Sublimit - Trim your Health Cover to Meet Your Requirements

Purchase a health insurance cover cover from ICICI Lombard for a wide range of benefits. In addition to purchasing a base policy, you can also buy an additional top-up plan to enhance your cover, based on your individual healthcare needs, family size, history of diseases, etc.

Understanding your needs and the policy features is important to ensure adequate coverage, while making sure you are not paying extra premium for features you will hardly use. This is where the sublimit feature of ICICI Lombard’s health insurance plan can help. 

A monetary cap placed on certain features within a policy is known as a sublimit. By opting for a sublimit in your policy, a restriction comes into effect in the amount that you can avail or claim for certain features. However, by opting for a sublimit for features that you are not likely to avail, you can reduce the premium for your policy.

Get access to quality healthcare services with our Complete Health Insurance, which provides cashless hospitalization and provides reimbursement facilities. It also offers floater benefits so you can opt for coverage for your entire family. Additionally, you can get lowered premiums by choosing sublimits.

With an ICICI Lombard policy, get:


An option to choose sublimits


Reduced premium


Cover for alternate medical treatments under AYUSH


Reset benefit upto 100%


Lifetime cover


Value-added services


Prompt claims service guarantee

Health Insurance Testimonials


Meetali CK

In our tier-4 town, hospitalisation expenses and room rents are very low. Therefore, I did not want to opt for a policy that had higher cover for these aspects. That is when I came across ICICI Lombard’s policy. It fits my needs perfectly.


Kashi Prabhu

I bought a health insurance policy from ICICI Lombard with sublimits. This helped me to reduce my premium payouts and manage my expenses within budget, since I have just started earning and I stay away from family.

Case Study

Mr. Khanna and his family had just saved enough for a long-awaited foreign trip. However, a month prior to their trip, his daughter suffered from severe stomach pain and had to be admitted to the hospital. She was diagnosed with gall bladder stone and was required to spend a week in the hospital for treatment.

Mr. Khanna’s daughter’s condition improved and she was discharged. He paid the hospital bills from his pocket. He had a family health cover for ` 6 lakhs, under a reimbursement plan. So he duly completed all the required documents and submitted it along with the hospital bills, which included room rent, doctors’ consultation charges, etc. and made a claim for reimbursement.

A few days later, he was surprised to receive a claim approval notice with approval for an amount less than what he had claimed. He was sure that he had completed the necessary paperwork and that the bill amount was less than the eligible amount under the policy. He wondered what had gone wrong and approached his insurance provider. They explained to him that owing to the sublimits he had opted for under the policy, there was a cap on the amount he was eligible to be reimbursed for hospitalisation, doctor’s fees, etc.

Mr. Khanna had to bear a large portion of the expenses and had to cancel the family trip due to his oversight.


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