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The Joy of a Hassle-free Ride With Our Secure Protection

ICICI Lombard’s car insurance offers a wide range of attractive benefits at an affordable price. Our nationwide network of 3500+ garages allows you to travel seamlessly across the country and avail cashless services during emergency at any of our network garages.

Chennai boasts of historic landmarks and buildings, long sandy beaches with a host of cultural centres and parks. This tourist hotspot also happens to be a burgeoning metro city that attracts a significant chunk of the population for employment purposes.

Being one of the cities to top vehicle population, one might worry about the eventuality of facing a broken down vehicle in the middle of a traffic-congested road. This is when a sound insurance cover comes in handy.

ICICI Lombard helps you to navigate through this sprawling metropolis without any worries by offering effective roadside assistance and a network of cashless garages throughout Chennai. Opt for ICICI Lombard car insurance policy to get a comprehensive risk coverage.

Benefits of ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

Easy Online Renewal

Easy Online Renewal

Ease of Minimal Paperwork

Ease of Minimal Paperwork


Roadside Assistance


Cashless Services at 3500+ Network Garages


Garage Cash Cover


Zero Depreciation Cover

Retaining No Claim Bonus from a Previous Policy

Retaining No Claim Bonus from a Previous Policy

Customer Reviews


Kiran Seth

Ever since I’ve taken ICICI Lombard car insurance policy I don’t have to worry about being stranded in the middle of an unknown road in Chennai due to car breakdown. Their wide network of cashless garages and roadside assistance in the city keeps me assured that my car is in good hands.


Neha Pingale

I recently changed my insurance company and opted for ICICI Lombard car insurance for better benefits. I had the advantage of No Claim Bonus from my previous policy and was really glad to know that I could transfer that benefit in my existing policy.


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