depreciation for arriving at IDV
Age of the Vehicle
% of Depreciation fixing IDV
Not exceeding 6 months
Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year
Exceeding 1 year but not exceeding 2 years
Exceeding 2 years but not exceeding 3 years
Exceeding 3 years but not exceeding 4 years
Exceeding 4 years but not exceeding 5 years
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What is ARAI?

ARAI stands for Automotive Research Association of India. If you have installed an ARAI approved anti-theft device in your vehicle, whose installation is dully certified by the agency, you can get a discount of 2.5% on the OD (Own Damage) premium, subject to a maximum of ` 500.

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What are the factors affecting the premium amount?

The premium payable for your vehicle depends on the following factors:

  • Cubic capacity of the engine
  • Age of vehicle
  • Geographical Zone
  • Type of Model
  • IDV (Insured declared Value)
  • quest img

    What are the different modes of payment on icicilombard.com?

    You can choose between 6 payment options to pay your premium online:

    • Credit Card – Make secure premium payment with your VISA, Master and AMEX card.
    • Net Banking –Transfer the premium amount online through ICICI Bank and 13 other selected Banks
    • Debit Card – Just enter your Citibank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank or any of the other 7 approved bank’s Debit Card details to pay your insurance premium directly
    • Cash Card – Use your Done or ITZ Card to make the payment online
    • Cheque/ Demand Draft – You can send a Cheque/ Demand Draft by courier to our office address
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    Can I ask for some advance in case the repair charges are very high?

    We offer cashless claim services where the repair charges are directly paid to the garage, if your vehicle is repaired in a network garage. However, if the vehicle is repaired in a garage not falling in our network, you have to pay the repairing charges to the garage and we will reimburse the amount to you, as per our non-cashless claim services.

    quest img

    What is Cashless Claim and Non-cashless/ Reimbursement claim?

    Cashless Claim : In cashless claim facility, the repair charges of the vehicle are directly paid to the garage by us, provided the vehicle is repaired in our garage network.

    Non-cashless/ Reimbursement : If the vehicle is repaired in a garage outside the purview of our network, then you will be liable to pay the repair charges of the garage. You can get your claim amount reimbursed by submitting the original bills and payment receipts to our office.

    quest img

    How do I register my claim?

    Contact our Toll Free Helpline 1800 2666 to register your claim and get a claim number/ reference number. You can also directly register your claim online*, with our Lodge A Motor Claim service.

    * Please note that as of now, only accidental damage claims can be processed through the 'Lodge A Motor Claim' interface

    quest img

    When should I report to the police?

    Incidents such as ‘Third Party Property Damage’, ‘Bodily Injury to Self or Third Party’ or ‘Theft’ should be reported to the nearest police station as early as possible, under whose jurisdiction the incident has occurred.
    quest img

    What is the claim procedure adopted by the company for settlements?

    ICICI Lombard adopts the following process for settlement of claim:

    For Cashless claim settlement -
    • The Customer Relationship Manager (C​RM) / Surveyor attends the claim within 24 hours of registering the claim
    • Insured must fill the claim form, (click here to download it or collect it from the C​RM/ Surveyor/ Dealer) and submit all the required documents to the C​RM/ Surveyor/ Dealer
    • Our C​RM will get the estimate for the repairs of insured vehicle and give spot approval after assessment
    • After the completion of repairs at our preferred garage, we will make the payment of our share of the loss directly to the garage. Any amount over and above the admissible amount will have to be directly paid by the Insured
    • The amount of Depreciation as per the rate prescribed under the Indian Motor Tariff and Compulsory Deductions under the policy need to be borne by the Insured

    For Non-cashless/ Reimbursement claim settlement -
    • The Customer Relationship Manager (C​RM) / Surveyor attends the claim within 24 hours of registering the claim
    • Insured must fill the claim form (click here to download it or collect it from C​RM/ Surveyor/ Dealer) and submit all the required documents to the C​RM/ Surveyor/ Dealer
    • The C​RM/ Surveyor assess the loss, estimates the repair amount and then informs the Insured on the same day of assessment. The C​RM/ Surveyor will also take photographs of the damaged vehicle
    • Insured can then get the vehicle repaired at preferred workshop/ garage. The C​RM later carries out a re-inspection of the vehicle. The Insured then pays the workshop/ garage as per the C​RM/ Surveyor’s assessed estimation, who thereafter releases a ‘Proof of Release’ document. (The proof of release is an authenticated document signed by the insured to release his vehicle from the garage after it is checked and repaired)
    • Insured needs to submit the original bill, proof of release and cash receipt (derived from the garage) to the C​RM/ Surveyor
    • The C​RM/ Surveyor then submits all required documents to ICICI Lombard for settlement of the claim
    • Upon acceptance of the claim, the company issues the cheque to the Insured within seven working days from the date of receipt of all documents
    • The amount of Depreciation as per the rate prescribed under the Indian Motor Tariff and Compulsory Deductions under the policy need to be borne by the Insured

    quest img

    What documents are required to file a claim?

    In case of accidental damages claim, you need to provide the following documents:
    Claim Form duly signed
    • Valid R.C. copy of the vehicle
    • Valid driving license copy
    • Policy copy
    • FIR, if required (For Theft, Third Party Injury/ Damage; Highway accidents - Major only)
    • Original repair bill, proof of release and cash receipt
    • Any other document as required to investigate the Claim or Company's obligation to make payment for it

    quest img

    What is a non-premium bearing endorsement?

    A non-premium bearing endorsement is the endorsement for which you are not charged any additional premium. For example, Rectification in your contact details, Rectification in engine/ chassis number, Addition of hypothecation, etc.

    quest img

    What is a premium bearing endorsement?

    A premium bearing endorsement is the endorsement for which additional premium is charged. For example, Transfer of ownership, Addition of LPG/ CNG kit, Change of RTO location, etc.

    quest img

    How do I take a print of my policy?

    In case you have purchased your policy online through icicilombard.com then you can print your policy from the ‘My policy’ section of your 'My Insurance Account' by logging in with your Registered Email ID and Password. Alternatively, you can just click here to take a print of your policy. In case you have purchased your policy through our Branch/Agent, then you need to click here to search your policy, create your 'My Insurance Account', and then take a print out of your policy.

    quest img

    What is an endorsement?

    An endorsement is a written evidence of an agreed change in the policy. It is a document that incorporates changes in the terms of the policy. Additional premium will charged as applicable.

    quest img

    What are the documents required to cancel the policy?

    The documents required to cancel the policy by the customers are as follows
    • Customer Request Letter
    • Alternate policy proof (TP / Comprehensive)
    • Original Policy Copy
    • Sale Proof of the vehicle or Sale deed/Form 29&30 along with RTO acknowledgement. (in case of vehicle sold)
    • NOC from financer if the vehicle is seized by the financer

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      The ICICI Lombard motor insurance policies are great. I opted for a car insurance for my sister from them and both my sister and I are glad to have done so. The policy is affordable and meets all of her specific requirements. She told me that she found the roadside assistance feature particularly useful, when she had gone on a road trip with her friends and her car had broken down in the middle of nowhere.
    32. Naresh Kandwal | Jun 14, 2017
      I had a great experience while completing my car insurance policy renewal at ICICI Lombard. The process was smooth and easy. Additionally, the policy allowed me to transfer the no claim bonus from my old policy to this one. I am so glad to have otped for ICICI Lombard. I look forward to purchasing more policies in the future from them.
    33. Mohammed Hasnain | Jun 10, 2017
      ICICI Lombard offers great motor insurance policies. I am glad that I made the decision to buy my car insurance from them. On the whole, it was a great experience purchasing from them. I recommend it to everyone.
    34. Devendra | Jun 08, 2017
      My insurance purchase with ICICI Lombard was a seamless experience. I bought it online and I found the process hassle-free. I could read and understand the policy details myself and make an informed choice. The overall experience was good.
    35. R Chandra | Jun 07, 2017
      Thanks for the detailed information on car insurance. Great support. hoping for equally good service in the future.
    36. Rajiv | Jun 05, 2017
      ICICI Lombard has extremely great motor insurance policies. I recently opted for a car insurance policy and I am very glad I did. The features and benefits of this policy are great and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you ICICI Lombard for the awesome policy.
    37. Reeta Suri | Jun 03, 2017
      I have car insurance policy no.3xxx/5xxxxxxx/09/000. However, I have not yet received the policy. It would be great if you could please expedite the process. I'm currently unable to do it via the Internet, so hoping you'll help me with the same. Thanks.
    38. Harikumar S. | Jun 02, 2017
      The renewal process for the car insurance in the site is a little hard to go about with. I tried the chat option but the call didn't get connected. Later I got a call from the call centre. Then the ICICI Lombard executive helped me renew the policy. The following were some of the issues I encountered: The option of deselecting RETURN TO INVOICE & Engine Protect Plus is cumbersome. Both are integrated options under modification screen and are not shown separately. You deselect Engine Protect Plus and recalculate the premium, then the Return to Invoice disappears, you then select Engine Protect Plus again then only Engine Protect Plus appears. However, the executive was quick to respond and helped me understand the details. Also, after the renewal is completed, an inspection should not be made mandatory. When the policy is renewed before it is lapsed, then it should not insist for the same. My policy expiry was 19th June and it is renewed today on 28th May, still the following message is displayed. "Since there is a gap in your previous policy end date and new policy start date, you vehicle would need to undergo an inspection" Please make the renewal process friendly. The moment a person logs in to the site, it should send a notificationon the policies that are due for renewal please.
    39. Yamini Mishra | May 31, 2017
      The website doesn't seem to be user-friendly. I faced several issues with the website. However, the online chat support provided by the customer care executive was great. She was very helpful in doing a quick renewal of the car insurance policy. Thanks again for the polite and agile support.
    40. M. Ashokkumar | May 27, 2017
      It was very nice experience. The ICICI Lombard executive was very helpful and knowledgeable. I want to really thank and appreciate him for his guidance and advice which was useful. Thanks again. Hoping for equally good service in the near future.
    41. Priyanka Marab | May 24, 2017
      I would like to thank the representative from the car renewal department of ICICI Lombard. He was very helpful by nature and guided me proactively. He was also very courteous. I had a very good experience as I was able to renew my policy without much trouble. Thanks!
    42. Inderdeep Singh | May 20, 2017
      The consultant at ICICI Lombard was easy to talk to. He patiently answered all my questions, before guiding me towards making the car insurance purchase. He was also available on call for various queries. I'd give ICICI Lombard brownie points for having such trained professionals!
    43. Chidambara Kumar | May 11, 2017
      Thanks a lot for all your guidance and time to get my car policy done in a very simplified and effective ways. Your knowledge and patience are truly appreciated. ICICI Lombard is one of the best service provider I must say.
    44. Muneer Mukhdoomi | May 06, 2017
      My overall experience on buying car insurance policy online was excellent. All the queries were well explained in FAQ section of your website.
    45. Raghu Bhaskar | May 04, 2017
      Awesome service, thank you!
    46. Nikhil | Apr 30, 2017
      Your team helped me to renew my car policy online with great ease. They were very courteous and helpful. In order to protect my family they also explained me Personal Accident policy with 3 year terms which I felt added value. Great Job!
    47. Ravi Raghav | Apr 26, 2017
      I purchased a car insurance policy. Your representative explained me inclusions and exclusions of this policy and also suggested me the best policy for my car in lowest premium. Thanks ICICI Lombard.
    48. Jay Thakkar | Apr 25, 2017
      It was good customer service by your sales team and I am very much satisfied with the amount I paid for my car insurance policy. Hope for good service in future as well. Thanks.
    49. Soumyasmit Das | Apr 24, 2017
      Your team helped me proactively in getting my car insurance renewed on time. Thanks for the support and service.
    50. Jyothi Shanbhag | Apr 23, 2017
      Your team helped me to renew my car policy in a jiffy! Splendid customer service.
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